Quick Facts: What Episode Does Sukuna Fight Megumi?

We were first exposed to the powers and abilities of both the King of Curses Sukuna and Megumi Fushiguro on their fight. When does Sukuna fight Megumi? In this article, we’ll give you the quick deets and what happened during this earliest events in the popular manga/anime, Jujutsu Kaisen.

What Episode Does Sukuna Fight Megumi?

Megumi and Sukuna’s fight happens in Episode 5 of the anime and Chapter 9 of the manga version. This fight is in the Cursed Womb Arc.

What Episode Does Sukuna Fight Megumi?

Jujutsu Kaisen is about the fight between cursed spirits and sorcerers. Cursed spirits are born from the evil minds of humans. And the mission of jujutsu sorcerers is to fight and purge those cursed spirits.

What Leads to the Fight Between Sukuna and Megumi?

The Arc started when a cursed spirit was detected in a reform school. The group of Yuji has the mission to rescue the survivors.

However, when they arrive, there were no survivors. And Yuji’s group has to face a special-grade cursed spirit. That cursed spirit is just out of the level of Yuji’s group. Yuji told Megumi to save Nobara and run away.

Yuji begged Sukuna for help. Only Sukuna can help him in this situation.

When Megumi and Nobara escape, he switches with Sukuna and lets Sukuna help him handle the cursed spirit.

What Leads to the Fight Between Sukuna and Megumi?

With the huge power, Sukuna quickly kills the cursed spirit. But somehow, Yuji couldn’t switch with Sukuna at that moment.

Sukuna would be free for a moment. He fastly moves to Megumi and gets Yuji hostage by pulling Yuji’s heart out.

Sukuna declares a fight with Megumi, and Megumi has no choice in this situation.

How Did Megumi and Sukuna’s Fight Happen?

The purpose of Megumi is to force Sukuna to use the reverse cursed technique to heal Yuji’s heart. If not, when Yuji switches with Sukuna again, Yuji will die immediately.

Megumi starts the fight after summoning a Shikigami. But no matter what he tried, he couldn’t do anything to make Sukuna difficult. Sukuna is just simply so strong.

How Did Megumi and Sukuna's Fight Happen?

But in the fight, Sukuna realized something about Megumi and showed an interest in his power. Sukuna forced Megumi to fight at his best.

But at that moment, Yuji switches with Sukuna and accepts his own death.

That’s all about the fight between Sukuna and Megumi.