How Tall is Sukuna’s True Form?

In previous articles, we have discussed the true form of Sukuna. In this blog, we’re going to find the answer to questions like, “How tall is Sukuna in his true form?” and “What is Sukuna’s original form?”

If you’re interested in that, let’s go!

Who is Sukuna?

Sukuna is known as the King of Curses and has lived for over 1000 years. He used to be a human sorcerer and now has to live as a soul inside Yuji’s body.

His appearance changes to look like Yuji’s. Whatever Yuji looks like, Sukuna also looks the same. It’s easy to understand since Sukuna has to live in Yuji’s body and is under Yuji’s control.

If Yuji’s height is 5’8’’ (173 cm), Sukuna stands at 5’8″ as well. If Yuji has pink hair, so has Sukuna.

But do you know what the true form of Sukuna looks like?

What is Sukuna’s Original Form?

What is Sukuna's real form?

In Chapter 181, Gege Akutami (the author of Jujutsu Kaisen) revealed the true form of Sukuna from 1000 years ago. Back then, Sukuna was a human sorcerer who ruled the jujutsu world with his overpower.

Gojo describes Sukuna as a demon with four arms and two faces in Chapter 3. And it’s true.

The True Form of Sukuna

Sukuna truly has four arms and four eyes. He looks so fierce and has the aura of a cold-blood killer.

Basically, the signs that distinguish him from Yuji also remains on the true form of Sukuna.

How does Sukuna actually look like?


The King of Curses has many tattoos on his upper body, such as shoulders, arms, wrists, chest, and back. In his true form though, there were no tattoos on his forehead and nose.


He has two small eyes on his cheekbones, but the difference is half of the face of Sukuna is deformed like a cursed spirit.


How tall is Sukuna?

On the cover page of Chapter 117 appeared a character who looks like Sukuna from 1000 years ago. This was fully clarified in Chapter 181. That’s the true form of Sukuna.

From there, we can see that he looks so big with muscular arms.

How Tall is Sukuna in His True Form?

When we look at the true form of Sukuna, we know that he’s really tall. But the author still does not confirm the height of his true form.

However, if we look at Sukuna’s origins (or inspiration), we will know something.

Ryomen Sukuna Nihon Shoki
Image Source: Portal dos Mitos

The author built Sukuna from the character with the same name in the book named Nihon Shoki. In that book, Sukuna is a demon with four arms, two faces, and two legs. He is described as three meters tall.

If so, the true form of Sukuna in Jujutsu Kaisen world could be around this height. The answer to the question, “How tall is Sukuna?” would be: 1.5 meters minimum to 3.0 meters max.

However, this is just a theory. The only wait we can do is wait for the next developments of the series.