Who is Yuji’s Mother? Itadori’s Mysterious Parents

The shocking revelation about Yuji Itadori’s family in Chapter 143 has stirred up endless questions from many readers, including, “Who is Yuji’s mother?” It turns out Yuji’s background is far more complex than we think it is, especially after finding out that his mother might have been possessed by the Brain (Kenjaku). If you’re still baffled by the current developments in the manga, don’t worry because we’ve got you covered! In this article, we will answer the question about Yuji’s mother to help you understand the complicated plot twist that Gege Akutami revealed in Chapter 143.

Who is Kenjaku?

Who is Yuji’s Mother

Before we get into the main topic, let me first introduce the source of all problems in Jujutsu Kaisen (just kidding!). Kenjaku is an evil ancient sorcerer who aims to “evolve” humanity using cursed energy. He doesn’t have a physical body, and right now, he only appears in the form of a brain. The Brain jumps from one person to another, possessing them and using their identities to its advantage. You can easily recognize if someone is possessed by the Brain since the person will have stitches on their forehead, as if they had undergone a brain transplant.

Who is Yuji’s Mother?

In Chapter 143, Yuji’s enigmatic parents were revealed for the first time. Yuji’s father (Jin Itadori) looks completely normal, and he obviously resembles his son. However, to everyone’s shock, Yuji’s mother (Kaori Itadori) has stitches on her forehead. This means that the Brain also possessed his mother. It seems like Yuji’s grandfather is also suspicious of her since he kept on convincing Jin to give up on Kaori.

You might be wondering, “But simply having stitches on her forehead isn’t enough proof that she’s possessed by the Brain, right?” That’s true. However, it was confirmed in Chapter 160 that the Brain indeed possessed Kaori and that Kenjaku is actually Yuji’s parent. After rescuing Sasaki (Yuji’s high school friend from Chapter 1), Kenjaku thanked her for getting along with Yuji. In fact, he referred to him as his “son”.

Who is Yuji’s Mother? Kenjaku manga panel

So, how did it happen? Some theories claim that Kaori died before she had a child with Yuji’s father. After she died, Kenjaku took over her body and had a child with Itadori Jin. This could also explain why Yuji possesses superhuman strength even before he swallows Sukuna’s fingers.

There is also another theory that Yuji’s birth might be one of Kenjaku’s experiments. The theory claims that Kenjaku possessed Kaori and had a child with Yuji’s father in order to create a half-human and half-cursed spirit just like what he originally intended for the Cursed Womb: Death Paintings.

Who is Yuji's mother?

We all know that Kenjaku won’t possess just anyone; all his actions have a meaning and purpose. If Yuji’s birth is not an experiment, then what was his purpose? Why did he possess Kaori Itadori? What can he gain from possessing the woman and having a child with Yuji’s father? These are just some of the endless questions that are still waiting to be answered in the future chapters of the manga.

How are Choso and Yuji Related?

How are Choso and Yuji related, black and white manga panel with Yuji

Choso is a character that was recently introduced in the Shibuya Incident. His initial goal was to avenge his brothers Eso and Kechizu who were killed by Yuji. However, Choso’s memory hinted that he and Yuji might be related. Choso was confused at first by his memories, and he refused to believe that Yuji is also one of his brothers.

But later on, it was confirmed that he and Yuji are indeed related since they both have the same parent, Kenjaku. The only difference was that when Choso was born, Kenjaku was using Noritoshi Kamo’s body. On the other hand, when Yuji was born, Kenjaku was using Kaori Itadori’s body. Still, they are both a product of Kenjaku, which explains why both have extraordinary abilities.

Where are the Parents of Yuji Itadori?

Manga panel with Yuji Itadori's grandfather carrying Yuji

There is no direct confirmation yet about the whereabouts of Yuji’s parents, but there’s a huge possibility that they are already dead. For starters, Kenjaku is already in Geto’s body right now, so obviously he is no longer possessing Kaori Itadori. There’s no doubt that Kaori is already dead, especially since Kenjaku won’t obviously leave her alive after possessing her body (unless there’s another plot twist).