Who Has Yuji Killed? Itadori’s Worst Nightmare

Am I the only one who is pissed with the author of Jujutsu Kaisen? I mean, as a fan who has become hooked with the main characters and the story, am I the only one who hates that Yuji doesn’t deserve the things that happened to him? First, being Sukuna’s vessel. Second, killing people without control. Alas, there’s nothing I can do about that. Instead, in this blog, I will try to answer: who has Yuji killed?

Yuji Has Killed Transfigured Humans

Sometimes, the main character has to do something bad. In the case of Jujutsu Kaisen, Yuji Itadori’s first “victims” are transfigured humans. This happened in the fight with the malevolent cursed spirit Mahito.

Who is Mahito?

Mahito or Sukuna, Who is Stronger?

Among the cursed spirits in Jujutsu Kaisen, Mahito is one of the strongest. He is also the character with the fastest growth in speed in the series, even faster than Yuji.

But an important thing to remember about Mahito is his nature. According to the author Gege Akutami, Mahito is pure evil. 

What is Pure Evil?

Why does everyone hate Mahito?

If you have been watching anime/manga for quite some time, you might have noticed a pattern in the storyline.

A villain does terrible things. The villain meets the main character. They fight. The backstory of the villain gets revealed before he dies.

One series that harnesses this kind of story is Demon Slayer. We understand more about the characters by their backstory and find out the driving force behind their actions and why they do what they are doing.

But with Jujutsu Kaisen, the author said no, or at least with Mahito. The author built Mahito as pure evil. He doesn’t need a reason or a dramatic backstory to be bad. 

Mahiro was born evil, and harming people is his nature. That’s why Mahito could shock you when you first see him in Jujutsu Kaisen.

Mahito’s Powers

How old is Mahito?

His cursed technique is Idle Transfiguration. This technique allows him to change the shape of the target’s soul by physically touching it. With this technique, he has killed and transfigured so many ordinary people.

He has even reduced the size of people and kept them by his side to use when he faces danger. 

3 Transfigured Humans

In the fight with Yuji, Mahito wants to see what Yuji would do. So, he commands the three transfigured humans to chase Yuji. You can find more about this fight in Chapter 28 or Episode 12.

Yuji really doesn’t know what to do because he knows that those things used to be a human, just like him. But finally, after seeing those transfigured humans beg for help, Yuji decides to kill them.

With a kind boy like Yuji, knowing that they used to be humans makes it even harder for Yuji to kill them. And throughout the series, Yuji still has to face Mahito many times and is always upset with Mahito’s evilness.

All of Yuji’s Kills in the Shibuya Accident

One more time that Yuji killed people was in the Shibuya Arc. This time, he didn’t kill just three transfigured humans, but… the number is uncountable!

Actually, the one who killed that many people is the soul inside Yuji’s body – Sukuna Ryomen. Here’s what happened.

Mimiko and Nanako Hasaba

In chapter 101, Yuji and Choso fought each other. But with experience and mastery in controlling his cursed techniques, Choso is completely superior to Yuji in this fight. 

But just in time, an unknown memory appears in Choso’s head, and he panicks. We have discussed this length in another article.

Choso abandons the fight, leaving Yuji unconscious there. Then, two young girls appear and take Yuji’s body away. They used that time to pull Sukuna’s finger out and shove it in Yuji’s mouth. A moment later, Jogo arrives and puts ten more fingers into Yuji’s body.

With that amount of power, Sukuna immediately takes control of Yuji’s body. After that, Sukuna kills the two young girls with no hesitation.

Nanako and Mimiko killed by Sukuna

These two young girls were Mimiko Hasaba and Nanako Hasaba, twin sisters and allies of Geto Suguru. They wanted to help their master by killing Kenjaku – the one using Geto’s body. Sukuna might be strong enough to do that.

But unfortunately for them, Sukuna doesn’t want anyone acting superior to him. 

So, he kills these two younger girls with his cursed technique. He cuts them into cubes.


Who has Yuji killed?

After that, Sukuna commits a more terrible crime. He requires Jogo to fight him. If Jogo manages to attack Sukuna successfully in just one hit, the King of Curses will agree with his request.

But with his power, Sukuna easily dodges all of Jogo’s attacks and kills Jogo with a Flame Arrow. Suddenly, he feels that Megumi is in danger, so he ignores his lackey, Uraume, to save Megumi.


When Sukuna comes to Megumi’s rescue, the boy is already clinically dead. A huge monster is aiming at him. That monster is named Mahoraga, one of Megumi’s Shinigami, summoned before he faints. To save Megumi, Sukune must kill that monster first.

And that decision also followed up with uncountable life.

That Shinigami started first with a hit straight to Sukuna. The monster is strong enough to push Sukuna back and break three huge buildings. In reverse, all the attacks of Sukuna couldn’t hurt the monster.

Mahoraga Megumi

The wheel on the monster’s back allows it to adapt to all phenomena of power. Sukuna says this kind of power is like a late throw in rock-paper-scissors. 

So, Sukuna opens his Domain Expansion technique to attack that monster. However, his Domain Expansion could chop everything in its range into pieces. One hundred forty meters of Shibuya completely turns into dust after Sukuna opens his Domain Expansion.

No more buildings, no more trees, and, of course, no one could survive after that.

All that is left is Sukuna and a battered Mahoraga. But it doesn’t last song because Sukuna finishes the Shinigami shortly. 

Later, Sukuna kills the enemy of Megumi.

Does Yuji Know About Sukuna’s Killings?

Who sealed Sukuna?

Even though the control is Sukuna, Yuji still sees and knows what is happening outside. Our boy totally falls into depression after witnessing that. After all, no one could deny that Sukuna has done those crimes through Yuji’s body.

In other words, Yuji has been forced to kill a lot of people. The emotions of Yuji are completely topsy-turvy after that. He even has to suffer more than that after seeing the death of his friends, Nobara and Nanami. With all these events, the Shibuya incident is the worst thing that could happen to Yuji’s life.