Reze, the Heart-stealing Nightmare: A Look at Chainsaw Man’s Resident Heartbreaker

“The town mouse or the country mouse, which do you think is best, Denji?”

Reze, Chainsaw Man

Blood, violence, death, and gore. These are some of the basic ingredients found in most chapters of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s beloved series Chainsaw Man. Released in Weekly Shonen Jump in late 2018. Chainsaw Man is an action-packed adventure that captivated the interest of not only its domestic market but also its international audience. 

Chainsaw Man is a mixed bag of ideologies and philosophies. Of wants and desires, trauma, and self-indulgence. Above all else, it’s about Denji‘s journey toward realizing his dream. To cop a feel on every woman’s melons whatever the size. 

On this road of friends and rivals, Denji experiences joy and sorrow. From being miserably alone to being cared for by friends. From receiving hope to getting pummeled by despair. Accepting the possibility of love only to get traumatized by heartbreak. And Reze is one such chapter in his story. 

Who is Reze in Chainsaw Man?

”Come by sometime and I’ll thank you for the flower!”

Reze, Chainsaw Man
Who is Reze in Chainsaw Man?

Reze is the main antagonist in the Bombgirl Arc of Chainsaw Man, which runs from Chapter 40 up to Chapter 52. She will not reappear until The Control Devil Arc. She is a human/devil hybrid who appears to be in her mid to late teens and forms an intimate bond with the series’ main protagonist, Denji. We were first introduced to Reze in Chapter 40 of the manga. 

She is very attractive for a regular Tokyo girl. Sporting a very modest attire and hairstyle, she is seen as very feminine in how she talks and expresses herself. With a very likable demeanor and a trustworthy face, Reze can easily put any man under her spell.

She quickly gains Denji’s interest as she cries and compares him to her dead pet dog (which is coincidentally similar to what Makima calls him). Denji attempts to lighten the mood which makes her smile and blush. This immediately lowers her guard toward him, something Denji is not used to.

What is Reze’s Relationship with Denji?

What is Reze's Relationship with Denji?

Reze is the only person Denji felt an emotional bond with other than Makima. She is sweet, and kind, and even offers him things he has never experienced before. She treats him as a normal person, not a weapon. She is someone he can confide in and speak his mind to. She also goes out of her way to recognize Denji’s flaws and attempts to fix them, even to the point of proclaiming she will “teach him everything”.

Yes, she is the total package, a unicorn in today’s modern society for an unsuspecting young man. One of the rarest opportunities for happiness is filled with false pretenses. But underneath those glimmering emerald green eyes, she hides her true self. Behind those sweet smiles is a mask that hides her true intentions. Underneath is all lies the madness and brutality of a fierce and unforgiving demon.

Reze’s Character Profile

NameReze, Lady Reze, Bomb Devil
AgeLooks 15-19 years old
HeightAround 5’2 to 5’4
Birth YearUnknown
BirthplaceSoviet Union
OccupationSpy (former)
Waitress (former)
Member of Tokyo Special Division 5 (former)
Reze’s Character Profile

What is Reze’s Backstory?

”Why don’t you quit and run away with me?”

Reze, Chainsaw Man
What is Reze’s Backstory?

According to Kishibe, Reze is one of the children experimented on to become a Super Soldier for the USSR Military in a Secret Ammunition Room. This resulted in her becoming the Bomb Devil. Thought to have been a myth, it was later revealed by an American journalist that the Secret Room itself was real. Years later, Reze then allies with the Gun Devil to take Denji’s heart.

Appearance of Reze in Chainsaw Man

Reze’s Appearance in Chainsaw Man

In her human form, Reze has slanted emerald green eyes and long black hair that is tied into a bun. She wears a choker that has a pin on the side. We first see her wearing a white shirt with long black sleeves and long black pants. She also puts an apron while working in the cafe. We next saw Reze wearing a sleeveless white shirt with a black ribbon choker on her neck and black shorts.

In her Devil form, her head turns into a black airship-shaped bomb with many fins on the end. Her pointy teeth beneath smiling at her opponent. Bomb fuses cover her arms and a part of her apron. She is half-naked and wears dynamite that resembles an apron, mirroring her work as a cafe waitress.

How is Reze as a Person?

Reze at first, appears to be kind and gentle and shows affection for Denji soon after meeting him. She isn’t afraid to be intimate and gets along with him fine.

This is just a ruse, as it was all part of a plan to manipulate Denji and get the upper hand with the Chainsaw Devil. In truth, Reze is a spy for the Soviet Union. She has to stop Makima from using Denji. She also has ties with the infamous Gun Devil. However, Reze didn’t plan on falling for Denji. Reze somewhat grows a fondness for him as she sees herself in him. For the first time in her life, she finds someone worthy of her love.

Although a very capable fighter, Reze is not a killer at heart. She more or less detests harming others and prefers to avoid it unless it’s necessary for her mission.

As the Bomb Devil, Reze is anything but herself. She is a relentless, carefree killing machine. She is ruthless and has no regard for anything or anyone who stands in her way. She is very capable, able to tear through devil hunters like a knife to butter. She is very methodical, tactical, and precise, taking the lowest amount of effort with the most amount of carnage. Reze has a massive arsenal of bomb weapons at her disposal. With it, she can go toe to toe with Denji, the Violence Devil, and the Shark Fiend altogether and come on top. 

She’s The Bomb… Literally! Reze’s Abilities, Powers, and Skills in Chainsaw Man

”This is such a pain in the ass.” 

Reze, Chainsaw Man

Reze’s Abilities

Reze’s Abilities in Chainsaw Man
  • Enhanced Strength. Reze has above-ordinary physical strength. She effortlessly breaks an assassin’s arm and chokes him to death. 
  • Enhanced Speed. Reze is able to cut Denji’s throat and slice his wrist before he could even pull his chainsaw cord.
  • Knifemanship. Reze is proficient in the use of knives as part of her military background.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat. She was trained in unarmed combat as well. She could expertly disarm, injure and outmaneuver an assassin. She is seen to also be proficient in strangling techniques.

Reze’s Bomb Devil Abilities

Reze’s Bomb Devil Abilities in Chainsaw Man
  • Hybrid Transformation. Using the pin on her neck, Reze head explodes and transforms into her hybrid form, the Bomb Devil. She can also do this and leave the rest of her body as a distraction. The headless decoy body can be remotely controlled like a puppet and be blown like a time bomb, catching its target off-guard.
  • Increased Durability. Reze durability increases drastically in this form. She can withstand blows from the Violence Fiend without no damage. As the Bomb Devil, her body is also resistant to her explosions and gets barely any damage.
  • Explosion Creation. Reze has the ability to create explosions upon transformation. This enhances her attacks and speed from the blasts. She can fly by causing continuous and consecutive explosions. 
  • Explosive Spark. By flicking her fingers, Reze can shoot sparks that explode upon impact. 
  • Self-Detonation. Reze has the power to turn parts of her body into bombs that behaves like remotely detonating bombs. She is also able to regrow them without drinking blood.
  • Torpedo Arms. Reze can turn her limbs into torpedoes, making her blows more devastating. 
  • Blood Consumption. By consuming blood, she can heal herself instantly.
  • Nigh-Immortality. She can survive mortal wounds. Much like Denji, as long as her pin is pulled, Reze can get back up in perfect condition.

5 Facts About Reze You May Not Know About

5 Facts About Reze You May Not Know About

”Pardon me sir, but why won’t you eat at this table?”

Reze, Chainsaw Man
  1. Her name is a play on the word “Raze”, which means “to destroy”. This is very fitting for she is the embodiment of a weapon meant to do so.
  2. Reze’s design is mainly based on the character Matilda in the 1994 movie “Leon the professional”.
  3. Her personality was highly influenced by one of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s earlier character designs for Togata from the Fire Punch manga. The two even share similar keyframes in the Chainsaw Man manga.
  4. The Bomb Devil’s design was influenced by one of 90’s iconic Hollywood movie series “Alien”.
  5. Tatsuki Fujimoto enjoyed the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which may also have influenced Reze’s affiliation with the Soviet Union as a spy mirroring the Black Widow.

Can Reze Win? 3 Hypothetical Match-ups 

”Guess it’s time for a good ‘ole massacre.” 

Reze, Chainsaw Man

Reze vs Rize (Tokyo Ghoul)

Reze vs Rize (Tokyo Ghoul)

For everyone’s benefit, Rize is one of the most powerful ghouls mentioned in the series Tokyo Ghoul. She is a man-eating ghoul. Because of this, she is capable of superhuman feats. She has enhanced speed, enhanced strength, and enhanced reflexes. She is capable of regeneration and uses a part of herself known as a Kagune for her main weapon. 

This match-up may look one-sided, but I found on possible weakness. Both can still be killed even though each possesses high vitality and regeneration properties. I believe Reze will still be on top. Not only due to her firepower but because she is a Devil. She has the power to come back from the brink of death as long as she can pull her pin. So in a battle of hits and speed, the victor will always be the one who has a Phoenix down in their pocket.

Reze vs Seras Victoria (Hellsing)

Reze vs Seras Victoria (Hellsing)

Seras is a Draculina, a female lineage of Dracula. With it comes powers and abilities close to the real thing. Although limited, she is more than capable of holding her own. She has superhuman strength, speed, and endurance. She can sense enemies from a far distance. Her body is made of versatile materials capable of creating the right tools for the job at the right time.

Both have military and police backgrounds. Both have some form of regenerative capabilities. They also heal by drinking blood. Seras as a vampire is more than a match for Reze, but Reze has more than enough firepower to dust her into the afterlife. She may have regenerative properties but is sub-par to what Reze has.

Another fact is that Reze has a revive function, which is also the trump card in this battle. Unlike Seras, Reze can respawn whenever she wants and then some.

Reze vs Yuta Okkotsu (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Reze vs Yuta Okkotsu (Jujutsu Kaisen)

Hold up, I know what you are all thinking. Is this even a fair fight? If you know who Yuta is then you would already have raised an eyebrow. Yuta Okkotsu, one of a handful of people said to be equal to or even more powerful than the monster Satoru Gojo? Not a chance, am I right?

Well… this is just me making leaps here but if we base Reze’s power on what she embodies, you might reconsider. So let’s discuss!

I could list all of Yuta’s abilities here but that won’t be fair. So let’s just point out the glaring ones. Yuta can tank a full blast from a maximum curse technique in the face and walk (his fight with Ishigori). A blast that was able to level several city blocks. He is also able to heal himself in a very short amount of time. He is superior in both hand-to-hand and melee combat. And he has a bottomless reserve of power. So how can you beat that?

Reze is the Bomb Devil. She uses a vast array of exploding armaments from grenades to dynamites. Even torpedoes and higher-yield explosives. But what if she can do more? 

There is only one possible way that Reze will be able to win. And that is if she can use nuclear detonation. I know this is a bit of a stretch, and this is not even in the manga. But if she could then that is the end game, no question. Think about that for a sec. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Reze still alive in Chainsaw Man?

Is Reze still alive in Chainsaw Man?

Reze was last seen as part of Makima’s weapon devil army. But she was not seen after Makima’s eventual defeat. 

Where is Reze currently in Chainsaw Man?

Where is Reze currently in Chainsaw Man?

Reze disappeared after Makima’s defeat. It’s possible that she got free from the Control Devil’s contract. So she could be currently hiding.

Is Reze coming back for Season 2?

Is Reze coming back for Season 2?

There has been speculation that she will eventually return. So of course, she will. She is a devil, after all.