How Did Makima Reincarnate? The Control Devil’s Ray of Hope

Part 1 of Chainsaw Man ended on the 14th of December 2020. This is roughly two years before the anime’s release and the continuation of Part 2. There was no telling when Part 2 was dropping and many are left in anticipation. The developments of the remaining characters lingered in people’s minds. Particularly, the changes Nayuta would have as Makima’s reincarnation. In this article, we will discuss what happens to Makima after Part 1.

How Did Makima Reincarnate?

As discussed in a previous article, killing Makima was nigh impossible. Imagine Mario getting a supply of 126 million one-ups. That’s how many lives Makima has! Even Kishibe’s attempts had ended in failure. Many of the characters are left stumped on how to defeat her. Thankfully, Denji found a way and succeeded. For more information on this, check out our article on the Control Devil’s death. After all, this isn’t an article about how she died. It’s how she came back to life!

The answer to how Makima reincarnated is easy. Her Devil Physiology kicked in after her death and brought her back.

Why Did Makima Reincarnate: Makima’s Devil Physiology

As a Devil, Makima has the innate ability to reincarnate after death. This explains how she was able to come back despite being ingested by Denji. However, there is a twist to how Devils reincarnate. When they die on Earth, they will come back as a new Devil in Hell. From there, they can choose to either scale to the surface or die again. If they die in Hell, they will come back to Earth. Additionally, they lose memories of their previous lives. This means that any reincarnated Devil is a clean slate.

How Did Makima Reincarnate?

Sadly, it is a never-ending cycle for the Devils. Makima is no exception. As long as humans and their fear of them exist, they will continue to live on. It is a very parasitic relationship between the two species. Unless Devils get consumed by the Chainsaw Devil, they will continue to torment mankind. One example is the Bat Devil, who showed up again in Part 2.

However, her reincarnation does bring up another question.

Why Did Makima Reincarnate on Earth?

The next time we see Makima, she was already in her new form. Kishibe had found her in China where he whisked her away. He planned to put the younger Control Devil under the care of Denji. However, this series of events is incredibly questionable. There is the matter of how she was found, but the bigger question is why she reincarnated on Earth.

Why Did Makima Reincarnate on Earth?

The answer to this is simpler than we think. We have seen her fight against the Darkness Devil in a previous arc. Said Devil wanted Makima dead. It is possible that upon her arrival in Hell, the Darkness Devil sought her out and killed her. After all, the latter was able to show an incredible feat of sensing people from miles away. It won’t be a stretch to say it sensed Makima being born again. Her death had sent her back to Earth in her new form.

Who Did Makima Reincarnate As?

Unlike other Devils, Makima did not need to possess a new host to reincarnate and look humanoid. While a Devil’s appearance is based on the fear they embody, there are exceptions. While very few, there are Devils who can have a human body from the get-go. In Makima’s case, she was a little special. The concept of control gave her the liberty to look human. As a result, she was able to reincarnate as a new girl called Nayuta.

Is Nayuta Makima’s Reincarnation?

Technically, yes, Nayuta is Makima’s Reincarnation. But, it’s more complicated than that! Nayuta is not the same as Makima and vice-versa. The one that reincarnated was the Control Devil whom Makima was classified as. Nayuta possesses zero knowledge and information about her past life. She is a completely clean slate with room to improve.

Is Nayuta Makima’s Reincarnation?

What’s Next for Makima?

This is what fans want to be answered, and, sadly, Tatsuki Fujimoto refuses to answer. At the time of this writing, Nayuta has yet to appear in Part 2 of Chainsaw Man. With Denji’s influence though, we can say that we’ll have a brighter and rougher version of Makima in the future!