How Old is Power? A Quick Age Analysis of the Lovable Blood Devil

Chainsaw Man took the internet by storm when its trailer dropped. People talked non stop about its future release, and fans rejoiced for the adaptation. Honestly? I cannot blame them. Finally, we receive a dark and gritty anime amongst the overdone Isekai genre and romcoms. This new anime is not just any random anime; it is special.

Who is Power in Chainsaw Man?
Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man is one of those slow-burner types that focuses on the characters. Their inner turmoil and motivations are what drive the story forward. As a result, each protagonist developed. You can form a bond with its likable cast of misfits, the chief of which is Power.

Just who is Power from Chainsaw Man?

Power is a Blood Devil and one of the main protagonists of the upcoming series Chainsaw Man. While first introduced as a villain, she becomes a mainstay with the usual gang. Confident, childish, and self-motivated are what define her. She is a great example of the “rude but likable” trope. This easily made her a fan favorite, and I can understand why. Her disregard for social norms is the most refreshing I’ve seen, and I love her for it. For example, she doesn’t even bother to flush the toilets! Truly, she is the unruliest demon you’ll see in recent history.

How Old is Power from Chainsaw Man?

How old is Power from Chainsaw Man?

Now, this is a very tricky question to ask. Currently, there are no canonical or real answers to this question. At most, we can only try to work out Power’s age through theories. Before that, we need to learn how the devil’s physiology from Chainsaw Man works.

The Devil Physiology in Chainsaw Man

The way devils work in Chainsaw Man is different from any other anime. They can die, but they do reincarnate afterward. (Kind of like the Friday the 13th Series where Jason keeps coming back). The only exception to this rule is if they are killed by the Chainsaw Devil. Yet, each reincarnation will lead to their memories being erased. This makes it difficult to tell the age of devils when they cannot remember.

While they have a physical form, they need to possess a body on the surface to manifest. This idea is solidified during the contract scene between the new heroine and the War Devil.

Power’s Physical Age

Power is described to be a young blonde woman. We can see that in the anime and manga, especially when she’s wearing her uniform. Power’s features indicate an age similar to Denji’s, but without an accurate birth date, we cannot say for sure.

Until further confirmation, we can estimate Power’s age to be between 15 and 17 years old.

Power’s Mental Age

Funny enough, Power’s mental age does not reflect her physical one either. Despite her young teen to young adult body, she behaves more like a child. There are many instances in the series where she is visibly scolded or lies to get out of trouble. However, as the series continues, she does mature mentally. She tempers her reckless behavior and even knows when to be solemn.
In short, we can conclude that Power’s mental age is likely similar to a teenager in a horror movie.

Chainsaw Man Power mental age

The Blood Devil’s Age

Due to Power’s childish nature, it can be hard to associate her with something who has lived for hundreds of years. But, with how devils work in Chainsaw Man, it might be that the Blood Devil has been around longer than we think. Devils are supposed to represent the fear embedded in their names. With this, we can safely assume that the latter is incredibly old. However, until the manga says otherwise, we can only keep theorizing.

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Is Power a Minor?

The Blood Devil’s possession does not change the body’s age. If we take Power as the recent iteration of the Blood Devil, it will be safer to say that she is indeed a minor.

To learn more about Power, stay tuned as we will be posting more articles regarding the series!

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