Who is Yoriichi? 21 Facts About the Undefeatable Demon Slayer

Fans of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba are familiar with Yoriichi Tsugikun, a legendary demon slayer. He’s a strong supporting character you can’t help but fall in love with. But beneath the surface, who is Yoriichi Tsugikuni? Let’s find out. 

Who is Yoriichi from Demon Slayer?

Who is Yoriichi from Demon Slayer?

Yoriichi is a legendary demon slayer known for his powerful abilities, excellent swordsmanship, and god-like appearance. He lived about 500 years ago, during the Golden Age of Demon Slayers, or as it’s popularly called, the Sengoku Era. Being the strongest demon slayer ever to exist, his mere name makes demons tremble.

Yoriichi, twin brother of Michikatsu Tsugikuni, invented Breathing Styles, which other characters in Demon Slayer would later use.

What is the Background of Yoriichi?

What is the Background of Yoriichi?

When Yoriichi was born, he appeared weak compared to his twin. Later, we find out that that’s not the case. It just seemed so because he was a quiet child who was gifted with extraordinary emotional intelligence. He was quite unresponsive that, at one point, everyone around him assumed he was deaf. Even his twin could not discern his true strength until later.

When Yoriichi was born, he had the mark of a Demon Slayer, which his father found strange. He assumed it was a bad omen and wanted to kill his son. However, Yoriichi’s mother, Akeno, intervened and prevented that death. Instead, they both decided to send him to a Monastery when he got to ten years old. But when Akeno died, Yoriichi ran away from home. He ran through the mountains for days and nights without tiring. It was at this point that his true powers started manifesting.

Later, he meets a girl named Uta. Since Uta didn’t have anyone, they lived together. Ten years later, they got married, and Uta got pregnant. One day, Yoriichi decided to go look for a midwife to check on Uta. On his way, he met an old man who needed help. He assisted him but decided to get back to his wife once he was done.

Unfortunately, by the time he got back, he found that a demon had killed his wife and unborn child. He carried his family for ten days before burying them, and that is when he picked up his sword and started training to be a Demon Slayer.

What is Yoriichi’s Appearance?

Yoriichi is a beautiful character. He is a gorgeous, tall, muscular man with spiky black hair and red edges. The demon slayer mark rests on his forehead, which adds to his appeal. The mark granted him special capabilities from birth. And even though kids born with this mark would die at a young age, Yoriichi managed to harness those powers, and that is how he managed to survive, surpassing 80 years.

Yoriichi has a classic dressing style that includes an orange nagagi kimono, a red haori, nakama, a pair of white socks, and Zori. He topped this with his Nichirin Sword that he carried on his left side.

What is Yoriichi’s Personality Like?

Despite being powerful, Yoriichi has a calm and gentle personality. In fact, he hardly ever let his emotions overpower him. He appears unpredictable and unassuming, which leaves his enemies confused, giving him an upper edge.

His unchanging facial expression and gentle personality made it hard for anyone besides his wife, Uta, to know what he was feeling. Despite his godly attributes, Yoriichi is humble and doesn’t brag about his capabilities. A good example is when Suyako requested him to perform Sun Breathing’s forms. He felt embarrassed after that, yet his performance was great.

Despite his nonchalant nature, he expresses strong emotions. For instance, when Uta died, he mourned for ten days while carrying her in his arms. Yoriichi also loves his family very much. When his mother was sick, he cared for her when no one else would. He also protected his father by not telling anyone how badly he treated him as a child.

How Old is Yoriichi?

The younger Yoriichi is between 17 to 24 years, and older him is over 80 years old.

How Tall is Yoriichi?

6’3″ (190cm)

What are Some Famous Quotes from Yoriichi?

What are Some Famous Quotes from Yoriichi?

Even though Yoriichi has a quiet nature, some of the remarkable quotes he gave us are as follows.

  1. “I think I was born with special strength for the purpose of defeating Muzan Kibutsuji. But I was lacking. In the end, I failed. Because of that, many more people will die from now on… and that pains me.”
  2. “Brother, your dream was to become the strongest samurai in the country, right? I want to be like you as well. I want to become the second strongest samurai in the country.”
  3. “I am a man with no worth.”
  4. “My dream was to live a quiet life with my family in a small house where we would sleep side by side. I would be close enough to see the beloved faces of my wife and child and close enough to reach out and take their hands. That would have been enough. But even that… did not come true. (Because) demons exist in this beautiful world.”
  5. “My brother… we are not that great. We are merely a fragment of humankind’s long, long history. At this moment, those whose talent will surpass ours are uttering their first cries”.

What are Yoriichi’s Skills and Powers?

What are Yoriichi's Skills and Powers?

Yoriichi is the strongest demon slayer ever. He has multiple abilities, thanks to his demon slayer mark. He also possesses innate swordsmanship skills. He defeated a talented sword instructor at the age of seven, yet he had never used a sword before. Yoriichi’s powers are as follows:

Demon Slayer Mark

Yoriichi is the forebearer of the demon slayer mark. He was born with it, and it has given him significant physical abilities throughout his life. Most people who bore the mark would die before the age of 25, but Yoriichi defied fate and lived up to 85 years.

Selfless State

On countless occasions, Yoriichi proved to be selfless. For instance, when he was fighting with Muzan, the demon could not detect his moves. That is because he showed no sense of anger, animosity, hatred, drive, or fighting spirit. This made it almost impossible for Muzan to detect his movements or gauge how strong he was.

Transparent World

Since birth, Yoriichi can access the Transparent World and use it with great proficiency. This is seen on multiple occasions where he can see an enemy’s lungs expand and the contraction of muscles. This ability allows him to strike a person at the right time. It also gave him an advantage over Muzan, allowing him to find his weakness and defeat him.

Nichrin Sword

Yoriichi is the first character to turn his Nichirin Sword into a dazzling red color since he was born with the demon slayer mark. Turning his sword into a red color allows him to prevent the regeneration of demons. This is how he managed to prevent the instant regeneration of Muzan, the demon king, leaving him with scars that lasted hundreds of years.

Extrasensory Perception   

Besides the sixth sense he gets from the Transparent World, he also has strong decerning abilities beyond the normal human range. He can detect demons’ auras and can tell the strength of his enemies at a glance. During his first encounter with Muzan, he could immediately tell that it was his destiny to fight and defeat him. 

Genius Intellect

Yoriichi is quite intelligent. While he could not speak for most of his childhood, his first words were clear and detailed. He also displayed immense maturity when he decided to care for his mother as she was dying.

Immeasurable Stamina and Endurance

Yoriichi has immense stamina. The first time he ran away from home, he ran through mountains without resting. We see that endurance again when he goes for ten days without water and food, carrying the weight of his dead wife and unborn child. And even though he lived past 80 years, his powers never diminished. This is seen when he defeats Kokushibo, Muzan’s subordinate.

Great Strength

Yoriichi has immense physical strength. Even as a child, he could knock out an adult because of his strength. As an adult, he sliced off Muzan’s neck, which is considered the most protected body part of a demon.

Great Speed and Reflexes

Yoriichi has immeasurable speed, more than any other character in Demon Slayer, including the Demon King. He could duck Muzan’s every attack, despite his significant strength and speed. When the Demon King divided himself into 1800 pieces to escape, Yoriichi easily reduced that number to 300.

Creator of the Breathing Styles

Yoriichi is the creator of the Sun Breathing Styles. All other subsequent styles were derived from Yoriichi’s breathing style. He used sun breathing styles to defeat demons. Other breathing techniques include:

  • Dance
  • Clear Blu Sky
  • Raging Sun
  • Burning Bones, Summer Sun
  • Setting Sun Transformation
  • Solar Heat Haze
  • Beneficent Radiance
  • Sunflower Thrust
  • Dragon Sun Halo Head Dance
  • Fire Wheel
  • Fake Rainbow
  • Flame Dance
  • Thirteenth Form

Who is Stronger the Yoriichi?

Who is Stronger the Yoriichi?

No one’s powers come close to Yoriichi. He is the inventor of sun breathing techniques, has an immeasurable battle intellect, and is very strong.

Who are Yoriichi’s Friends and Enemies?

Here is a list of Yoriichi’s friends:

  • Sumiyoshi
  • Sumire
  • Tamayo
  • Demon Slayer Corps (former friends)


  • All demons
  • Muzan, the demon king
  • Kokushibo

Who Did Yoriichi Fall in Love With?

Yoriichi fell in love with Uta, who he met when he ran away from home. They were friends for ten years before getting married. Unfortunately, Uta was killed by a demon while pregnant with Yoriichi’s child.

How Does Yoriichi Die?

Yoriichi dies of old age during his final confrontation with his brother Michikatsu Tsugikuni also called Kokushibo. Kokushibo turned into a demon and was Muzan’s subordinate. Despite Yoriichi being blind and of advanced age, he still had the upper hand when fighting his twin brother. Kokushibo admitted that Yoriichi could have killed him if he hadn’t died at that moment.

Interesting Facts About Yoriichi

Interesting Facts About Yoriichi

Learn some interesting facts about Yoriichi you might have missed:

Yoriichi Is the Strongest Demon Slayer

Yoriichi is considered a legendary swordsman of the Golden Age of Demon Slayers. No one compared to him, including the current demon slayer called Taisho. His capabilities were so great that most people couldn’t manage the techniques he taught.

He’s the Inventor of the Sun Breathing

Yoriichi created the Sun Breathing style, which is the most powerful technique. Other techniques originate from this.

He’s a Longtime Friend of the Kamados

Most fans assume that Yoriichi belongs to the Kamado family, but he doesn’t. Their friendship started when Yoriichi saved them from demons.

His Demon Slayer Mark Resembles That of Tanjiro

Yoriichi’s mark is similar to Tanjiro’s and even on the same spot. These markings mean that both of them are demon slayers. Although not exact copies, the markings are the first connection between Tanjiro and Yoriichi.

Yoriichi’s Twin Brother is a Demon

Michikatsu was turned into a demon by Muzan, which instantly meant that the two brothers became enemies.

He’s a Master Swordsman

Yoriichi did not receive any swordsmanship training, but he still managed to perfect the skill. From the moment he picked his first sword and defeated a sword handler, his skills only improved.

Yoriichi’s Sword Can Suppress a Demon’s Regenerative Abilities

Demons have regenerative abilities when struck down by a sword. However, Yoriichi’s weapon is unique. It turns from black to red and allows him to scar demons. That is how he managed to wound Muzan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Yoriichi kicked out of Demon Slayer?

Yoriichi was banished from Demon Slayers Corps because he could not prevent his brother from turning into a demon, and he failed to kill Muzan. But before leaving, he left behind his breathing style and earrings to Sumiyoshi.

Can the old Yoriichi defeat Muzan?

Yoriichi and Muzan

Between his enhanced physical strength, breathing style, and sword handling skills, Yoriichi can easily defeat Muzan. In fact, these are the reasons why he caused so much trouble for Muzan. And if the demon king had not escaped, Yoriichi could have killed him.