Who is Muzan Kibutsuji? 15 Things You’ve Always Wanted to Know About the Strongest Demon

Muzan Kibutsuji is a mysterious character that serves as the primary antagonist of Demon Slayer. While he looks like a young man, he’s actually a powerful demon that has survived for centuries. He’s obsessed with overcoming his weakness towards sunlight so that he can become a truly immortal being. 

Who is Muzan Kibutsuji in Demon Slayer?

As the very first demon, Muzan Kibutsuji is the Lord of the Demons and the originator of every other demon in the world. He is the ruler of the Twelve Kizuki, who are the most powerful demons in existence. He has pale skin, black hair, glowing red eyes, and fangs that he reveals as he attacks. 

What is Muzan’s Background and History?

What is Muzan's Background and History?

Muzan Kibutsuji was born to a noble family during Japan’s Heian era, which spanned from 794 to 1185 AD. From the moment he was born, Muzan was incredibly weak and frail. He was diagnosed with a rare illness, and doctors predicted that he would die before his 20th birthday. 

While Muzan felt haunted by the prospect of his death, he was saved after a doctor treated him with an experimental form of medicine. Not only did this medicine cure Muzan’s symptoms, but it gave him incredible strength and abilities. However, the medicine made it impossible for him to walk in the sun. 

Shortly after he was cured, Muzan began to develop an appetite for human flesh. His family were among his first victims, and he went on to kill many more. He also shared his blood with others, creating many demons that followed his every order. 

Who Turned Muzan into a Demon?

Who Turned Muzan into a Demon?

Muzan was unintentionally turned into a demon by a doctor that hoped to save him from his illness. The doctor tried treating Muzan with a medicine made from the Blue Spider Lily, a rare flower that was believed to have mystical power. While the medicine seemed to ease his symptoms, Muzan had many relapses, which caused him to believe that the treatment wasn’t working. 

Enraged, Muzan killed his doctor before he could finish his treatment. He only realized his mistake later on, when his powers began to take effect. Muzan spent centuries searching for another Blue Spider Lily, but was unable to find the plant that could cure him of his weakness to the sun. 

When his search for the Blue Spider Lily was unsuccessful, Muzan developed a new goal. He vowed to create a demon that was impervious to the sun. Once he successfully created a demon that could walk in sunlight, he would devour that demon and gain their abilities. 

What is Muzan’s Personality Like?

What is Muzan's Personality Like?

Muzan Kibutsuji is a cruel and cold character that only cares about his own desires. While he is usually emotionless, he has a tendency to lash out when he feels mocked and has even killed others for rude behavior. He is completely self-obsessed and wants nothing more than to be a perfect being. 

In Muzan’s eyes, humans and demons are nothing more than tools or a source of food. He has never hesitated to harm others or take lives to achieve his goals and has even killed his own subordinates. Although he rarely takes his opponents seriously, he is highly intelligent and is able to manipulate those around him. 

Muzan is able to hide his true nature with ease and can successfully blend in with humans. He is also capable of intimidating and frightening others. Even though Muzan believes he is the most powerful being in the world, he can be extremely cowardly and doesn’t hesitate to run away when he believes he’s under threat. 

How Old is Muzan? 

Muzan became a demon before his 20th birthday, which caused his natural aging process to grind to a halt. Even though he’s been alive for more than 1,000 years, he looks like a young man in his 30s. His exact age and birthday have not been confirmed. 

How Tall is Muzan?

How Tall is Muzan?

Standing at 5’10”, Muzan is much taller than most of the Demon Slayer cast. In comparison, Tanjiro Kamado is 5’5″, while Giyu Tomoika is 5’9″. Even though Muzan is fairly tall, he’s far from being the tallest character in the series. Genya Shinazugawa is slightly taller at 5’11”, and Tengen Uzui towers over him at 6’6″.

What are Some Quotes from Muzan?

“I haven’t seen God or Buddha for a thousand years.”

“Does it look like I’m close to death?”

“You will not die. I believe that. Make my dream come true.”

Who are Muzan’s Allies?

Who are Muzan's Allies?

In Muzan’s eyes, most demons are beneath them, but there are a few allies he treats with respect. Kokushibo, the top-ranked member of the Twelve Kizuki, is Muzan’s closest friend and confidant. As the twin brother of a demon slayer, Kokushibo shares many of Muzan’s goals and is deeply loyal to his leader. 

There are a few members of the Twelve Kizuki that Muzan has given special treatment. Rui, who is one of the youngest demons in Muzan’s ranks, was granted special permission to start a family. Muzan Kibutsuji is very attached to Gyutaro and turned his sister Daki into a demon as well. He’s also fond of Akaza, a strong and loyal demon that refuses to eat women. 

Who is Muzan’s Wife?

Who is Muzan's Wife?

Over the years, Muzan Kibutsuji has taken many wives so that he can effectively blend in with humans. While most of these wives meant nothing to him, he cared deeply for a woman named Anne Kibutsuji. Muzan has said that she was the only person that he ever loved. 

Anne was offered to Muzan as a sacrifice in exchange for her family’s safety, but he chose to marry her instead. While Anne was a kind and loving woman, she was secretly a retired demon slayer. She cared for her husband, but believed that he had to be killed in order to protect humanity.  

Although Anne was deaf in both ears, she could speak and read lips. She and Muzan had three daughters together, and she died giving birth to their youngest daughter. Anne loved all her children deeply and continued to appear to them even after her death. 

Who are Muzan’s Daughters?

Who are Muzan's Daughters?

Muzan’s oldest daughter, Hanako, was trained by her mother from a very young age. After Anne passes away, Hanako made it her mission to protect her siblings. Like her father, Hanako has learned to harden her heart and often appears to be emotionless. In spite of this, she cares deeply for others. 

Sakura is a half-human and half-demon child that Anne found living in the streets. She took the child home, where she convinced Muzan that they should adopt the girl and raise her as their own. After adopting Sakura, Anne began to train her alongside Hanako. 

Muzan and Anne’s youngest daughter was also named Sakura, but she went by her mother’s middle name, Regina. Even though Anne died when Regina was born. she continued to appear to the child and provided her with training and wisdom. A demon slayer named Yoriichi Tsujukuni trained Regina to fight her father and came to see her as a surrogate daughter. 

Why is Muzan Afraid of Tanjiro Kamado?

Why is Muzan Afraid of Tanjiro Kamado?

Only one man has ever been able to overpower Muzan Kibutsuji: Yoriichi Tsujukuni, the first demon slayer. When they face off in battle, he dismembers Muzan and cuts his body into pieces. Although Muzan is able to regenerate, it takes him a long time to recover from this attack. 

When Muzan meets Tanjiro, he sees that he is wearing Hanafuda earrings, the same earrings that Yoriichi wore in the past. While Yoriichi never had any successors, he passed along his Sun Breathing style to the Kamado family. Muzan recognized that Tanjiro was someone that could potentially destroy him, the same way that Yorrichi nearly did in the past. 

Why Does Muzan Target the Kamado Family?

Why Does Muzan Target the Kamado Family?

In Muzan’s eyes, the only thing keeping him from being a truly perfect being is his weakness to sunlight. The Kamado family are the practitioners of a breathing style known as Sun Breathing, which allows users to mimic the sun. Muzan believes that the Kamados could potentially resist the sun even if they became demons. 

As an experiment, Muzan feeds many Kamado family members his blood. The blood poisons and kills most of the Kamados, but one member, Nezuko Kamado survives. Even after she becomes a demon, she is able to walk in the sun, causing Muzan to refer to her as “The Chosen Demon.”

How Strong is Muzan?

How Strong is Muzan?

As the creator of all demons, Muzan is the strongest demon in the entire world. Most demon slayers are no match for his strength. His incredible strength and speed makes it difficult for many trained warriors to even see his attacks. Until the end of the series, Yoriichi is the only human that’s able to overpower him in a fight. 

Over the course of the series, there are many that try and fail to defeat Muzan. Even after he is weakened, Muzan is able to kill hundreds of demon slayers. Although Muzan’s strength is unparalleled, he often prefers to avoid fights and lets others do his dirty work. 

Muzan’s demonic blood has given him many incredible powers, but he has also had hundreds of years to train and hone his abilities. In addition to searching for a cure for his weakness, Muzan spent his life gathering knowledge. This makes it easy for him to recognize his opponent’s attack patterns and dodge their blows. 

What are Muzan’s Abilities?

What are Muzan's Abilities?

Muzan is essentially immortal and is capable of surviving almost any attack, even decapitation and the destruction of his body. He has amazing regenerative abilities and can heal injuries so quickly that it looks like he was never hurt at all. At one point, he was even able to regrow his entire body from a lump of flesh. 

He also has endless endurance, allowing him to fight indefinitely without experiencing pain or feeling tired. He has swift reflexes and is capable of moving at lighting-fast speeds. In total, he seven hearts and five brains, giving him a genius-level intellect. 

Muzan is a shapeshifter and is capable of changing his form. While he’s used this ability to trick others, he’s also used it in combat, taking on a monster-like form. In this form, he has sharp jaws across his body and is covered in a mass of scales.

When Muzan shares his blood with others, he can turn them into demons. Nearly all demons that have consumed Muzan’s blood are under his control. Muzan is also able to read the thoughts of other demons and send them telepathic demons. While demons can usually only be killed by sunlight or Nichirin swords, Muzan can destroy demons with his own abilities. 

How Did Muzan Die?

What are Muzan's Abilities?

A woman named Tamayo, who is a genius and a skilled doctor, creates a drug that can weaken Muzan’s powers. The drug has four stages, and the final stage can turn Muzan back into a human. After Muzan is forcibly given the drug, he begins to age at a rate of 50 years a minute. This makes it difficult for Muzan to regenerate, turning ordinary attacks into potentially lethal blows. 

Although the drug significantly weakens Muzan, he still puts up a strong fight and does everything in his power to survive, killing and injuring many demon slayers in the process. He attempts to escape the battle before the sun can rise, but Gyomei Himejima wraps a chain around his neck. Gyomei and other demon slayers hold Muzan in place, and his body disintegrates as the sun comes up. 

Before Muzan’s death, he transfers his blood and memories over to Kamado Tanjiro, making him the new Lord of the Demons. Muzan takes over Tanjiro’s thoughts and sends him on a rampage against the Demon Slayer Corps. While Muzan is temporarily able to control Tanjiro’s body, the demon slayer eventually rejects Muzan’s powers and manages to destroy him for good.