Yamato: 17 Things You Want to Know About the Colorful Favorite in One Piece

Whether you’re new to the Straw Hat Pirates crew or have followed One Piece since its first manga in 1999, chances are you’ve heard about Yamato. This volatile character with a memorable personality regularly makes headlines in the anime world. We’re here with answers to all of your Yamato questions. 

General Information

Yamato in One Piece
NameYamato (ヤマト)
BirthdayNovember 3
Height8’8″ (263 cm)
First AppearanceManga: Chapter 971
Anime: Episode 972
Japanese Language Voice ActorSaori Hayami

Frequently Asked Questions

Background Questions

Is Yamato a transgender character? 

Is Yamato a transgender character? 

Kozuki Oden was a man, wasn’t he? So I chose to be a man, too!

Yamato (Chapter 984)

This is a tricky one because there’s conflicting information in the story. Here’s the breakdown: 

  • Yamato was assigned female at birth
  • Yamato’s hero, the Samurai Kozuki Oden, was a man. Therefore, Yamato says, “I chose to be a man, too.”
  • Most characters – allies and enemies alike – refer to Yamato as a male character. 

So, the simplest explanation may be that, yes, Yamato is a transgender character with the pronouns he/him. 

However, Yamato wears a Hannya mask, which denotes emotional pain specific to a woman. Also, Yamato’s identification Vivre card lists this character as female, and Yamato is referred to on screen as “Kaidou’s daughter.” 

So, the debate continues. In the end, only Yamato can tell us who Yamato truly is. 

What’s the deal with Yamato’s imprisonment? 

What's the deal with Yamato's imprisonment? 

Yamato was imprisoned for 20 years on Onigashima. Kaidou threw him in prison for having a hero worship of the executed Samurai, Kozuki Oden. Yamato wanted to become Oden, but Kaidou would not allow this. 

Who is Yamato’s father? 

Who is Yamato's father? 

Kaidou of the Beasts is Yamato’s father. 

What is Yamato’s other name? 

Yamato also goes by Oden, in reference to the Samurai Kozuki Oden. 

I’m Kozuki Oden. Otherwise known as Yamato!

Abilities/Combat Questions

Which Devil Fruit did Yamato eat? 

Which Devil Fruit did Yamato eat?

Yamato ate the Inu Inu no Mi, Model: Okuchi no Makami. In English, this is known as the Dog-Dog Fruit, Model: Okuchi no Makami. It is a Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit. 

What powers does Yamato’s Devil Fruit give him? 

This fruit grants werewolf-like powers. The eater gains the ability to turn into the Okuchi no Makami, which is a Guardian Deity. As you might expect, turning into a godlike wolf grants Yamato exceptional physical strength, as well as dangerous claws and canine teeth

This fruit was a Mythical Zoan Devil Fruit, which means it also gives the eater an additional ability beyond the wolf transformation. Yamato’s extra gift is the power to blast ice at his opponents. 

Which Haki powers does Yamato have?

Yamato is able to use all three types of Haki, which is remarkable, as most average people never awaken any of their Haki abilities. 

Haoshoku Haki: This power gives Yamato the ability to infuse objects with certain characteristics. It’s a particularly useful skill to have in battle, as we have seen. Yamato infused a black lightning attack into his Takeru with awesome results. 

Busoshoku Haki: This power has a variety of uses, from defensive to offensive. Yamato has been known to harden weapons with this Haki in order to severely wound opponents. When you pair this with his canine strength, Yamato is a scary person to meet in battle. 

Kenbunshoku Haki: We know from Yamato’s One Piece Vivre Card that Yamato has this ability as well. It gives a kind of psychic strength sometimes known as a “Mind Rope.” 

What weapon does Yamato use? 

Yamato uses a kanabo club known as Takeru. This can be used with Yamato’s strength and other abilities to inflict massive damage in one hit – or even a flying attack. 

What is Yamato’s fighting style? 

What is Yamato's fighting style? 

Because Yamato is both fast and strong, he’s able to evade and sneak in critical attacks where opponents lag behind. 

It’s finally time for me to live like Oden did! 

Relationship Questions

Who are Yamato’s allies?

Who are Yamato's allies?

Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates are allies of Yamato. Kozuki Momonosuke, Oden’s son, also became an ally. 

Who are Yamato’s enemies? 

Yamato’s father, Kaidou, is a source of constant opposition. He is Yamato’s main antagonist. 

He is not a parent anymore! 

Personality Description 

What is Yamato's personality in One Piece?

As with many of Luffy’s allies, Yamato has dreams and is willing to put his life at risk to achieve his goals. 

Yamato’s defining character trait is his dedication to becoming Oden. As demonstrated by his two decades of imprisonment, Yamato’s will is not easy to break. He will fight for what he believes in – and he’ll probably enjoy the battle while he’s at it. 

What is Yamato’s main goal? 

Yamato wants to see Oden’s plans come to fruition. He has Oden’s logbook, which tells him everything Oden wanted. Based on the notes in this logbook, Yamato’s ultimate goal is to free the people of Wano and open its borders. 

Fate Questions

What happened to Yamato?

Is Yamato alive? 


Is Yamato an official member of the Straw Hat Pirates?

No. There was some consideration for a while, but ultimately Yamato decided to explore Wano in order to live out Oden’s dream. 

Other Common Questions

What is Luffy’s nickname for Yamato?

Luffy calls Yamato “Yama-o,” which means something like “Yama-man.” Yamato usually corrects Luffy, though, and doesn’t seem to be a fan of nicknames in general. 

Who would win a fight between Yamato and Kaidou?

Because this is Yamato’s ongoing conflict, he is not yet able to defeat his father in battle. He’s getting closer, though, and we all look forward to the day this face-off is finally decided. Our bets are on Yamato, of course. 

Who would win a fight between Yamato and Luffy?

Luffy was able to wound Kaidou in a fight, which automatically gives Luffy the win, here. However, Luffy has openly said that fighting with Yamato is a serious thing, so we can be glad they’re allies. 

Who would win a fight between Yamato and Zoro?

The jury’s still out on this one! Fans have debated who would win in a fight between Yamato and Zoro for ages, and there’s no clear consensus. We can pull from battles each one of them has had and compare stats, but they’re likely evenly matched. In short, don’t pick a fight with either of them if you plan to survive.