Draken: Everything We Love About Tokyo Revenger’s Ken Ryuguji

Draken is one of the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing characters in all of anime. Draken is also known as Ken Ryuguji, and he is one of the founding members of the Tokyo Manji Gang alongside his childhood best friend, Mikey Sano. Although he is tall and might have a tough-guy appearance, he is really a teddy bear under all that tough-guy attitude. Draken will not hesitate to use force to get others in line, but this is usually a good thing for subordinates that are acting out of place, such as Kiyomasa.

Sadly, Draken’s loving nature gets the better of him, as he lays down his life to save Takemichi, the beloved main character of Tokyo Revengers. However, Draken lives on in the hearts of many, including Takemichi, during the rest of the Tokyo Revengers series. Below is everything you need to know about Draken and his role in the Tokyo Revengers. 

General Information About Draken

Who is Draken in Tokyo Revengers?

Who is Draken in Tokyo Revengers?

Draken’s real name is Ken Ryuguji. He is a teenager who actually looks more like a man than a boy. Draken is fierce, getting into regular fights with other crews and motorcycle gangs both in and out of school. He is incredibly skilled at fighting hand to hand, taking on other gangs and protecting his crew, the Tokyo Manji Gang, where he is the vice president and right-hand man of Mikey, his best friend.

Draken is also known as being the person that saves Takemichi’s life when other motor bike gang members want to kill him during a date at a carnival. Without Draken, the show could not go on, and Takemichi’s mission of stopping the killings and death of his ex-girlfriend would not be possible.

Draken is also known as one of the strongest fighters in the bike gang world, as vice-president of the Tokyo Manji Gang, or Toman for short. He doesn’t have any superpowers per say, but he does have a natural fighting ability that he uses to crush his enemies during gang fights.

What is Draken’s background and history?

What is Draken's background and history?

Draken was born into poverty, in one of the poorest parts of the Redlight District. His father abandoned him at birth, and his mother was a prostitute who also abandoned him. She dies two years later, leaving Draken alone to fend for himself. Fortunately, Draken developed a thick skin, an ability to fix motorcycles, and a love for a good fight.

In middle school, he was ordered by one of the middle school gangs to fetch Mikey, real name Manjiro Sano, to fight the older kids. While Draken thought that Mikey was going to lose the fight and wanted to be accepted by the gang, Mikey ended up beating all of the middle school kids, leaving a lifelong impression on Draken.

What is Draken's background and history?

Draken and Mikey become best friends, and leaders of the Tokyo Manji Gang. Draken continues to help guide the gang between right and wrong, constantly being the voice of reason. While he and Mikey run the gang together, he is the most logical of the two since Mikey is a bit more chaotic. Draken also tries his hardest to maintain the good appearance of the Toman. For instance, he beats Kiyomasa after he catches him trying to fight Takemichi in an illegal fighting ring (not approved by the Toman). He goes so far as to tell Kiyomasa to “Stop bringing down the Toman’s rep.”

While a member of the gang, this is where he meets Takemichi Hanageki, the main protagonist of the anime Tokyo Revengers. Takemichi saves Draken during a fight with gang member Moebius. After this, Draken takes a strong liking to Takemichi, as does Mikey. All three continue their friendship during the rest of the Tokyo Revengers story.

What is Draken’s personality like?

What is Draken's personality like?

Draken is extremely likable, sporting a beautiful dragon tattoo on the left side of his shaved head. He is also said to be tall for his age and has the build of a muscular man instead of a teenage boy. However, he is really a sweetheart on the inside. In the 5th grade, he tried to join a delinquent gang of middle school boys, who wanted him to bring Mikey to them after school for a fight.

At first, Draken thought this would be a good opportunity to win the gang’s affection. However, after Mikey beats the rest of the gang, he becomes best friends with Mikey and continues to rule the Tokyo Manji Gang, preventing them from becoming total delinquents. He loves Mikey so much, he even goes so far as to carry him around the city when he’s tired, and allows Mikey to call him “Ken-chin.” Draken is said to love motorcycles, and also knows how to counsel others.

What is Draken's personality like?

As a child, he was very familiar with the women who worked in his mother’s brother. His special ability consists of using his counseling abilities to help others feel better. He is also extremely selfless, laying down his life to save others. However, Draken is ruthless when it comes to getting others to fall in line with the gang.

For instance, when he sees Kiyomasa during the fight with Takemichi, he kicks him in the stomach so Kiyomasa will bend over and bow to Draken and Mikey. Draken values respect, and so long as you respect him and his gang, he will show the same respect back.

How old is Draken? 

How old is Draken? 

Draken is 15 years old in the Tokyo Revengers anime series. His birthday is thought to be May 10, 1990. While Draken is 15 years old when Takemichi meets him in the past life, this means that in reality, he is 27 years old in Takemichi’s currently timeline (which is 12 years in the future). Draken is a teenager, and many people say his is tall for his age.

He started calling himself Draken after he turned 12 years old, and shortly thereafter got his signature dragon tattoo on the left side of his head.

How tall is Draken?

How tall is Draken?

Draken is tall, about 6 feet 1 inches by some calculations. He towers over the rest of his enemies, and can deliver swift blows and beat out any gang member. His tall height makes him feared, and makes him the perfect companion for Mikey, who is extremely small for his age.

What are some quotes from Draken?

“There are times when you can’t give up.”

“When someone gives you an inch, don’t take a mile, you moron.”

“You saved my life, so I’ll gladly put my life on the line for you.”


How strong is Draken?

How strong is Draken?

Draken is incredibly strong, with the ability to beat out several gang members during a single fight. He can beat up others with ease, and his towering height and muscular build help him do so. In fact, during a showdown with another gang, one of the gang members exclaimed, “He’s able to take out 10 guys by himself!” And another exclaims, “This guy’s a monster!”

In addition to being able to take on multiple gang members at once, Draken is also strong enough to heal and recover from blows quickly, going so far as to stand up after being hit with a metal bat and then take on 20 guys. Perhaps it is his young age, or his tall stature, or his hard life that gives him his edge.

What are Draken’s skills/abilities/powers?

What are Draken's skills abilities powers?

Tokyo Revengers isn’t your typical anime, so there are no big fighting scenes or secret powers. However, Draken has skills such as leadership skills, which he needs to keep the Tokyo Manji Gang in check. He is also said to be a great counselor for other women in the show, and even for Takemichi and Mikey. 

Of course, he also has the ability to use hand-to-hand combat to fight gang members when it’s necessary. In addition, he does have problems with fits of anger, which make his blows even more fierce.

Who is stronger than Draken?

Who is stronger than Draken?

Draken is stronger than most gang members, but he might be outfought if he were to go against the ring with Mikey. He respects Mikey due to his ability to beat gang members with ease, which might suggest that he thinks Mikey is stronger than him. He is also afraid of Kazutora, another member of the Tokyo Manji Gang who is unhinged. Kazutora might be a match for Draken because of his psychotic and detached nature, but this remains to be proven.

Notable fights – Draken vs Moebius

Draken vs Moebius

Perhaps the most notable fight in Tokyo Revengers is between Draken and Moebius. During this fight, Moebius is about to get the upper hand on Draken when he is saved by Takemichi. It is after this fight that he begins to respect Takemichi and the two become friends. All other fights in the anime show Draken’s power. However, this fight will change the course of the timeline of Tokyo Revengers, and makes it more important.


Who are Draken’s allies and enemies?

Who are Draken's allies and enemies?

Draken’s enemies are members of the Brahman gang and the Rokuhara Tandai. These are two gangs that are known for being delinquent, and are nothing like the Tokyo Manji Gang, a motorcycle gang that tries to use morals for their fights. He is friends with Mikey, who is his childhood friend, and Takemichi, who he meets along with Mikey.

As the vice president of the Tokyo Manji Gang, he also considers this motorcycle gang to be his allies, and anyone that comes to the Tokyo Manji Gang’s defense during brawls. This is why he considers Takemichi a friend, since Takemichi helped save Draken during a fight with Moebius, a member of the motorcycle gang Shinjuku.

Who is Draken in love with? Who does Draken like? 

Who is Draken in love with/married to? Who does Draken like? 

Draken might have liked Emma Sano, the sister of Mikey, going so far as to beat up Mikey after her death. However, he does not have a solid love interest during the show. However, many girls like Draken since he is able to offer them counseling, which is said to be one of his special abilities on the show.


What happened to Draken? How did Draken Die?

What happened to Draken? 

Draken dies trying to defend Takemichi from the Rokuhara Tandai gang members, who are trying to kill him at a carnival. Draken learns that the gang is going to attack Takemichi, and meets him at the carnival to save him and his date, Senju. He is then shot and killed at the carnival. 

Takemichi learns that Draken died both in his alternate life 12 years ago, and in his current life. This lets the reader know that Draken’s fate was always to be killed saving Takemichi.

Other Interesting Facts About Draken

What does Ken Ryguji mean? 

What does Ken Ryugi mean?

The name Ken Ryuguji actually comes from the term “Ryu,” which means dragon in Japanese. This name is given to Draken due to the dragon tattoo on the left side of his head. 

Does Draken love Emma?

Does Draken love Emma?

While Emma Sano and Draken never had a full relationship, some fans speculate he might have had deep feelings for her, despite her being the sister of his best friend Mikey. However, during her death after being killed by Kisaki, Draken beats Mikey in anger. This might be a sign that he secretly loves Emma.

What is Draken’s Nickname?

Who gave Draken's nickname?

Mikey gives Draken the name Ken-chin, using his real first name. However, not everyone is allowed to call Draken Ken-chin. This is only reserved for Mikey, who is Draken’s best friend since childhood.