Mitsuri’s Death: The Last Heartbeat of the Love Hashira

This is the story of Kanroji Mitsuri’s death.

There is an overlapping theme in Kimetsu no Yaiba: Demon Slayer. Whether it was intended to or not, Gotouge delivered a very simple yet powerful message. Even the strongest can fall. Among the Hashira, Mitsuri Kanroji is easily the strongest. Her incredible physique enabled her to rival even the strongest demons. Against Zohakuten, she was able to match him blow for blow. Even though she almost died multiple times, her resilience showed in the fight. She was one never to give up, even if the odds were against her. So, when the Infinity Castle Arc came rolling, she was more than adequately prepared.

Well, that was what she thought. The final battle against Muzan proved to be more difficult than anyone thought. Even Mitsuri, who in her boundless strength, had barely contributed to the battle. This is the story of Mitsuri’s death. Spoilers ahead! You’ve been warned.

Who is Kanroji Mitsuri?

Mitsuri is a popular character even amongst the KNY characters. She is adored by the fans due to her cutesy and large personality. Her color scheme is well-received by many artists in the community and helped her stand out. Her first introduction had the fan base clamoring for her in ways more than one!

However, what do we know about her? Like the other articles, let’s go over a brief history of what we know! Kanroji is a child born into a family with four other siblings. Since she was a kid, she displayed a unique physique that made her stronger than anyone else. This made it hard for her to fit in, but she took it the hardest when a potential suitor rejected her. Since then, she tried to live the life everyone else had. To become a “Yamato Nadeshiko” her parents wanted.

A few years later, she would meet Ubuyashiki Kagaya. Thanks to his guidance, Mitsuri learned to embrace herself. She developed her breathing and became a strong Hashira in the process! Along the way, she adopted the idea to marry someone stronger than her. This made her the cheerful girl we know in the manga. 

Does Mitsuri Die?

Unfortunately, Mitsuri is one of the many Hashira to die. The final battle against Muzan took its toll on everyone.

Who Killed Mitsuri?

There were two times when Mitsuri was pronounced dead. The first time, she was supposedly killed by Nakime. However, it is revealed that Nakime’s vision was being manipulated. The second time is Mitsuri’s canon death. She was killed by Muzan during the final battle.

How Did Mitsuri Die?

Mitsuri died due to her injuries and blood loss. Her durable body wasn’t enough to outstand Muzan’s onslaught. Thankfully, she died in peace in Obanai’s arms. So, how did this happen? Let’s get to the details!

Muzan’s Return

The downhill slope to Mitsuri’s death started when Muzan broke free. After Tamayo failed to put him down for good, the Hashira gathered to take him down. This would prove difficult as Muzan had everyone separated. Tanjiro and Giyu were the only ones trying to hold him back. However, thanks to Yushiro’s meddling, the Love and Serpent Hashira were able to back up the fight.

Manga panel how Mitsuri died

Through their collective efforts, they were able to stall Muzan. Throughout the entire ordeal, Mitsuri was frightened beyond her mind. The sight of Muzan alone scared her, but she built up the courage to face him. Using her Love Breathing techniques, she was able to stall and interrupt Muzan as much as she could. In time, Yushiro was able to bring Muzan and the rest outside. This is where the final battle began.

The Final Battle but Steam is Running Out!

Even with the collective strength of the main character and three Hashira, it wasn’t enough. Muzan was steamrolling them with ease. If it weren’t for the help of the remaining Demon Slayer Corps, they would’ve lost in seconds. Mitsuri would be devasted throughout the entire fight. Left and right, she watched her fellow demon slayers act as meat shields. Running on emotions, she tackled headfirst. With her mark awakened, she hoped that her body is durable enough to withstand the attacks.

Unfortunately, that wouldn’t have proved fruitful. She almost died earlier on had it not been for Gyomei’s intervention. The remaining Hashira have gathered and the battle once again started in earnest. However, the backup wasn’t enough to calm her down. In her desperate bid to be useful, she got hit by one of Muzan’s attacks. It pierced through her abnormally strong physique and crippled her momentarily. Obanai was able to take her to safety and she is left wailing after him.

Manga panel mitsuri's death

Kanroji was unable to help them for the rest of the fight until the last moment.

Mitsuri’s Resolve and Death

Being set to the side during the battle did not help her mental constitution at all. Mitsuri hated herself for being helpless but that didn’t stop her from attempting. Against everyone’s advice, the Love Hashira pushed herself to help! It is unknown why she was gone for so long. But we can conclude she took that time to recover. The next time she arrived to help, it was in time to save Tanjiro from being killed. Using her strength, she ripped off one of Muzan’s arms! With this, she could buy time and contribute to stopping Muzan.

Her last act of defiance is ultimately what killed her. Exhausted and dying, she forewent further treatment so she could help. Laying in Obanai’s arms, she apologized for not being able to help. The two share a last moment together. In her dying breath, she asked for Obanai to marry her if they were reborn as humans. The latter accepted and the Love Hashira had her wish fulfilled at last.

Mitsuri's death

What Chapter Does Mitsuri Die?

Her canon death is in Chapter 200. We see her die from her wounds in Obanai’s arms.