How Old is Daki? Let’s Meet the Demonic Courtesan!

It isn’t a stretch to say that Daki is attractive. Incredibly so! Many fans have taken a liking to her, even if she is evil. When their backstories were revealed, her beauty was cemented as a natural gift. She had been beautiful as a human, and her “demonification” enhanced that. However, there is one thing that fans are concerned about her. And that is her age! So, in this article, let’s answer the question, “how old is Daki?”

Who is Daki?

How old is Daki?

To explain why this question is a hot topic, let’s go over what we know about Daki. Daki is one of the two main antagonists during Demon Slayer’s “Entertainment District Arc.” She is a demon who worked there as a “courtesan” to lure unsuspecting guests. Then, she would eat them to sustain herself and grow stronger. Tanjiro comes ahead against her during the finale.

Before Daki, though, there was Ume. She was a child born in the Entertainment District. Her beauty was inhuman and gave Gyutaro validation for his life. However, after an incident with a samurai patron, she was killed. It is unknown who did it, but Ume was burned to death until she was a blackened corpse. Gyutaro would come across her body and bring it along with him. That’s when he would meet Doma and bring both of them back to life. This is where people start questioning her age. After all, the next time we saw her, she was in the body of a much older woman.

How Old is Daki from Demon Slayer?

Figuring out Daki’s age meant we figured out when she died and was turned into a demon. Fortunately, Gyutaro spells this out for us.

How Old is Daki in Demon Years?

How old is Daki in demon years?

In Episode 11 of Kimetsu no Yaiba’s Season 2, we got confirmation of how old Daki was. She was 13 when she died. Then, after being brought back as a demon, she would live for a century. This meant Daki would be more than 113 years old! 

If we factor in the current events of Demon Slayer, she would be even older. We’ll base this on Tanjiro’s age. If we assume that the entire century ended on Tanjiro’s birth, then Daki would be 126 years old! Since this is pure guesswork, I can’t use it as a definitive answer. However, her demon age does bring a question.

Is Daki 13?

Is Daki 13?

It’s common knowledge among fans that demons don’t age. We have seen demons stay in their childlike bodies after their transformation. Nezuko is an example of this. Later on, we even discover that they were capable of manipulating their age. They can grow taller or smaller as they wish. So, concerning Daki, fans are wary of her. Since Daki died when she was 13, that would mean she’s eternally 13. 

Her mature body is something she chose to look like, not something she grew into. But we discover later on that this isn’t the case!

Fans may sigh in relief thanks to some future information. Minor spoilers ahead, but it was revealed that demons could age! Muzan, the demon lord himself, is a victim of it. During the final battle, he aged 9000 years. As a result, his body was slower, and his hair had turned white. This meant that demons age but are incredibly slow. In the century that Daki lived, her physical body would likely be older than 13! How old though, we will never know. At least, it can still be confirmed that Daki is technically a minor.

How Old is Daki Mentally?

How old is Daki mentally?

While her physical body doesn’t show it, Daki’s mental age reflects her true age. She still has the mentality of a child. When losing, she would throw tantrums and cry about it. We see this in her fight against Tanjiro, Nezuko, and Tengen. Before that, her childish temper would be on display on multiple occasions. She gets angry easily and isn’t above physical punishment.

But she wasn’t completely a child. As noted by Gyutaro, Daki was the type to learn from the people she trusted. We see this in her desire to please Muzan. This fits with Erikson’s theory. According to the latter, those around the ages of 12 to 18 experience insecurity. They would be exploring many things until they finally found what they wanted to become. In Daki’s case, she wanted to become an Upper-Ranked Demon worthy of her title. This puts Daki around the mental age of 12 to 18 which reflects her “true” age of 13.