Gyutaro: the Tragic Story of Demon Slayer’s 100-year-old Demon

Fans of the show Demon Slayer will recognize Gyutaro as one of the most powerful demons in the Demon Slayer universe. He is an old demon, who has a century of fighting experience, a heart full of hatred, but also a human side. He learns how to survive in this cruel world with the help of his sister, Ume, and turns into a demon doing so.

A lifetime of battles and hardships created Gyutaro, and ultimately led to his demise. Below is everything you need to know about Gyutaro, his sister Ume, and their role in the Demon Slayer universe. Both of these characters are some of the most powerful, hated, yet beloved characters once people find out their backstory. You wouldn’t think that these demons have such a powerful character arc, but it’s all too apparent when the backstory of Gyutaro and Ume is revealed.

General Information About Gyutaro

Who is Gyutaro in Demon Slayer?

Who is Gyutaro in Demon Slayer?

Gyutaro is one of the most powerful demons on Demon Slayer. He is part of the Upper Rank Six, along with his sister Ume, and is part of the demon group Twelve Kizuki demons. He was turned into a demon by Doma himself, and is considered one of the most powerful demons along with his sister Daki. Ume, now known as Daki, and Gyutaro share some of the strongest fighting abilities of all demons, including being able to see what the other is doing during battle and morphing into a single demon.

What is Gyutaro’s background and history?

What is Gyutaro's background and history?

Gyutaro has one of the saddest backgrounds in Demon Slayer. He was a child born in one of the poorest parts of the Entertainment District. As a child, his mother abused Gyutaro heavily, beating him and suffering from mental illness as well. She would not feed Gyutaro, and he was forced to eat insects and mice when there was no food available to help.

Gyutaro was also born with an ugly appearance. He has pale, grayish skin with black dots covering his face. However, this isn’t due to him being a demon, he had this skin as a child too. As a child, he was also extremely skinny and had pale blue eyes with red veins throughout. He still has these same deformed eyes, but his clear are bright orange, giving him the appearance of a deranged demon. 

He also has unruly black and green hair, and almost looks like The Joker. His body is also quite deformed, with large arms and legs but a tiny waist. As a child and teenager, he had all of these features and had a crackling, high-pitched voice. People made fun of him and bullied him mercilessly, throwing rocks and beating him.

However, Gyutaro’s life changed when his sister Ume was born. Ume was incredibly beautiful, and when she was born, Gyutaro found a renewed sense of purpose in life. He protected Ume, and acted as her collector when she worked in a brothel. When their both died, Gyutaro continued to protect Ume. Sadly, Ume would go on to fight a samurai in the brothel and cut out one of his eyes.

What is Gyutaro's background and history?

The brothel owner hired the samurai to kill Ume and her brother. Gyutaro returns to the brothel, only to be met with the sword of the samurai. He created a sickle he used to hunt small rodents, and uses this same sickle to kill the Samurai and brothel owner in a single swipe, as his sister lay dying in his arms. 

Gyutaro walks around the Entertainment District, trying to get help for him and his sister to no avail. As he is about to die and give up hope, Doma finds both of them and decides to spare their life because he is a “nice guy” instead of eat them. Doma had been in the Entertainment District to eat other young girls in the brothel. Doma turns both of them into demons, and they live this way for 100 years.

What is Gyutaro’s personality like?

What is Gyutaro's personality like?

Gyutaro is extremely sadistic, self-hating, and jealous of others with a better life than him. Gyutaro makes it a point to tease people and Hashira before he goes on to kill them.

He also thinks that killing humans who have a better life than him is perfectly fine. Because of the mistreatment of his mother, Gyutaro cannot move past his trauma and instead takes it out on others. He is also incredibly protective of his sister, Ume, who we discover is actually housing him inside of her body, as they are a unified demon.

However, Gyutaro has a genuine love for his sister, going out of his way to satisfy her every demand and protect her at all costs. He wants to make sure she has a good life, and even goes so far as to offer to go to hell for both of them while she goes to the light. 

How old is Gyutaro? What is his birthday?

Gyutaro is over 100 years old, with no clear birthday. He is 126 years old in demon years, and was 13 years old when Doma turned him and Ume into demons.

How tall is Gyutaro?

How tall is Gyutaro?

Gyutaro is quite tall and slender with a muscular build. He is approximately 5’10”, considering his is taller than his sister Daki and most other Hashira.

What are some quotes from Gyutaro?

“It seemed every insult in the world was tailor made just for me.”

“I began to take pride in my ugliness.”

“I’ll kill Buddha, God, and every single divine being.”

“All our lives, the world has never shown us a shred of mercy.”


How strong is Gyutaro?

How strong is Gyutaro?

Gyutaro is extremely powerful, having killed a purported 15 Hashira (the strongest members of the Demon Slayer corps) in the past. He can also combine abilities with his sister Ume, and has been fighting the Hashira for the past 100 years. Gyutaro is also strong because he was able to fight both Tengen Uzui, who is a sound Hashira of the Demon Slayer Corps, and Tanjiro Kamado, the talented protagonist of the show. He was also able to stamp Inosuke, another Demon Slayer Corps fighter and friend of Tanjiro, straight through the heart. 

What are Gyutaro’s skills/abilities/powers?

What are Gyutaro's skills abilities powers?

Gyutaro’s main skills and abilities lie in his swift use of his sickle. He was able to use his sickle even as a human child to kill a samurai and brothel owner who tried to kill him and his sister. Gyutaro also uses different body manipulation techniques to defeat others in battle. For instance, he has the ability to detach his head from his core, which he forms into a right eye that can then be implanted into his sister Ume’s head. This eye gives her immense strength, and overtime, they form a psychic connection with each other. It also gives him the ability to stay immune from beheading, which is the only way to kill a demon.

On top of that, Gyutaro, like all demons, can manipulate his skin and uses his skin to form Kama that he can control using his mind. This was apparent when he was in the middle of battle with Tengen and Tanjiro, and commanded his Kama to move in a certain direction. Gyutaro’s psychic abilities also make him extremely powerful, since his sister can tell him exactly where to move and how to coordinate his attacks.

Gyutaro also has superhuman strength and stamina. Even during his final battle with Tanjiro and Tengen, he showed little signs of fatigue and maintained his stamina throughout the battle. In addition, Gyutaro also has the ability to create poison with his own body, which he uses to coat the blood sickle he carries. This poison can then be used to kill or incapacitate his opponents.

Who is stronger than Gyutaro?

Who is stronger than Gyutaro?

Gyutaro has virtually no strong opponents. While Tengen and Tanjiro did manage to kill him, both had to work together along with the help of Inosuke to defeat Gyutaro. However, Gyutaro is an upper rank six demon, so it’s possible that demons from higher ranks might be more powerful than him.

Notable fights – Gyutaro Vs. Tengen and Tanjiro and Inosuke

Gyutaro Vs. Tengen and Tanjiro and Inosuke

The most notable fight with Gyutaro is his final battle with Tengen, Tanjiro, and Inosuke. During this battle, he proved successful in incapacitating Tengen, who was passed out and was thought to be dead until the very last minute of battle. Inosuke was also in the battle, and Gyutaro stabbed him through the heart. However, it’s later revealed that Inosuke shifted the organs inside of his body and survived the attack.

Gyutaro also battles with Tengen, who is a sound Hashira and one of the most powerful demon slayers. He ends up giving Tengen a blow to the left side of his face, which causes Tengen to lose his left eye. At the end of the battle, the demon slayers would prove successful, as Tanjiro manages to behead Gyutaro by summoning his strength 100 times. Daki is also decapitated by Inosuke and Zenitsu, another demon slayer.

At the end of the battle, both Gyutaro and Daki’s heads fall next to each other, with Gyutaro yelling obscenities to Daki as she calls him useless. Still, at the end, Gyutaro remembers the love he has for his sister, and remembers her human name – Ume. Both of their heads finally dissipate, as the siblings march into hell together.


Who are Gyutaro’s allies and enemies?

Who are Gyutaro's allies and enemies?

Gyutaro views any demon slayers and humans, especially those that had a better life than he did, as his enemies. He is extremely jealous, and will stop at nothing to inflict pain onto others. He is an upper rank six demon and is part of the Twelve Kitzuki group of demons.

Who is Gyutaro in love with?

Gyutaro has no partner, since as a child he was found to be extremely ugly. He also has no romantic partner. However, he shares an extremely close relationship with his sister, who is his best friend, partner, and who even shares a body with him during battle. his love for her is so strong, they march together to hell, even when she was the ability to go to heaven and see the light.


What happened to Gyutaro?

What happened to Gyutaro?

Gyutaro was killed by Tanjiro during his final battle with Tanjiro, Tengen, and Inosuke. He is beheaded along with his sister, and both of them end up crossing through the fires of hell together. He did not kill anyone during that battle, as it is later revealed that Inosuke shifted his organs when Gyutaro stabbed him. However, he leaves behind a legacy of 15 dead Hashira.

Who killed Gyutaro?

Who killed Gyutaro?

Gyutaro was, arguably, killed by Tengen, Tanjiro, and Inosuke. All three worked together to weaken the demon and also kill his sister Daki in the process. Tanjiro lands the final blow and beheads Gyutaro at the end of their battle.

Other Interesting Facts About Gyutaro

What does Gyutaro mean?

What does Gyutaro mean?

The name Gyutaro actually is synonymous with the name “Pimp” in Japanese. This makes sense, considering that Gyutaro worked as his sister’s collector in the brothel, and that his mother was a prostitute.

Who is more powerful, Gyutaro or Ume?

Who is more powerful, Gyutaro or Ume?

Gyutaro is more powerful than Ume. In fact, he is considered the true holder of Upper Rank Six, although his sister Ume also holds that title. Gyutaro is arguably more powerful than the both of them, which is why he is recognized as having the true power for upper Rank Six.

What does Gyutaro Wear?

What does Gyutaro Wear?

Gyutaro appears shirtless! He does have a baggy pair of jeans, but the rest of his body is covered in scraps of red cloth covering his arms, one cloth hanging around his neck, and the rest scattered around his body.