Shinobu Kocho’s Death: a Brief and Bittersweet End

It wouldn’t be a stretch to say that Shinobu Kocho is one of KNY’s most popular characters. From her debut in the anime, fans were quick to adore her savage nature. Fan art and comics came in troves to support this character. Her relationship with Giyu also sparked interest as fans began to pair the both of them together. At one point, she became more popular than the protagonists themselves! Gotouge took note of this. Whether it was due to her popularity or not, she would soon find herself in a precarious situation.

In the final arc of Demon Slayer, the Hashira are all separated. Thanks to Muzan’s Upper-Rank Four Demon, everyone found themselves facing strong demons. Without ample time to regroup and react, they all must survive if they wish to take down Muzan. In the case of Shinobu, she is faced with the demon she longed to kill. This is the story of Shinobu Kocho’s death and how she achieved revenge.

Who is Shinobu Kocho?

As with the other articles, let’s go over Shinobu’s brief history! Like every other Demon Slayer, she grew up in a kind and caring family. She is particularly fond of her older sister, Kanae. They would live a peaceful life until a demon arrived. In a very Kimetsu no Yaiba style, the two sisters would watch their parents die in front of them. They braced themselves for death until Gyomei arrived to save them. Learning from the experience, the two vowed to become Demon Slayers. They hoped to spare others from the same fate!

Shinobu, Kanao and Kanae at home

Which, unfortunately, did not go well. Kanae would come across Upper-Rank Two Demon Doma and die from the encounter. Shinobu arrived in time to see her sister dying and hear her last words. Since then, she vowed to slay Doma once she came across him. Her family’s death stoked the flames of hatred inside of her. She grew angrier day by day but kept it hidden with a face of cheerfulness. Shinobu also grew envious of her fellow hashira and hated her body for not being able to develop as much as them.

Does Shinobu Die?

Unfortunately, Shinobu doesn’t get to see her wish to avenge her sister. She dies during the final arc of Kimetsu no Yaiba without much struggle. However, in the end, she does get the last laugh!

Who Killed Shinobu?

The demon who killed Shinobu is the same demon who killed her older sister. The culprit is Doma, Muzan’s Upper Rank Two Demon.

How Did Shinobu Die?

Unlike other Hashira, Shinobu Kocho’s death was the swiftest. Due to her slower and weaker nature, she was unable to put up a fight against Muzan’s Upper-Rank demon. In this case, her bout with Doma was more psychological than a fight. Let’s get over Shinobu Kocho’s death in detail!

Stoking the Flames of Anger: Shinobu Unleashed!

After Muzan’s Upper-Rank Four Demon drew everyone into the “Infinity Castle,” Shinobu is separated. She was going down a random corridor when she would smell the stench of blood. After opening the door, she would see Doma in the middle of feasting on the women of the Demon Slayer Corps. Shinobu managed to save one from immediate death, but the girl would still die in her arms. She was too late as Doma already sliced the girl into pieces. The demon would introduce himself to Shinobu and the latter would realize who he is.

The two would engage in an argument started by Doma talking about his philosophy. This conversation would be derailed by Shinobu as she exclaims to Doma about the haori she wore. Here, Doma finally realized who she was! He went into a tirade about how he killed her sister. It was when he lamented the fact that he couldn’t eat her that Shinobu had enough. She was the one to strike first and was able to land a blow on his eye. Unfortunately, this wouldn’t be enough to kill Doma, one that he arrogantly boasted about. He chided Shinobu that she should’ve severed his head instead.

That boasting lasted only for a few seconds when Shinobu pointed out she had poisoned him. Doma doubled over in pain the next second. It looked like Shinobu’s gambit worked, but it didn’t! The demon was stubborn and was able to break down the poison. This would start the battle between the two in earnest.

The Desperate Struggle of Shinobu Kocho!

Doma would prove to be a difficult opponent for Shinobu. Even though she was able to land multiple blows on him, she is unable to deal any damage. Her poison had been her only way to fight back, but Doma was breaking it down. On top of that, Shinobu was also dying due to Doma’s blood art. The demon had already long gotten inside her system and was in the process of killing her inside out.

If Shinobu had one thing going for her, she was too angry to die! Even after Doma delivered devastating blows to her body, she still kept fighting. She was able to confuse him and landed a deep stab with her blade. However, this would be for naught. Doma would absorb Shinobu in his body after the two exchanged verbal barbs. Kanao would arrive in time to see her fully absorbed. This is when the next battle would start.

But Shinobu Kocho’s Death was All According to Plan!

I would not go over the details of how the battle continued, but let’s summarize it! Kanao would engage Doma, but soon find herself outmatched. Thankfully, Inosuke would arrive in time to help the latter fight back. The two engage to beat Doma, but it was really after Shinobu’s contributions that the battle ended.

Shinobu Kocho's Death

You see, Shinobu knew all along that Doma would eat her! So, she prepared for this moment. She had been intaking Wisteria Poison for over a year. This made it so that 37 kilograms of poison would be circulating in her veins! Once Doma would eat her, he would be injecting 70 times the lethal amount into his veins. If a drop of poison from Shinobu’s blade already affected him, how about more, right?

Kanao already knew of Shinobu’s plan in advance. She wasn’t trying to beat Doma, she was just buying time. Inosuke helped with his antics by making Doma stay to watch him perform his techniques. Of course, Inosuke didn’t know of this, but it didn’t matter. The poison would soon take effect, and Doma’s face would slowly melt. The latter would cover himself in a statue to keep himself from dying, but it wouldn’t be enough. Through Kanao’s and Inosuke’s efforts, they were able to behead her.

Shinobu Kocho’s Death is Also Her Last Laugh.

Since Doma absorbed Shinobu inside of him, the two were able to have a conversation in the afterlife. During this, Shinobu threw verbal barbs at Doma. She was frustrated by the fact that she couldn’t kill him on her own, but she was satisfied nevertheless. The results were damning for Doma and, with Tamayo’s help, Shinobu was able to achieve her dream. During this, Doma would fall in love with Shinobu’s sadistic nature. Well, of course, he would, he was a masochist!

Shinobu Kocho's death

Naturally, Shinobu turned him down. Doma would fall to hell alone. Before she ascended to heaven though, she had to do one last thing. For her final act of kindness, she, with her older sister, reassured Kanao. The two would leave soon after and reunite with their family in heaven.

What Chapter Does Shinobu Die?

Shinobu Kocho’s death happens in Chapter 143 of the manga. However, it is not until Chapter 163 that we see her pass on with her sister!