How Old is Nezuko? Plus 6 Facts About Our Adorable Demon

Demon Slayer is one of the most phenomenal anime/manga in recent years. There are many reasons for that fame, part of which is its compelling characters. One of them is Nezuko Kamado.

In this blog, we’ll dig into what we fans want to know about this adorable demon. How old is Nezuko? If you’re interested, dive in!

Who is Nezuko?

Nezuko Kamado is one of the main characters of the series anime/manga Kimetsu no Yaiba or Demon Slayer.

She is the eldest daughter of the Kamado family and only younger than the main character of this series, Tanjiro. Like in many Asian families, Nezuko, the eldest daughter, usually looks after the family’s younger members.

At the start of the series, she and their mom usually attend to most family needs, such as housework or taking care of younger members when Tanjiro is out selling coal.

Nezuko is very kind and always puts others before herself. For instance, when Tanjiro gives Nezuko the money to buy new clothes, she insists using it to buy food for the family.

How Old is Nezuko from Demon Slayer?

How Old is Nezuko as a Human?

Nezuko as a human

At the very start of the anime Season 1, Nezuko appears feminine and nice. At this time, she is only 12 years old. We can see Nezuko looks older than her actual age because of the responsibility that she has to carry. 

A horrible thing happened to that 12-year-old girl. Muzan Kibutsuji kills all of her family while Tanjiro is out selling coal. Nezuko luckily survives. After that, however, she turns into a demon.

How Old is Nezuko as a Demon?

Nezuko as a human

When Nezuko turns into a demon, she stops aging. Age doesn’t matter to the girl anymore becaeuse demons are immortal. So age has no meaning to them. She doesn’t get old over time, even when years pass.

The proof is this: after Nezuko turns into a demon, she sleeps for two years at the house of Urokodaki, former Water Hashira. When Nezuko wakes up, she looks the same as before.

In human years, Nezuko is 14 years old at this time of the series, although her body will remain 12 for as long as she is alive. So many things happen, but the timeline didn’t expand much.

Everything We Know About Nezuko

The full name of Nezuko is Nezuko Kamado. Her birthday is December 28, making her a Capricorn. Nezuko weighs 39 kg and stands at 153cm. The origin of Nezuko is from Tokyo-fu, Okutama-gun, Kumotori mountain.

The main habit of Nezuko is sewing. Nezuko’s favorite food is Konpeito, Japanese colored sugar sweets shaped like tiny orbs with small bulges all around them. 

With 3310 votes, Nezuko is positioned third in the poll for the most loved character of Kimetsu no Yaiba. Nezuko is also one of the most popular waifu in Google searches. 

The voice actor of Nezuko for the anime version is Akari Kito. She is a famous voice actor who has been in the anime industry for years. However, she didn’t do much when she came to Kimetsu no Yaiba because Nezuko only says “Uhm” or “Hmm” all the time. 

6 Facts You (Probably) Didn’t Know About Nezuko

After turning into a demon, Nezuko retained her humanity. When a demon feels hungry, whether its father, mother or family members, it will eat them all. This is because humans are so good for demons; by eating humans, they will become stronger and stronger. 

When Nezuko turns into a demon, she already uses a lot of energy to do that, and she also uses energy to heal herself. She probably wants to drink blood and eat humans so badly. 

However, she manages to keep her humanity, which makes her:

the most special demon of the entire Demon Slayer series.

Nezuko sleeping

Unlike other demons, Nezuko doesn’t need blood and meat to regain her energy. All she needs to do is sleep. Yup, sleeping is the most important thing Nezuko can do to heal after a fight and get stronger. 

The average time for sleep of Nezuko is usually 2 to 3 days. The longest time that Nezuko slept was two years, after fighting with Water Hashira Giyuu to protect Tanjiro. She slept to regain the energy after changing into a demon. 

This is also when the blood of Nezuko totally changes into the demon blood.

want to protect humans even though she is a demon.

When Tanjiro returns home after selling coal, he saw a terrible thing happen right in his house. 

All of his family members have been brutally murdered. We can see Nezuko is the person who has stayed in the door to block the killer from coming for her family.

And she has also used her body to protect Rokuta – the youngest brother who was just three years old. That sacrifice followed Nezuko even when she changed into a demon. When faced with Water Hashira Giyuu, Nezuko protected Tanjiro even though she had already become a demon. 

How old is Nezuko?

When a normal person turns into a demon, it will forget every memory of when it was a human and instinctively will always want to kill and eat humans. This will make them stronger and fill their hunger.

But Nezuko still can resist the demon blood in her body to take control of everything. It’s so amazing that a countryside girl who never had to fight or train can keep her mind after a powerful thing like that.

We won’t be lying if we say that it is not her physical strength or demon power but her nature and will that is her strongest power. Of course, Urodoki hypnotized Nezuko to protect humans while she slept in his house. But if Nezuko didn’t show herself capable in the first place, Urodoki couldn’t do anything to help her.

Upon waking up, Nezuko has shown us she is just an adorable girl who always wants to protect Tanjiro and humans.

the only demon who could get into Demon Slayer Corps, be loved by other people, and go out safely.

After fighting with Lower Moon-5 Uki, Tanjiro and Nezuko get taken to the Demon Slayer Corps. All the Hashira are there. They ask Tanjiro why he is working with a demon as this is a never-happened-in-the-past thing – a demon slayer and a demon together. 

Five Hashiras don’t agree to let Nezuko live. It’s so dangerous.

Sanemi cuts his arm

So, Sanemi, the Wind Hashira, cut his hand to let the blood fall out before Nezuko’s eyes. If Nezuko drinks it, everything will be over. She will never be normal again, and Sanemi will kill her immediately.

With demons, blood is just the most delicious food in the world. It looks like a meal made by a three-star Michelin chef. But Nezuko takes hold of the demon inside to not drink that blood… despite her obvious thirst.

This gets Nezuko the attention of the other Hashiras.

The Bamboo in Nezuko Mouth

For many Asians, not only is bamboo useful for everyday life, it is also famous because of its sentimental value. This is the case with the Japanese.

Bamboo is tall and thin. It can thrive in different types of weather, whether it’s cold or hot. Even then, bamboo still lives and grows well. In Japan, kids used to go to school in only shorts and sleeveless shirts in the winter. That’s how the Japanese used to train children to get healthier.

When it comes to Demon Slayer and Nezuko, bamboo shows us a high sentimental value. After all, she is 12-year-old girl who has lost her family, has turned into a demon, and always lives in a box. 

With all those painful experiences, it’s hard for her not to give up everything and let the demon blood take control. But Nezuko doesn’t do that. She keeps her humanity while protecting Tanjiro and the humans. 

It’s about the sentimental value of bamboo. 

nezuko attacks tanjiro

Besides that, bamboo also has material values like holding back the demon blood in Nezuko’s body. A demon always wants to eat humans. Nezuko is not exceptional. She truly wants to drink and eat humans because of her demon blood. 

The bamboo will remind Nezuko that she used to be a human and stop her from desiring blood and flesh. This bamboo, Nezuko’s will, and the hypnosis of a Former Water Hashira are what help Nezuko keeps the human inside her.

Bamboo also hides her fangs and makes her look similar to a normal human. Of course, it is troublesome for Nezuko, but there is no other way.

The first bamboo of Nezuko is made by Water Hashira Giyu. After he realizes the difference between Nezuko with other demons, he casts Nezuko and makes the bamboo for her mouth.

Explanation of the Name of Nezuko

Nezuko has full name Nezuko Kamado. Kamado is a door of a traditional stove in Japan.

Nezuko’s name in the Kanji version is written 禰豆子. The first character 禰 is spoken “ne.” According to Nihongo Master, “ne” means the shrine of ancestors. The third character 子 is spoken “ko,” which means “child.” It is also often the final aspect of the name of a girl. 

Everything is still meaningless until we mention the second character 豆. It can be said “mame,” which means bean. In Japanese culture, there is a festival where people use beans to throw at the demon to banish demons and welcome luckiness.

With that said, Nezuko’s name is so special because she truly helps Tanjiro annihilate demons even though she is one of them. Nezuko also usually fights with the demon in her body. It makes Nezuko the perfect name for her character in Demon Slayer.

Nezuko’s Love Interest

The main type of Nezuko is a man who is like a rook. Rook is a chess piece of Shogi. In the Shogi world, a rook looks like a castle of Chess. 

With that said, a Rook can move right horizontally and vertically on the board. And when a rook gets in the right condition, it will become a Dragon King. 

In the manga’s final chapter, the author furtively confirms that Nezuko and Zenitsu will be special for each other. 

Nezuko and Zenitsu

Throughout the series, Zenitsu always shows he is a coward and a crying boy. But when he gets in the fight, he changes into another person, powerful and decisive.

Even though Thunder Breathing has six forms, he only can use one. It’s the first form of Thunder Breathing: Thunder Clap and Flash. It’s the most basic form of this Breathing technique. When he uses it, his power and speed increase as well. He rushes forward and attacks the enemy with that lightning speed.

Yup. Zenitsu can change his personality when he is in battle and his attack goes in a straight line. It is probably not just a coincidence with the rook.


That’s all we need to know about Nezuko as a character. With Nezuko in the team, Demon Slayer has become so famous. She is an important character in the series, and besides that, Nezuko is cute, too. 

We’ve discovered so much information about Nezuko in this article. Leave your comment below if this article missed what you need!