What is the Backstory of Nakime? The Demon Called Biwa Girl

The first time Nakime appeared was in chapter 51 of the manga version or episode 26 of Demon Slayer season 1. After Giyuu and Tanjiro killed Lower Moon 5-Rui, Muzan and the Lower Moons met. Nakime was the one who summoned all the Lower Moons into Infinity Castle. The sighting was quick, but we can see Nakime and her appearance. After that, many questions about her were asked. 

So, in this blog, we will find out about Nakime; what is the backstory of Nakime in Demon Slayer? And, what happens to her?

Who is Nakime?

Nakime is a minor demon under the command of the demon king, Muzan Kibutsuji. She changes her rank to 4 after the death of Hantengu in the Swordsmith Village Arc. She lives mainly in Infinity Castle. Her mission is to summon and control Infinity Castle.

What is Nakime's backstory?

She does not just summon demons, Nakime can summon humans, too. In the final battle with Muzan, Nakime is the one who brings everyone into the Castle to fight.

Nakime is an introvert. She rarely speaks; when she does, she only focuses on the main point and makes the conversation as short as possible.

What is the Backstory of Nakime in Demon Slayer?

When Nakime was still a human, she was a biwa artist, playing the instrument to make a living while married to a man gambling addict.

Nakime’s husband was horrible. He used money saved for the family to gamble many times before. She also figured out her husband used her dress to bet before her show. She was so angry and killed her husband.

What is the backstory of Nakime?

She had to wear the ragged dress to play biwa. The stress that remained in Nakime after killing her husband made her hands shake while she played.

But the show was a success. After killing Nakime’s husband, the feeling of stress made the biwa sound more beautiful. She got so many compliments from the audience and her boss.

After that, she started killing people before the show. One night, as usual, Nakime looking for her prey before the show. She attacked one man, but unfortunately for her, that man was Muzan Kibutsuji.

Muzan was impressed by her skills, so instead of killing Nakime, Muzan turned her into a demon.

Nakime’s Powers and Abilities

Infinity Castle

Nakime’s powers do not focus on fighting like other demons but on controlling and scouting.

Nakime is related intimately to Infinity Castle. She can control that Castle in any way she wants: change the architecture, sort the rooms, and confuse everybody. That’s the main power of Nakime, and she can do this by playing her biwa.

Muzan's Infinity Castle

To control the Castle, she uses her hair and connects it to a wall. After that, Nakime can play biwa to change the entire Infinity Castle at will. The weakness of this is that Nakime couldn’t move while controlling the Castle, making her a target for attacks from others.

In the final battle between Muzan and the Demon Slayer Corps, Nakime uses this ability to stop two Hashira, Obanai and Mitsuri. 

They said that this power is so annoying because they couldn’t do a thing to touch the demon. Moreover, a small mistake could make the buildings crush them to death.


The second ability of Nakime is teleportation. She can target the Infinity Castle as the destination, teleport everyone into it, and reverse teleport them out of the Castle. Whenever a demon of Twelve Moon dies, she will teleport other demons to the Castle under Muzan’s instruction. After that, she could send them to another place or back home.

When Muzan goes to the mansion of Ubuyashiki and gets in an ambush by the Demon Slayer Corps, Nakime teleports them into the Infinity Castle and arranges each battle.

After Muzan killed Tamayo, it was Nakime who teleported him to Tanjiro and Giyuu.

Mobile Eyes

The third power of Nakime is creating mobile eyes. Nakime can make and control mobile eyes to collect information. This might be the new power that Nakime had after moving to rank 4 of the Upper Moon.

With this ability, Nakime identifies all the positions of the Demon Slayer Corps and finds the mansion of Ubuyashiki for Muzan. This leads to the final battle between the Demon Slayer Corps and Muzan.

Manga panel Nakime Muzan

With that said, Nakime might not be as powerful in fighting as other demons. But if we consider the usefulness of Nakime with Muzan, she probably got the top 1 on that list. She helps him summon the demons and teleport and identify the Demon Slayer Corps. That’s all so enough for Muzan to treasure Nakime. But then, she dies.

Why Did Nakime Die in Demon Slayer?

In the final battle, Nakime teleports all the Demon Slayer Corps and Muzan into the Infinity Castle. She decides on the opponent of the Demon Slayers.

But the demons she picked to kill demon slayers did not complete the mission. Upper Moon 1, 2, and 3 die because of Demon Slayer Corps. And after the death of Upper Moon Kokushibo, Nakime becomes the final remaining member of Upper Moon and Twelve Demons. 

Nakime teleports Muzan to Tanjiro and Giyuu, and she has to go against Mitsuri and Obanai. But while controlling the Infinity Castle, she couldn’t move around. After that, Yoshiro uses that to control Nakime against Muzan.

How did Nakime die?

Yoshiro controls Nakime, teleports other Hashira to Muzan, and uses the ability to control the Infinity Castle to make things difficult for Muzan. Muzan tries to regain control of Nakime, but other Hashira attack him.

That makes it hard for Muzan to get back to Nakime. So, he kills Nakime by breaking her head into pieces to stop the Infinity Castle. Nakime dies after that, and the Infinity Castle also falls.