Manjiro Sano: Everything About Tokyo Revengers’ Mikey

Manjiro Sano, known as Mikey, is definitely one of our favorite characters in Tokyo Revengers. But just how much do we really know about this awesome character? Let’s dive in. 

Who is Mikey in Tokyo Revengers?

Mikey - Manjiro Sano
Manjiro Sano, 27, President of the Tokyo Manji Gang

Mikey is a deuteragonist who turned into an antagonist in the Japanese manga series, Tokyo Revengers. He is the president and founding member of the Tokyo Manji Gang (Toman), first president of the Black Dragons, younger brother to Shinichiro Sano, and half-brother to Emma Sano. Throughout the series, he struggles with his ‘dark urges’ and soon starts embracing them after losing his loved ones.

What is Mikey’s Background and History?

Mikey grew up under the care of his grandfather, a martial arts master. This saw him undergo extensive martial arts training. He lived in his grandfather’s dojo with his brother, Shinichiro Sano.

When he was in elementary, his half-sister Emma Sano joined them. This was when he adopted the name ‘Mikey’. He didn’t want her to feel left out or self-conscious because of having a western name. These two end up forming a strong sibling bond, and to a stranger, it may look as if they are a couple.

Mikey’s best friend is Draken. They met in fifth grade when some older kids instructed Draken to bring Mikey in to beat him up. When Mikey meets the older kids, he beats up the leader. This is how their friendship starts.

What is Mikey's Background and History?
Mikey at 15

What is Mikey’s Personality Like?

Mikey is a cheerful and carefree teenager who loves playing pranks on his loved ones. Pranks are one way he shows that he cares for people he loves. He is also devoted to those close to him and will defend their honor at whatever cost.

As the leader of Toman, he hardly displays any signs of weakness. He believes he is the foundation of the group, and if he shows any weaknesses, then the group will be weak as well. Despite this, Mikey has childish tendencies, such as sleeping anytime he feels like it.

Yong Mikey

As a group leader, his spirit and character change significantly, becoming commanding and intimidating. And while Toman members admire him, they also fear him because of his strength. Mikey cares for the group at a personal level. This is seen when he rallies the whole gang to help a member’s friend seek revenge.

Mikey is forced to mature quickly because of the events that take place throughout the story. Even though he is still charismatic, one can see there is some sadness underneath the surface. As a matter of fact, there is some darkness inside Mikey’s heart.

With a troubling past, he has always wrestled between succumbing to darkness and choosing the right path. He turns into a heinous criminal without the right people around to guide him. That is why Takemichi is there to ensure Mikey does not stray away from the right path.

Manjiro Sano

Even when Mikey succumbs and gives in to his dark side, there are certain aspects of his character that are contradictory. He is portrayed as a character attracted to violence, sometimes committing vicious acts or allowing his accomplices to do them without being fazed.

He can even go as far as shooting down or harming people close to him. But at the same time, he also tries to distance himself from the gang members because he knows he won’t be able to control his urges. He goes as far as attempting suicide to end his misery and the chaos that comes with it.

One of the things that contribute to Mikey’s deteriorating moral conscience is loss. Because of losing loved ones like his brother and sister, Mickey changes into a cold-hearted being from the once caring and carefree character he was.

How Old is Mikey? What is His Birthday?

Mikey is 15 years old (past) and 27 years (present). He was born on August 20th, 1990.

How Tall is Mikey?

How tall is Mikey?

Mikey, fourth from left, is 162 cm or 5 feet 3 inches.

What are Some Quotes From Mikey?

Some of the catchy quotes from Mikey are as mentioned below.

“Toman belongs to me. As long as I have its back, none of us are ever gonna lose.”

“I’m gonna make a new age of delinquents.”

“It’s good to protect the people who matter to you. But you should be careful.”

“If breaking precious things down is the only thing you can do, I’m breaking you down here.”

“The truly important thing isn’t to win fights but to pull yourself together.”

“I know there’s nothing we can do. But my heart can’t accept it.”

“Hit me until you get satisfied. I don’t wanna beef with you.”

How Strong is Mikey?

Tokyo Revengers Manjiro Sano beats male character with black and blond hair, surrounded by gangsters

Mikey is among the strongest characters, which has something to do with his upbringing. His grandfather trained him in martial arts from a young age. If you combine the intense training with his raw power and instincts, it makes sense why he is one of the strongest people in Tokyo Revengers. It is one of the reasons he is called ‘Invincible Mikey.’

He can deliver powerful kicks swiftly, dropping the opponent to the ground. Aside from that, Mikey can land one of these kicks even when an opponent is grabbing his leg. Whoever challenges Mikey should be ready for one of his kicks.

What are Mikey’s Abilities?

Aside from Mikey being strong, he also has other abilities mentioned below.

Fighting Prowess

Mikey with no shirt posed to punch a character with black and blond hair lying on the ground

Mikey is considered one of the most powerful members of Toman. Because of his strengths, he has earned the respect of other criminal groups. He throws kicks more often than punches because he believes they cause more damage. Plus, seeing as he is short, kicks make it easy for him to compete against tall enemies. He has smashed vehicles with kicks, which is why they are often called “nuclear”.

Another trait that adds to his fighting prowess is the quick reflexes that allow him to dodge unexpected attacks at lightning speed.


Mikey as a Leader of Toman

Because of his charismatic nature, Mikey is the leader of Toman, giving him control over other members. His presence is enough to strengthen the gang and amplify the strengths of each member. Toman has become dangerous and formidable because of him.


Manjiro Sano

Mikey has proven to have great endurance. On most occasions, he has managed to stand after serious strikes and blows that would have knocked down most people. Even when knocked unconscious, he still wakes up quickly and attacks his opponents.

Martial Arts

From a young age, Mikey has been trained using martial arts fighting techniques and skills. That is why his flexibility, fighting sense, and reflexes are unmatched.

Mental Strength

Aside from physical strength, Mikey is also strong mentally, which has been seen since his teenage years. He has trained himself to be everyone’s pillar of strength. Hardly does he show any emotions that will be considered a weakness.

But as the series progresses, one also notices that his mental strength, and to some extent, his sanity, depends on the survival of those close to him.


Mikey’s sense of intuition is quite unique, and this is somehow manifested in supernatural ways. For instance, when he meets Takemichi for the first time, he can already tell that this is not an average middle schooler. He could not fully understand the nature of Takemichi, but he was suspicious of him.

On one occasion, Takemichi grabbed Mikey’s hands and traveled ten years back in time. At that point, Mickey could tell that Takemichi had jumped into the past.

Mikey can also detect his friends’ will because of the deep bond they share. On one occasion, he figured out that Mitsuya was planning to do something on the night of Christmas and even discerned his location. He said that it was Baji’s and Shinichiro’s souls that led him.

Mechanical Knowledge

Mikey on a motorbike

Mikey became a skilled mechanic, thanks to Shinichiro, his older brother. Shinichiro owned a motor shop, and Mikey spent much time there. He was able to pick some skills and can easily assemble or repair parts of a motorbike quickly.

Who is Stronger Than Mikey?

Manjiro Sano

No one is stronger than Mikey, which is no surprise as he is the leader of Toman. He is considered unstoppable throughout the series. While Toman as a whole is a powerful force, Mikey is terrifyingly strong. This is seen on multiple occasions where he has been able to fight kids older than him and stand up against enemies.

Notable Fights

  • Mikey vs Nobutaka Osanai
  • Mikey vs. Kazutora Hanemiya, Chome and Chonbo
  • Mikey vs. Shuji Hanma
  • Mikey vs. Kazutora Hanemiya
  • Mikey vs. Taiju Shiba
  • Mikey vs. Izana Kurokawa
  • Mikey vs., Kakucho

Who Are Mikey’s Allies and Enemies? 

Mikey's allies

Here is a list of Mikey’s friends and enemies


  • Takemichi Hanagaki: They met by chance when Takemichi time leaped, and they later became close friends
  • Hinata Tachibana: Their friendship is on and off
  • Draken: Best friends since they met in fifth grade
  • Haruchiyo Sanzu: Member of the group
  • Keisuke Baji: Mikey’s oldest friend
  • Other Toman Members


  • Tetta Kisaki: Mikey’s arch enemy
  • Nobutaka Osanai: Leader of a motorbike gang
  • Masataka Kiyomizu: Bully and tormentor
  • Taiju Shiba: A former enemy
  • South Terano
  • Izana Kurokawa

What Happened to Mikey?

Manjiro Sano

Mikey wanted Takemichi to kill him. He handed the gun to him, asking Takemichi to shoot him. He also knew that Takemichi would never do that. So, he created a situation that would force Takemichi to either kill him or die.

Interesting Facts About Mikey

Here are some interesting facts about Mikey you might have missed.

His Name Has a Powerful Meaning?

Manjiro, which is Mikey’s first name, can be translated to mean “ten thousand“. This could refer to his strength, meaning he possesses the power of many men.

Sano, which can be translated to “help” for sa and “wilderness” or “field” for no, could mean despite his wild and predictable nature, Mikey still needs the help of his close friends.

He can Sleep Anywhere

Manjiro Sano sleeping

It seems like Mikey is always tired and will take whatever opportunity he gets to fall asleep. But between classes, fighting to defend his friends, and running meetings, one can tell why he is always exhausted.

He Does Not Look Up to Anyone Besides Himself

While one may consider this somewhat egotistical, Mikey has proven that he does not need to look up to anyone. He is strong, has great fighting skills, and is the leader of his gang. His group members fear but also look up to him.

He Has a Sweet Tooth

Manjiro Sano eating sweets

One of the ways that his childlike and carefree tendencies manifest themselves is through his love for sugar sweets. He loves Japanese pastries such as dorayaki. He also seems to adore taiyaki and adzuki.

He Hates Spicy Food

Mikey’s childlike behavior extends to his taste in food. He hates spicy dishes.

He is a Talented Mechanic

Mikey is not just good at riding a motorcycle but also knows how to assemble one. When he was young, he was close to his brother, an expert mechanic who owned a shop. While spending time with him in the shop, Mikey picked up a few skills, like how to fix bikes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Mikey as a leader

Is Mikey good or bad?

Is Mikey good or bad?

A: Mikey has both good and bad qualities. Despite being a gang leader, he has principles. He values his loved ones and will do anything to protect them. His morality hugely depends on his loved ones, and without them, he becomes a violent criminal, doing the most heinous acts.

How did Mikey become the leader of the Tokyo Manju Gang?

Q: How did Mikey become the leader of the Tokyo Manju Gang?

A: Mikey started the group in middle school with five friends. They were young back then and didn’t receive a lot of recognition. His strength and charismatic nature won the hearts of the group members, making him the leader.

Why is Mikey feared?

Why is Mikey feared?

A: Mikey tends to be drawn towards darkness, resulting in violent urges. It is difficult to reach out to him when he is in that state. He becomes ruthless and unpredictable, and this behavior invokes fear in people.