When is Denji’s Birthday? Here’s My Take on His Mystery Day

Despite articles telling you, Denji’s birthday was never confirmed. Nor was it confirmed in any official source that I could find. If any, the birthdate provided by the Internet are mostly fictional. It was something they all seemed to agree to uniformly despite the lack of evidence. So, with further research, I took my time to determine just when is our favorite Chainsaw Man’s birthday.

When is Denji’s Birthday?

I understand that many people don’t want to be spoiled in the series. I completely understand. So, I will tell you the facts and omit major spoilers.

Canonical Birthdate

Denji has no canonical birthdate provided to him by the author. At the time of this writing, never once was his birthday revealed in any official work. At most, we have a listing of when he was born, but that’s it.

How Old is Denji?

what happened to denji

One way we can at least narrow down his birthdate is by determining how old he is. Although he describes himself to be 16, he may be younger or older than he thought. At the very least, 17 years old is an accurate guess for his age. Since the series starts in 1997, we can put his birth year all the way back to 1980.

The Community Guess and Why It May be Wrong

Meanwhile, the community agreed that Denji’s birthday is on March 15. Unfortunately, no official source backs this up. Moments in the manga also show that this is unlikely to be true. Until Fujimoto Tatsuki confirms this, we can take this date with a grain of salt.

My Guesstimate on Denji’s Birthday

Denji's Birthday

From this point on, it’s Spoiler Town. If you’re not okay with that, I advise you to move on to another article. If you’re okay with it, then let me present to you Anime Tiger’s thoughts on the matter.

Laying Down the Timeline

With the absence of time skips and dates in the series, it is very hard to know a character’s birthday. It is difficult to even know what day it is. The few times the date is provided in the series are when the Gun Devil attacks. This will act as my basis for determining when Chainsaw Man’s birthday is.

Thankfully, we have a date that is close to determining his birthday. In the manga, the Gun Devil shows up to kill Makima on September 12, 1997. Considering that no further carnage ensued, it is likely that Makima was able to defeat the Gun Devil within a few moments. Afterward, Aki was sent to Denji in order to be killed by the latter.

When is Denji's birthday

Unfortunately, we can only guess how long it has been since the events of Aki’s death. He would meet Makima at night sometime after. The latter brought him to her apartment after seeing his depressed state. On the same day, the Control Devil then called Power to their place. This is where Denji realizes that it was his birthday tomorrow.

This is where we stop my timeline.

Determining Denji’s Birthday

Winter begins in Tokyo, Japan from mid-to-late December to March. Why is this relevant you may ask? It’s because not once have we seen snowfall in the series. Not even in succeeding chapters despite the chance of snow. The side characters were also shown to still be wearing summer-to-fall clothing. The absence of winter clothing suggests that the temperature was still warm. This means that Denji’s birthday happens before winter.

This helps to confirm my timeline. Denji meeting Makima after Aki’s death did not take place after months but after weeks. At the very least, it should be October for Denji when he met the Control Devil. You may argue that they met after February when Spring is about to blossom. However, considering the lack of winter wear, that is simply not the case. Even during March, it has been recorded that temperatures are between 41 to 56 Fahrenheit.

With these facts in mind, we can confidently say that Denji’s birthday is at least after September 12 but not after December.

Holes in My Guesstimate

There is one big issue to my guesstimate on when Denji’s birthday happens. He probably never remembered his birthday. It was Makima who implanted that memory in his head and gave him a false birthday. Remember, it is the Control Devil’s goal to mentally destroy Denji so she could control him further. This invalidates my guesstimate, but, hey, it’s better than nothing!

Conclusion: When is Denji’s Birthday?

The short answer is it’s inconclusive. With the lack of official sources and too many factors influencing calculations, it is difficult to say when Denji’s birthday is.