How is Makima a Villain? CSM’s Concept of Necessary Evil

I am a very big fan of villains. From kooky and fun ones like Dr. Doofenshmirtz to the downright murderous ones like Accelerator. If it’s a villain, there’s a very big chance that I would like them! It’s just interesting to know a person whose ideals are in direct contrast with the world. After all, without them, there would be no story. However, making the right villain is hard. There is an entire art behind it that many series failed at executing. Sometimes the villain has too much power or their entire shtick is too ridiculous. Thankfully, Tatsuki Fujimoto knows how to write good villains.

Chainsaw Man’s antagonists came in many shapes and forms. Literally in the case of the Zombie Devil who is a blob of flesh! However, out of all of them, there is one villain that ruled them all. One that was hiding in plain sight: Makima. In this article, we will continue our dive into the Chainsaw Man series. We will be discussing with you how Makima is a villain. Spoilers ahead!

How is Makima a Villain?

Makima is the villain because she is responsible for the destruction and deaths in Part 1. She has planned most of it to happen. It was she who instigated the Weapon Devils to come after Denji and caused the latter to lose his will to live. With her plans, she caused the multiple deaths of the main cast. She is even directly responsible for one of them, having killed Power with her “Bang” ability.

how is makima a villain?

Funny enough though, it is difficult to conclude that Makima is a villain all-in-all! Sure, she has committed atrocities against the main cast, but she did do good things. Throughout the series, she has been nothing but helpful to humanity. She answered the call of the masses and helped to protect them from the Devils. Instead of wreaking havoc in the world, she worked with the government to make peace. Even though her acts against Denji and the gang were awful, they weren’t done completely out of malice.

To Makima, Pochita in Denji’s heart had the potential to save humanity. Its inherent ability to eat Devils and erase them from existence gave the chance for a world without strife. After all, erasing a Devil’s existence not only removed them, but the fear they stood for. Makima planned to have Pochita the Chainsaw Devil eat numerous Devils. Specifically, she wanted it to eat the Death, War, and Hunger Devils so humanity would be free from them. Despite her actions, the results do benefit humanity. So, I ask you the question: can you call someone who is trying to save humanity the villain?

How is Makima Evil?

However, make no mistake. At the end of the day, Makima is evil. While her goal isn’t as bad as other Shonen villains, it is nowhere heroic! She is trying to save humanity by stripping away what made us humans. While the results were supposed to benefit us, they definitely do not in hindsight. If Makima’s plans went through, we would be living a life of imprisonment with no way out. We would not be able to appreciate our own lives and forget the joys of food.

Why is Makima evil?

Then, there is the matter of Makima’s lack of empathy. Like the Magus Killer Emiya Kiritsugu, she does not care for her victims. She has embodied the concept of “Necessary Evil” in a radical manner. One only needs to look at how she subjugated the Yakuza from Chapter 33 of the manga. To stop the group’s illegal dealings, she had the eyes of their relatives gouged out. Relatives who were likely innocent and had nothing to do with deals. And she had done so with a polite smile and calm demeanor.

However, it doesn’t stop there. Makima also has a penchant for cruelty. Case in point: Denji. She had subjected the boy to mental torture for the sake of getting Pochita. An act that was completely unnecessary when she had the strength to just rip his heart out! Makima had enjoyed destroying Denji’s life and even laughed at his face about it.

This proves that although Makima had humanity’s interest in mind, she was more than willing to destroy lives.

Why is Makima So Evil?

This is the question that many asked after seeing what Makima has done. Honestly, I can’t blame them. The atrocities Makima committed toward Denji and the gang were unforgivable. If I had been in Denji’s shoes, I would be furious!

Why is Makima so evil?

Not to sound like a Makima apologist, but there is a reason why she is so evil. As a Devil who has likely lived a long time, such acts were normal to her. She was alive in Hell during the war against the Chainsaw Devil. Any atrocities committed there were probably worse than the ones she did on Earth. There is also the fact that she was raised in the government. Kishibe implied that it was the government’s fault that Makima developed her twisted goal.

What is Makima the Devil of?

Makima’s inherent nature is also another factor in her being evil. As explained in the ending, Makima was the Devil of Control. She embodied the fear of people being controlled which molded her powers. She is incapable of creating genuine relationships. Makima can only establish bonds through fear. This is what led her to look down on humans in general.

That is all we know about why Makima is evil.

People Also Ask these Questions about Makima

Is Makima the main antagonist?

Is Makima the main antagonist?

We can say Makima is definitively the main antagonist of Chainsaw Man’s Part 1. As mentioned earlier, she is responsible for destroying Denji’s life and had set him up since Chapter 1. She is also the closest to putting Denji down for good and had almost succeeded at her goal.

Why was Makima obsessed with Chainsaw Man?

Who is Makima?

Makima’s obsession with the Chainsaw Man stems from her desire for companionship. By beating him in battle, it can prove that she can control him. She plans to contract him to be by her side for eternity. For a lengthier explanation, visit a related article on this topic!

Why does everyone want to kill Makima?

Why does everyone want to kill Makima?

People wanted to kill Makima to put a stop to her plans. While humanity would indeed benefit from what she would do, the lives we would live would be like a prison. Both Kishibe and the President of America had worked together to put her down.

Who kills Makima?

Who kills Makima?

At the end of the day, it was Denji who killed Makima. By using her hyper-focused goal against her, he was able to sneak up on her. With the help of Power’s blood, he was able to chop her up and eat her.