Why Does Makima Want to Kill Denji? Tragic Dream, Evil Plan

A death in a story is a powerful literary device. It sets the tone for future events and establishes a precedent. Grave consequences can happen if the characters are not careful enough! Several modern Shonen Anime follow this formula to grip the viewers’ attention. By showing that not even the main characters are safe, we cannot predict what will happen. Akame Ga Kill! is infamous for using this formula and getting away with it.

Now, Chainsaw Man is looking to adapt this by having its main antagonist out for Denji’s blood. Why does Makima want to kill Denji? Let’s find out!

Why Does Makima Want to Kill Denji?

Before we discuss why Makima wants to kill Denji, we have to discuss first what she wants. It is from here that we can determine her motivations for killing Denji. Like many Shonen villains, Makima is a tragic character. However, make no mistake. She is still very evil, but that does not mean that she cannot be sympathized with.

What Does Makima Want?

For Makima, it all began in Hell. In the Chainsaw Man canon, Hell wasn’t exactly the best place to be in. Devils all over fought and killed each other for sport. There was no Sirzechs Lucifer (Highschool DXD) or Maou (Hataraku Maou-Sama!) to rule over them. There was one thing that mattered and it was power. Makima partook in that hierarchy due to her nature. As the Control Devil, it was difficult for her to establish relationships. Her very being demanded that Devils fear her so she could control them.

What did Makima want?

Despite her ability to control, she did not have the same grip on her emotions. As shown in the chapters of Chainsaw Man, Devils are capable of them. They can be sad, angry, and happy. Makima’s isolation from her own kin made her feel lonely. Over time, this feeling developed into a yearning for someone she could be equal with. Someone she can live a happy life with. Companionship is what she ultimately sought. Sadly, her own nature denied her that. With few Devils that could stand up to her, she found it difficult to achieve her dream.

That is when she met the Chainsaw Devil.

Why Does Makima Want the Chainsaw Devil?

Does Makima care about Denji?

Through the Chainsaw Devil (Pochita), she realized that her dream of companionship was possible. However, it would disappear before she had the opportunity to be with it. She would search far and wide until she finally found it. It lived in the heart of a boy called Denji. Using her resources, she devised a plan in order to have Pochita possess Denji and be with him once and for all.

So, Why Does Makima Want to Kill Denji?

Why does Makima want to kill Denji?

Why does Makima want to kill Denji? Really, it was a matter of being at the wrong place at the wrong time for Denji. He was just unlucky to be Pochita’s host. Then again, Denji did piss Makima off enough to warrant his death. Either way, Makima wanted Denji dead so she could have Pochita for herself. She even went through an elaborate plan in order to do so. Most events of Chainsaw Man were all her doing from start to finish.

Did Makima Care about Denji?

Funny enough, Makima did not want to kill Denji at first! She never saw him as a threat and more as a “dog” she could dote on. It is possible that she genuinely liked him during earlier chapters. On more than one occasion, we could even see her treat Denji right. She had been there for the boy to comfort him emotionally. She acted as the “mother figure” that Denji lost in his life throughout the entire story. Never once did she turn him away and she took his advances in good humor.

Does Makima care about Denji?

However, it may be that way because she made it that way. It is no secret that Makima had been gaslighting Denji the entire time so he is dependent on her. However, the fact that Makima did not immediately rip Pochita out of him spoke volumes. It is possible that Makima didn’t mind Denji’s presence as long as Pochita eventually took the driver’s seat. So, the answer is: we’ll never know!