Nanami vs Mahito: Everything You Need to Know

Jujutsu Kaisen has some pretty wild battles. Some are so elaborate that a few manga panels cannot justify them. And the Anime Studio behind the series knew it. Studio MAPPA went all out in making sure each fight scene was as impactful as the last. The battle between Nanami and Mahito was no different.

This battle was long teased and built up by Gege Akutami. The stakes for Nanami behind this aren’t heavy. But failure would result in disastrous consequences. Before him was a Cursed Spirit who had been terrorizing Kawasaki City. The same one that hurt his student emotionally. If he let the Curse go, he’d be failing not only the people but also Yuuji. In this article, let’s talk about everything related to Nanami vs Mahito!

Prologue: Why Did Nanami and Mahito Fight?

The beef between these two characters started in Episode 9 of the anime. In the manga, it began in Chapter 19. This was immediately after the events of the first arc. Yuji was fresh from making a contract with Sukuna. Now having completed his training with Gojo, the boy was introduced to Nanami. He was going to help the latter on an ongoing case.

Where Did Itadori and Nanami Investigate the Massacre by Mahito?

Where did Nanami and Itadori investigate

As it was revealed, the two Sorcerers moved to Kawasaki City to investigate a recent killing. The site was Kinema Cinema and contained the bodies of disfigured humans. Nanami and Yuji explored the premises before finding more “Cursed Spirits” by the roof. But after a quick confirmation with Shoko, they realize they were humans.

This disgusts and anger Yuji. After all, the Cursed Spirit was going around and turning humans into monsters. Yuji disliked the idea of going around and causing harm to the people. Fortunately for the two, Mahito was cocky. He always left traces of his energy at his crime scenes. It was the Curse’s way of taunting the Jujutsu Sorcerers. But for Nanami, he interpreted this as an open challenge.

While the man sent off Itadori, Nanami was quick to reveal his intentions. He had already analyzed the tracks Mahito left and found the latter’s hideout. In a few minutes, Nanami was already infiltrating Mahito’s location. The Curse was hanging out in the sewer. The two eventually found each other before engaging in battle.

What Episode is Nanami vs Mahito?

The battle starts in Episode 10 of the anime and lasts until Episode 11.

What Chapter is Nanami vs Mahito?

The battle only lasts for Chapters 22 and 23. It was relatively short-lived but was an explosive fight nonetheless

A Breakdown of Nanami Vs Mahito

The First Bout

When the two engage, Mahito first noted that Nanami wasn’t strong. This led the Curse to take it easy on Nanami. This was quickly proven wrong by Nanami. With a swift overhead swing, his cricket bat broke Mahito’s hand. His Cursed Technique was already activated which Mahito noticed. The latter took the time to strike up a conversation with Nanami.

Nanami vs Mahito

The Sorcerer falls for it and lets Mahito do his talking. The latter explains his Cursed Technique which was all about reshaping the soul. While this was exposition to the readers, this also worked as a legitimate tactic! Mahito was performing a Binding Vow that allowed him to use stronger techniques. This was why, in the next panel, we see Mahito have an advantage over Nanami.

Nanami’s Losing?! No!

Things seemed lost and Mahito was winning. While each of his swings could’ve been dangerous, Mahito had a counter. Using his Cursed Technique, he had pocketed humans at his disposal. The Curse immediately used them and transformed them into bigger beasts. Nanami was able to dispatch them before a discovery shakes him. The humans he was fighting were still alive!

This momentary shock would cost Nanami. Mahito took advantage of the situation to deliver a technique at Nanami. This had been the first attack where the Curse chose to attack Nanami with his soul. This would put Nanami in a bad spot which Mahito taunts him for.

Nanami vs Mahito

That was until Nanami finally let go of his limit.

How Did Nanami hurt Mahito? It’s Overtime!

This time, it was Nanami’s turn to use a Binding Vow. This allowed his Cursed Energy to increase but also use his Cursed Technique. He divides an object or subject in his mind on a 7:3 ratio. During this time, he decides which is the weak point. The weak point doesn’t have to be huge. Nanami just needed to be specific. After that, he uses all of his energy to deliver one strong strike.

Using his power, Nanami slammed the sewer wall. The collapse in the foundation caused everything around them to fall apart. During this time, Mahito had been distracted enough for Nanami to take the Win. The latter quickly used his Cursed Technique again to destroy Mahito’s leg. The man then leaves Mahito for dead as he needed to escape the collapsing sewer.

Nanami vs Mahito

The Aftermath

As we discover, Nanami was unsuccessful in taking out Mahito. The latter was found by Geto and retreated.

How Did Nanami Survive?

In previous panels, we have seen what happens to humans that Mahito touched. He can modify them at will by peeking into their souls. When he attempted to do the same against Nanami, he was met with some resistance. Nanami was subconsciously protecting his soul with Cursed Energy. After destroying the sewer, Nanami was quick to vacate the area. This let him escape and prevented the rubble from crushing him.

How Did Mahito Survive?

Mahito’s unique abilities allowed him to survive. As long as his soul was intact, he could regenerate infinitely. In this case, he transformed his body to be small enough to not be crushed by the debris. He took advantage of this small form to slink across the rubble and escape.

Why Does Nanami Wrap His Tie Around His Hand?

During the fight, Nanami does an interesting maneuver. He wraps his tie around his hand and abandons his previous weapon. There is sadly no confirmation as to what this does, but we can take a few guesses!

The Cursed Tool Theory

First, it can be assumed that Nanami’s tie might be a Cursed Tool. It had the same patterns as his main weapon. It is possible the tie stored his excess energy until he needed to let it all blow off. Removing his tie and wrapping his hand with it, it allows him to access the excessive energy. The evidence of this is Mahito noting the change. After all, it was only after Nanami removed his tie that his Cursed Energy rose!

Why didn't Nanami kill Mahito?

Some Neat Symbolism or Mnemonic Device!

Alternatively, it can just be Nanami using the tie as a trigger. Throughout the chapters, he was consciously limiting his energy while he was at work. By loosening his tie, it indicates to his mind that either work was done or he was in overtime. This helps him streamline the process of unleashing his energy.

Why Didn’t Nanami Kill Mahito?

Nanami said it himself. His skill set was badly suited to Mahito’s abilities. There was nothing he could’ve done to fully destroy the latter.

Nanami’s Cursed Technique is Limited

It should be clarified that Nanami doesn’t find a weak point. His Cursed Technique forces a weak point to appear. This doesn’t guarantee a definite kill to take out the Cursed Spirit. We see this limitation in action against Mahito. Nanami was only able to force the Curse’s knee to become a weak spot. Then, there was another factor.

Why didn't Nanami kill Mahito?

Nanami wasn’t Strong Enough

Sure, Nanami is a Grade 1 Jujutsu Sorcerer. He has been around for as long as Gojo has. His techniques are strong and he can take out Cursed Spirits with ease. But Nanami doesn’t have a single attack that can erase matter. Or, in this case, end Mahito’s life. He already deduced this when he watched Mahito in action. If he took the Curse’s explanation of Mahito’s abilities seriously, the Curse would just regenerate. It would become a battle of attrition, which Nanami admitted he would lose.
Hence, Nanami chose to bank it on crushing the Curse instead.

Can Mahito Beat Nanami?

Even though their fight ended in a draw, we can’t downplay the Cursed Spirit. Mahito is powerful. He is stronger than any of the Cursed Spirits Nanami has fought. Had the two of them fought until the death, Mahito would come out victorious.

Mahito’s Over-Powered Abilities

Since Mahito can regenerate for as long as his energy allows him to, Nanami cannot kill Mahito. Only attacks that can hit his soul can hurt him. Then, there was also his Cursed Technique. As noted by Nanami, his skills were a direct counter to Nanami. By having a virtually inexhaustible supply of humans, Mahito can exhaust Nanami.

Mahito’s Domain Expansion

Then, there was also the matter of Mahito’s Domain Expansion. If Nanami ever had the strength to hurt Mahito at a soul level, it wouldn’t have mattered anyway. Once Mahito was on the brink of death, he’d make a breakthrough. The sensation would allow him to complete his Domain Expansion. We see this in Chapters 29 and 30 where he thanks Nanami for the experience.

Mahito's Domain Expansion