Mahito’s Domain Expansion: Everything You Wanted to Ask

What is Mahito’s Domain Expansion? Quick answer: Mahito’s Domain Expansion is Self-Embodient Perfection. When Mahito opens his Domain Expansion, it upgrades his cursed technique.

So, to understand the Domain Expansion of Mahito, we must understand his cursed technique first.

What Are Mahito’s Cursed Techniques?

Idle Transfiguration

Idle Transfiguration

The cursed technique of Mahito is Idle Transfiguration

This technique allows him to touch the shape of someone’s soul physically. The first time we see him using this technique is in Episode 9 of the anime or Chapter 18 of the manga. Here, he used Idle Transfiguration to deform the heads of three students and cause their death in a theater.

He is likely to experiment with this technique and find out the limit of his power. And his favorite subject for these tests is humans. Mahito would change a human’s size to super big or small to find out the limit of the human’s body.

With some humans, he turns them into small ones and puts them in his pocket to use whenever he’s in trouble. This made it hard for Yuji to face Mahito for the first time.

Soul Multiplicity and Body Repel

Soul Multiplicity

Using Idle Transfiguration can allow Mahito to combine souls to make a stronger one. This technique is called Soul Multiplicity. But if the souls are denied fusion, Mahito uses this effect and increases energy to attack his opponents. This technique is called Body Repel.

Moreover, Mahito can use this cursed technique on his body to recreate his body and adapt to the fight. Mahito believes that the shape of souls decides the shape of the body. In the battle with Yuji and Nanami at the school, Mahito changes his body constantly to have a sword, wings, a kid, etc.

Healing Ability

Mahito also has an incredible healing ability. He reshapes his body to make it normal, as usual. Then, if Mahito gets attacked and injured, he can easily heal as new.

Mahito’s Weakness

But there is one character who is a natural enemy of Mahito. This guy can punch Mahito directly to his soul and hurt Mahito for real. Yup, it’s our main character, Yuji Itadori. The reason is that Yuji has two souls in his body. One is Yuji’s soul, and the other is Sukuna Ryomen.

If Mahito wants to change the soul of Yuji, he must overthrow Sukuna. But, unfortunately, and unluckily for Mahito, Sukuna is ultimately stronger than him in a soul fight. That’s why Mahito couldn’t do anything to take advantage of Yuji.

Okay, now we can understand the core technique of Mahito. Let’s see what would happen if he used it in his Domain Expansion.

What Happens in Mahito’s Domain Expansion?

What happens inside Mahito's Domain Expansion

As I said above, his Domain Expansion will upgrade his cursed technique, Idle Transfiguration. With normal Idle Transfiguration, Mahito must physically touch his victims to change them. That means Mahito is strongest when he is in melee combat. 

But with his Domain Expansion, he can reshape his victims without needing to touch them. Because basically, his Domain Expansion is his palms. Those trapped in Mahito’s Domain Expansion will only have a slight chance of surviving.

Despite that “perfection” is its name, Mahito’s Domain Expansion has a deadly weakness: Mahito cannot control its target. As a result, everyone who gets in his Domain Expansion will receive the same effect.

Mahito can’t use Domain Expansion in front of Yuji or trap Yuji. If he does, the one who gets hurt is probably him and no one else. 

In What Episode Does Mahito Use Domain Expansion? 

Mahito versus Yuji and Nanami

When does Mahito Use Domain Expansion

Mahito uses his Domain Expansion for the first time in Episode 13 (Chapter 29)

At first, Mahito can’t use this high-level technique, but the near-death experience that the battle gave him helps unlock this technique. 

Under the combination of Yuji and Nanami, Mahito can’t do anything else. One is his natural enemy, and one is a first-grade jujutsu sorcerer. So they attack Mahito constantly, and him only waiting for death.

But that moment is what Mahito needs to unlock his Domain Expansion!

Feeling death, Mahito successfully cast his Domain Expansion for the first time and trapped Nanami inside it. But Yuji breaks the Domain Expansion from the outside and jumps into it to save Nanami.

Mahito versus Mechamaru

What chapter does Mahito use Domain Expansion?

The second time Mahito uses Domain Expansion is in the fight with Mechamaru in Chapter 81. 

Ironically, Mahito healed Mechamaru with his cursed techniques following the contract but immediately killed him.

Mahito versus Yuji and Todo

What chapter does Mahito use Domain Expansion?

The third time Mahito uses Domain Expansion is at the end of Chapter 129. In this battle, Mahito must fight against Yuji and Todo. 

Mahito couldn’t attack the latter because of Todo’s technique, but if he used Domain Expansion, Sukuna would kill him. So, Mahito remembered what Gojo showed him, Domain Expansion in just 0.2 seconds.

And Mahito did it!

Mahito used the cursed technique and Domain Expansion simultaneously in just 0.2 seconds. Although Todo activated Simple Domain, he still received the attack of Mahito. His left hand started to change, and he must cut it before the cursed technique of Mahito permeated his body.

A Trivia About the Domain Expansion of Mahito

Mahito's Domain Expansion

I found this article on the internet. You can find out more here.

If you don’t know, the hand seal of Mahito when he uses Domain Expansion is associated with Kokuuzou Bosatsu or Akasagharba and Gigeiten.

Kokuuzou Bosatsu is one of the eight great bodhisattvas, whose wisdom is said to be as vast as space, hence his association with the space element. He is worshipped with wisdom, knowledge, and memory.

On the other hand, Gigeiten is a celestial maiden who governs over entertainment and good fortune. She is said to have been born from the hair of Maheshavara. Thus she possesses good looks. She is also a master of various art forms.