What Does Mahito Want With Sukuna? A Deadly Cruel Scheme

What does Mahito want with Sukuna? And why does Mahito use Junpei?

In chapter 27, Yuji witnessed the first death in his jujutsu sorcerer life. It was Junpei’s.

He was turned into a transfigured human by Mahito. He no longer looked like an average human. He attacked Yuji under the command of Mahito, and because of a more substantial variation of Idle Transfiguration, Junpei died in front of Yuji. Why does this happen? What does Mahito want with Sukuna?

Mahito did all these things to force Sukuna to make a binding vow with Yuji. If that contract was made, Mahito would achieve his purpose.

But before revealing his purpose, we need to understand the context of this event.

Why is Mahito Using Junpei?

Junpei Meets Mahito

What does Mahito want with Sukuna?
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Mahito first appeared before Junpei in Chapter 18. By this time, the cursed spirit had killed three students inside a movie theater using Idle Transfiguration. Mahito did that to get the attention of Junpei, and he succeeded.

After witnessing everything, Junpei followed Mahito to find out more about Mahito. Then, he asked Mahito to teach him the same. A victim of school violence, Junpei wanted revenge.

And those three guys that Mahito killed were some of Junpei’s bullies. He always wanted to do something to fight back, but Junpei was a skinny boy. So he couldn’t do anything against them.

Junpei Learns About Curses

What does Mahito want with Junpei?

Mahito taught Junpei about curses. The boy had stepped into a whole new world, and for a moment, he could say all of his heart to Mahito. 

This had never happened to him before.

Listening to and talking with “someone” like this made Junpei feel special. Mahito even recognized everything from Junpei. This is the first time Junpei got support from another. 

That’s why Junpei didn’t think about good and bad. Instead, he just wanted to follow his heart.

His mentality got worse on the way home. 

His teacher came and announced the death of those three students. He said Junpei and those three guys were friends, and although, in reality, Junpei had no friends at school, they cared a lot about him.

Junpei remembered his talk with Mahito and was upset with the teacher. But before he could do something with the teacher, Yuji pulled him to another place. 

Junpei’s Descent

How old is Mahito?

They had a great talk. Moreover, Yuji got invited to Junpei’s house for dinner. Junpei, Yuji, and Junpei’s mom had a great dinner, and Junpei was impacted by Yuji’s words and finally managed to calm down after a long day.

But that night was the last straw with Junpei. Geto placed one of Sukuna’s fingers in Junpei’s house. The finger attracted cursed spirits to the house, and Junpei’s mom was the victim. Her corpse was found in her bedroom. 

With the provocation of Mahito, Junpei decided to use his new power to get his revenge on the “killer.” He went to school and killed another student named Shota – the guy Junpei thought killed his mother.

When Yuji came, Shota was already dead. He and Junpei fought, but with Yuji’s sincerity, Junpei slowly calmed down and told him everything.

But at that moment, Mahito turned Junpei into a transfigured human. And the ending was already revealed at the start of this article.

Junpei was a poor boy who got twisted into a cruel plan by Mahito. All Mahito wanted was to use him to push Yuji to the limit and make the binding vow with Sukuna.

What Does Mahito Want from Sukuna and Yuji’s Binding Vow?

What did Mahito do to Junpei?

It’s because Mahito wanted Sukuna to stay on the side of cursed spirits. If it happened, cursed spirits would no longer be on the weak side of the jujutsu world. 

Sukuna used to be the most vital person hundreds of years before. He could easily destroy a whole nation with his massive power. That’s why if Mahito could use Sukuna as a weapon, he would get his purpose.

Mahito and other high-level cursed spirits aimed to become the new humankind. They wanted to wipe out all of the current people and place themselves in those positions. They didn’t want to be underdogs like this forever.

And Geto was the one to suggest they use Sukuna’s power to do that.

Yuji is the One Who Can Control Sukuna Perfectly

How did Mahito kill Junpei?

Yuji was the perfect vessel for Sukuna. Not just by awakening Sukuna’s soul, Yuji could also freely release or impound Sukuna in his body. But Yuji was a kind boy and always wanted to help others. There’s no way that he would agree with the plan of Mahito.

One more thing, his fate was to stick with death. From the moment he awakened Sukuna, the death penalty was waiting for him. So, he delayed it by collecting all the Sukuna’s fingers and died after that. If he died, Sukuna inside his body would die too.

So, Mahito and the other cursed spirits must hurry and not let that happen. He must help Sukuna take advantage of Yuji and control the boy. If so, they could discuss their wish with Sukuna.

And to make that, Sukuna needed to have a binding vow with Yuji.

Does Mahito’s Plan Work?

Does Mahito Get What He Wanted?

When Yuji begged Sukuna to help Junpei, he refused it. 

Even Mahito was surprised by this. He didn’t know that Sukuna already had a binding vow with Yuji.

Moreover, Sukuna didn’t want to be under anyone. 

In Chapter 112, Sukuna awakened after eating eleven fingers simultaneously. Jogo told Sukuna to use this chance to make a binding vow with Yuji and take his body forever.

But once again, Sukuna refused it. He challenged Jogo to a fight; of course, the winner was Sukuna. Hanami died because of Gojo. Toji was killing Dagon. And Mahito was consumed by the Cursed Spirits Manipulation of Geto.

After the Shibuya event, the dream of Mahito and other curses vanished into ashes. They tried, but in the end, they were just tools of more powerful characters like Kenjaku or Sukuna.