Who is Gojo’s Father? A Quick Look Into a Powerful Family

Satoru Gojo is a character in the anime/manga series Jujutsu Kaisen. Gojo is the strongest jujutsu sorcerer with the power to destroy a whole nation. 

Gojo is a son of the Gojo clan – one of the three most prominent clans of the Jujutsu Kaisen world. However, who is Gojo’s father? And where are his parents?

Does Gojo Have a Family?

Who is Gojo's father?
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The Gojo Clan is separated from a great person of Heian age, Sugawara Michizane. He was one of the Three Vengeful Spirits of Japan.

In Jujutsu Kaisen 0, Gojo investigated the origin of Yuta Okkotsu. And the result is that Gojo finds out Yuta is his relative because both they both descended from Sugawara Michizane.

In Chapter 93, Ino Takuma talks about this with Yuji Itadori and Megumi Fushiguro: “The Gojo family will fall from power. The Gojo family is a one-man team of Satoru Gojo.

Despite that Gojo is the strongest jujutsu sorcerer in the Jujutsu Kaisen world, and the author made a whole Arc with 15 chapters to talk about him, but we still don’t know more about his parents.

Where are they now? Why don’t they show up when Gojo’s in danger? There are a lot of questions about the Gojo Clan.

Where are Gojo’s Parents?

Of course, Gojo must have had a father and mother to give birth to him, and Gojo also needed his parents to teach him Limitless and other things. Gojo had parents, but the information about them wasn’t mentioned in the series. 

The only thing we know about it is Gojo’s Clan’s existence. And they are doing something somewhere in the Jujutsu Kaisen world.

Where is the Gojo Clan?

Who is Gojo's father

In the conversation between Naoya and Jinichi Zenin in chapter 148, the latter talked about building a relationship with the “Gojo Clan.” 

That means they are alive, and for some reason, they don’t want to show themselves to the world.

The same thing happened with Yuji Itadori – the main character of the series. In the beginning, we didn’t know anything about his parents. Who is his father? Who is his mother? Where are they? Not a single thing. But after time, the author slowly released the details we needed. Up until more than 140 chapters, Gege Akutami showed us – even just a little – about Yuji’s parents in chapter 143. 

So, there’s nothing weird that the author might talk about Gojo’s family in Chapters 250 or 280. But the reason why Gojo is now alone in this world and what happened to his clan in the past might be an important detail of the series.

The author might open up about it for us in the future. Maybe they are sitting on expensive chairs, drinking delicious wine, and preparing for the show-up. 

Who knows? But at this moment, the “parents” of Gojo are his friends and students.

Gojo’s Real Family

Who is Gojo’s Father?

How do Gojo and Geto know each other? gojo goto ieri

Geto is his one and only best friend. Both are special-grade jujutsu sorcerers and are in the same class as each other.

In the Arc about the past of Gojo, we can see how Gojo respects Geto and treats him differently from others. Gojo cares about Geto and believes in him. 

Sometimes, they will argue with each other, but they always know how to combine to get the best result in the mission.

Besides, Gojo and Geto are Special-grade, so they should understand each other. Gojo always says he and Geto are the strongest, even when Geto passes away and becomes controlled by Kenjaku. 

Gojo still believes in his best friend!

Gojo’s Family

What is Gojo's Domain Expansion?

Moreover, the relationship that he created with his students is no joke. They all get stronger and grow under Gojo’s hand. 

With Yuta, Gojo is the one to encourage him to use his power to help the world. 

With Yuji, Gojo is the one who stops the death penalty from cutting his head off. 

And Megumi, Gojo just likes being an older brother to him. He took care of Megumi and taught him when he was a child. 

Gojo is a lonely guy. He must hold the “the strongest sorcerer” title for a long time. No one can understand him, but instead, around him are students that love him from the bottom of their hearts.