What is Gojo’s Curse? A Quick Rundown of Cursed Techniques

Gojo is one of Jujutsu Kaisen’s “big four” special-grade jujutsu sorcerers. He is widely known as the strongest sorcerer in the Jujutsu world.

Today, we will discover Gojo’s curse and why he is the strongest of the entire series.

What is Gojo’s Curse?

Gojo's curse

The core cursed technique of Gojo is Limitless, which gives him the ability to manipulate space at an atomic level.

Limitless is a traditional technique of Gojo’s clan. It’s also the standard for him to learn and perform many other powerful skills.

Gojo’s Attack Moves


Gojo's curse blue

The second technique that Gojo can perform is Blue.

This technique is higher and built from Limitless. Gojo focuses his cursed energy on a specific space and turns that space into a spot that pulls everything into it. And this technique is called Blue.

And Gojo can use more cursed energy in this technique to make it more powerful. This upgrade version of Blue is called Cursed Technique Lapse Maximum Cursed Energy Output: Azure Glow.

The following technique of Gojo is the opposite of Blue.


Gojos curse red

It’s called Reverse Rotation Technique: Red. Red pushes things away. 

To use Red, Gojo needs to multiply negative energy in his body to create positive energy. And Gojo can use that positive energy to use Red. Gojo learned Reverse Cursed Technique and Red in the fight with Toji.

And the most potent attack of Gojo is built based on these two techniques. When he combines Red and Blue, push and pull, negative and positive together.


What episode does Gojo use Purple?

He built a round space shape of destruction that can destroy everything on its path. Gojo called this technique Hollow Technique: Purple.

Purple is a rare skill that only a few individuals could have a chance to see it. And all the information about it is vague. Only some people in Gojo’s clan know about it.

There are two times Gojo used Purple and won the fights with this technique. But the thing is, his enemies could do anything to counter this technique. All they can do is run as fast as they can. If not, death is a must. These are three core techniques that Gojo usually uses to fight. However, there are other reasons for Gojo becomes the strongest sorcerer. 

Gojo can manipulate the space around him to create an untouchable barrier called… 


Gojo's curse infinity

With Infinity, no one or regular attacks can touch Gojo! This technique is built based on a famous theory of Achilles and a turtle.

In math, we can have an infinite line of fractions by dividing the number between two random things infinite times. But the thing is, the list will keep longer, and the 0 number will never appear. Infinity is everywhere, and Gojo brings it into reality.

When an attack aims at Gojo, it must travel through space divided infinite times. That’s why it will become slower and slower until it seems wholly stopped.  

To summarize, Gojo can create a barrier to stop almost everything from outside that target. 

With this technique, Gojo becomes untouchable and deactivates almost every attack that comes to him. 

This technique is one of the reasons Gojo is called the strongest sorcerer of the entire series so far. 

But there needed to be some improvement of Gojo’s Infinity, Limitless, and other attack techniques. That’s because these skills require a lot of cursed energy, and Gojo must pay a lot of concentration to use these techniques.

If we look at the definition of Limitless, he can manipulate space at an atomic level. That means he must also focus on the nuclear level and pay attention to every detail of the technique just to perform it.

That’s why Limitless is so complex and needs a lot of time to master it.

For example, in Chapter 76, Gojo is still a boy trying to master his Infinity. Here, he tries to turn Infinity into an automatic system to protect himself. But if he succeeds, his brain will be on fire because of overload. 

However, with Gojo, he had been given the gift of God and everything he needed to become the strongest.

At the very first start of his life, Gojo was given… 

Six Eyes – The Eyes of God

Gojo's curse six eyes

These eyes not only finish the Limitless of Gojo but also overcome all his weaknesses.

Six Eyes only appear in Gojo’s clan but also rarely. Furthermore, only one person owns Limitless and Six Eyes simultaneously since the last time Six Eyes appeared over 400 years ago.

And Six Eyes are what Gojo needs to finish Limitless. The eyes allow Gojo to think, analyze, and dispose of information in a very, very, very short time. That’s why he can perform all the techniques of Limitless exactly with perfection.

Besides, Six Eyes allowed Gojo to never run out of used energy. Yuta Okkotsu – another special-grade jujutsu sorcerer- used to say this in the fight with Yuji in Chapter 140.

With Six Eyes, Gojo can use cursed techniques at a meager cost of cursed energy and would never be out of cursed energy. So, with Six Eyes and Limitless, Gojo can make an untouchable barrier and many powerful skills with never out of cursed energy.

And as a Speical-grade jujutsu sorcerer. Gojo can use a high-level technique named Domain Expansion. And Gojo’s one is Infinity Void.

Domain Expansion: Infinite Void

Gojo's curse infinite void

Each Domain Expansion will reflect the power of its owners. With Gojo, his Domain Expansion will trap the enemies in a limitless space, pouring all the information into the enemy’s brain. 

They feel everything and see everything. The actions they take in life are forced upon them infinitely. But the thing is, because of that huge of information, they couldn’t do anything.

There are two times that Gojo uses his Infinite Void, and Gojo always takes advantage of his enemies in these two times.