Who is Stronger: Sukuna or Naruto? Battle of Forbidden Souls 

On this website, we have written many crossover articles for Gojo. We have seen how he fared with his fellow Shounen characters. And we have discovered how lacking his strength was compared to them. From the likes of Makima and Saitama to the OGs like Naruto and Goku, he lost plenty. It seemed that Jujutsu Kaisen’s Strongest Sorcerer was the only strong in his universe. But, what about his strongest enemy?

Sukuna is a character untested for a good reason. Most of his feats at his peak have yet to be shown. Yes, he might’ve been the strongest Cursed Spirit, but we don’t have the sauce! But with Jujutsu Kaisen kicking it into gear, now’s the time to test his might. And there’s no one better than the one-character Gojo had the most advantages against. Who is stronger: Sukuna or Naruto?

Sukuna or Naruto: Who Would Win?

Once again, determining the victor is difficult for this match! But for different reasons. The problem remains that Naruto has too many forms to choose from. But the same can be said for Sukuna! We need to find and compare the right forms to make the fight fair. It also doesn’t help that Sukuna, despite being the ultimate evil, is barely researched. People know how strong he is, but there is hardly any documentation about the man. 

But having Naruto and Sukuna fight at their peaks would be a disservice to both of them. We don’t know how strong Sukuna is with 20 fingers. And Naruto’s Baryon mode, his strongest, has barely any screen time! In a later section, I will go deeper into this point.

Sukuna's original form

For now, we will have to go for the Fourth Great Shinobi War Naruto. If we are going to be specific, it’s the one before he met Otsutsuki. This means his highest form will be Kurama + Sage Mode. For Sukuna, there can only be one choice: 15 Fingers. These character versions can give us the fairest fight possible!

The battles in this article will be divided into our usual three. The first would be a battle without Verse Equalization, and the second would have it. The third bout would have Verse Equalization with prep time. Without further ado, let’s get ready to rumble!

Sukuna or Naruto, Who Wins Without Verse Equalization?

By not making the two universes equal, this battle is a lot more straightforward. We don’t have to think about how Chakra and Cursed Energy interact. In this case, all we have to think about are their personalities. Naruto is spurned into action first considering Sukuna’s cruelty. The latter would be spotted torturing a village of Shinobi or something similar.

15 Fingers Sukuna will body Naruto in Sage Mode. He would be stronger and faster, and his Cursed Techniques would kill him. But knowing Naruto, he won’t start the fight in Sage Mode. Especially after determining how strong Sukuna is in their first bout. Kurama Chakra Mode will come out straight from the gates and start pressing on Sukuna. 

Sukuna or Naruto

This is when things get tricky for the fighters. By raw firepower, Naruto would win. His capability of using Bijuu bombs will prove tricky for Sukuna to survive. Sure, his fingers are indestructible and all, but he can still be injured. His insane regeneration can only help him so much. Continuous bombardment from Naruto’s side would eventually defeat Sukuna. But then Sukuna pulls out his trump card. Domain Expansion: Malevolent Shrine.

The Ending? A Possible Draw!

From here, the ending splits in two ways. Naruto can move out of the Domain Expansion since it doesn’t have a barrier. This meant anyone and anything can move in and out. Malevolent Shrine covers a radius of 200 meters. In terms of coverage, that should be 400 meters. Even still, for Naruto, this distance is short enough for him to run. Add Sage mode on top of that, and he has escaped Sukuna’s domain. 

But a prolonged fight will backfire on Sukuna. This is Naruto’s win condition. If Sukuna was unable to beat Naruto in time, then Yuji would be able to wrestle control. Naruto wins by time out.

On the flip side, there is the sure hit effect. Naruto doesn’t have a way to dodge sure-hit attacks. Since the 200-meter radius is Sukuna’s effective range, he isn’t escaping. A relentless Dismantle should be enough to kill Naruto. Sukuna would win by using his domain and abilities far more quickly.

Malevolent Shrine

In the end, this battle can go both ways. Both sides have an advantage over the other that lets them win.

Sukuna or Naruto, Who Wins With Verse Equalization?

Rules with Verse Equalization is the same as Gojo vs Naruto. Chakra and Cursed Energy could interact with each other. Cursed Techniques can be nullified. This means that, like Gojo, Sukuna would gain a passive increase in strength based on his chakra. But that’s where the similarities end. Sukuna’s massive Cursed Energy pool would give him the stats to compete with KCM Naruto.

The battle between these two characters would be a lot more intense. Naruto would be keeping his distance with Bijuu bombs. Shadow Clones and his various Wind Jutsu can also help. Due to Sukuna’s drastic increase in strength, he would apply Sage Mode on top of KCM. It would be a hard-fought battle between the two, but it would be Sukuna’s win. The latter would start taking Naruto seriously after seeing how destructive he is. So, he winds up immediately using two of his strongest weapons. Malevolent Shrine and Cleave.

Sukuna Cleave

With Cleave, the technique will scale with Naruto’s chakra-slash-Cursed-Energy and general toughness. It would consider Kurama before the attack is deployed. Once it’s used, Naruto will receive grievous damage in return. Before Six Paths, Naruto is unlikely to survive this kind of attack. While Naruto will be able to dodge this on a normal attack, it all changes when Sukuna uses Domain Expansion. The very second it’s released, Naruto would be immediately struck with Cleave.

This battle is a win for Sukuna by fatality through Cleave.

Sukuna or Naruto, Who Wins With Verse Equalization and Prep Time?

Now finally, let’s have these two characters fight with prep time. Same rules as the section above but we’re giving these two fighters time to prepare. Neither of them would have a particular knowledge advantage. Both of their abilities will be out in the open. But Naruto would have the strategic advantage.

You see, Sukuna completely relies on Itadori Yuji! His Binding Vow limits his time to fight Naruto to under one minute. While he can make contingency plans inside Yuji, these plans can fail. See Chapter 214 for reference! He can only rely on what he had. Which isn’t much since he can only fight for a minute. Uraume would not be able to help Sukuna since Yuji would be in the driver’s seat. The Cursed Spirit is completely on his own.

Sukuna vs Yuji

On the other hand, Naruto faces no such issues. He still has access to his resources and people to devise a way to beat Sukuna. As more time passes, Naruto gains more options to win. In this scenario, Naruto wins.

Why Not Use 20 Fingers Sukuna or Six Paths Naruto?

There are a few things as to why I didn’t want to use either of these forms. First and foremost, Six Paths Naruto would destroy 15 Fingers Sukuna in a fight. This is the same Naruto that has fought a goddess. And won! With Truth Seeker Orbs, Naruto would be able to end the fight easily. No matter how much regeneration Sukuna has, the orbs will nullify it.

Not to mention, Naruto would blitz 15 Fingers Sukuna during this fight. The latter would not even realize he was already dead. Six Paths Naruto was faster than the speed of light. A feat Sukuna could not achieve nor was he revealed to have achieved! No character in Jujutsu Kaisen was shown to be faster than light. And in terms of the fastest speed, Mach 3 was being hyped. Meanwhile, base Naruto Shippuden Naruto can already move in Mach 5!

How About 20 Fingers Sukuna?

Perhaps things would be different if we use 20 Fingers Sukuna but that brings a new host of problems. If we are going to use peak Sukuna, then we should also use peak Naruto. This means using Baryon Mode Naruto, who is way stronger than Sukuna. Sure, maybe Sukuna’s Domain Expansion may beat Naruto. But, by that point, Naruto was God. He is most likely fast enough to escape the domain and strong enough to destroy Sukuna.


But at the same time, we don’t know if Sukuna is as weak as I say. He may be stronger than I give him credit for. These are mostly assumptions based on how the Cursed Spirit is now. I’m reluctant to put him to the test when he isn’t fully fleshed out yet. For more information or if you’re curious, we have a theory crafted on how strong he is at 20 Fingers!

Why is Itadori Yuji’s Binding Vow Still Considered?

I have mentioned earlier that one of Naruto’s winning conditions is to wait for Sukuna to time out. In a Versus Battle, you normally don’t consider something like this. It is unfair Sukuna. But we have to add this in any way. The Binding Vow is essential in Sukuna’s current state. His being at 15 Fingers in the first place means this is not the Sukuna in the past. This is the Sukuna operating Itadori Yuji’s body. One that he can only control for one minute.

We must always include the character’s weakness in a Versus Battle. And for Sukuna, this is his.

Who is Stronger: Sukuna or Naruto? A Surprising Tie!

Unfortunately, Sukuna only performed better than Gojo by having a clearer win condition. But surprisingly, these two are almost tied in terms of strength! Keep in mind, this is comparing 15 Fingers Sukuna and Kurama + Sage Mode Naruto.

Durability, Sukuna Has It All!

Even though Sukuna’s reserves can be exhausted, he has a lot of them. His mastery over Reverse Cursed Technique makes him invulnerable. He can heal his injuries quickly and can even survive without a heart. Naruto may not be able to do these, but he is still plenty durable! His chakra allows him to survive atomic bombs in the face.

Sukuna rips out Yuji's heart

But in terms of slashing damage, there isn’t much to compare to him. It’s a weird weakness of Naruto characters. As long as it has a blade, it’s likely to do a lot of damage. So Sukuna may win in this department after all!

Versatility for Naruto but Functionality to Sukuna!

Naruto has a lot of skills under his belt. He has a lot of mastery over Wind Style and Fire Style Jutsu. He can use Senjutsu in Sage Form and can keep ramping up his strength with each stage! For this fight, he can access the following forms:

  • Sage Mode – A form that allows him to detect and use Senjutsu.
  • Kurama Chakra Mode – A form that he can use on top of sage mode or vice versa. This allows him to sense negative emotions and create chakra arms.

Unfortunately, Naruto’s versatility pales in comparison to Sukuna’s deadly efficiency. The latter’s Cleave can use Naruto’s biggest strength against him. Especially under Verse Equalization! The stronger Naruto gets, the stronger Cleave becomes. With one wrong move, Naruto can die in the blink of an eye. Meanwhile, Dismantle can slash Naruto into ribbons if he wasn’t careful.

Then, there is Sukuna’s trump card. Naruto has no recorded counter against sure-hit abilities. At least, not in Kurama + Sage Mode. This makes him incredibly vulnerable to Malevolent Shrine. The moment he’s inside the shrine, there is a big possibility he is just sliced into bits.

Sukuna or Naruto

Sukuna Ain’t Touching This!

Sukuna’s fastest speed feat so far has him traveling 400 meters or so in seconds. There was also the case of him appearing on top of Jogo’s meteor. This was seconds before he was about to get crushed. Unfortunately, due to how sudden the movements are, it’s hard to justify these feats. Akutami-sensei is known to employ the “Rule of Cool” a lot in his stories. Add the speed scaling issue on top, and it’s hard to say how fast Sukuna is.

But that still doesn’t make him any faster than Naruto. Let’s be generous and say he was massively hypersonic. This means that he was between Mach 100 to 1000. A user calculated his speed to be at that tier. But Naruto was already faster than that in his base Kurama Chakra Mode! If he added Sage Mode on top of that, then he would be between Mach 1000 to 8810.2.

But Physical Strength Trumps All, Let’s Go Naruto!

Sukuna’s Cursed Techniques are strong, but they lack firepower. Naruto, on the other hand, has more than enough firepower to win at a distance. His Bijuu bombs can knock Sukuna around. The sheer strength behind his Jutsu will have Sukuna dodging more than he had in life. 

Naruto Bijuu Bombs

If ever the fight turns to close quarters, Sukuna is in for a nasty surprise. A punch from Naruto can likely break Yuji’s entire body.

Who is Stronger, Kurama or Sukuna?

In terms of pure strength, Kurama wins. He has all the firepower in the world, one that Sukuna doesn’t have. Together with Naruto, Sukuna likely loses.


The fights between Naruto and Sukuna can honestly go either way. The sheer effectiveness of Sukuna’s attacks can bypass Naruto’s defenses. His Domain Expansion: Malevolent Shrine has no counters. Naruto can potentially blitz Sukuna instead, but that only gives him a chance to escape.

It all comes down to how fast Sukuna can end the fight. Or if Naruto was willing to kill Itadori Yuji. But these are all based on assumptions. We are using one of Naruto’s old forms after all versus Sukuna’s current ones. Things may change once the full power of 20 Fingers Sukuna is revealed.