Why Does Sukuna Hate Mahito? Unpacking the Animosity

We all know that many of us despise Mahito for several valid reasons, and the King of Curses is not an exception. During the Vs. Mahito Arc in Jujutsu Kaisen, we witnessed how Sukuna lashed out at Mahito as they entered his Domain Expansion. What happened there and why does Sukuna hate Mahito? All of that will be answered in this article.

Mahito Arc

This arc follows Itadori Yuji and Nanami Kento as they investigate the disturbing cases of transfigured human corpses left behind by Mahito, a special grade cursed spirit and ally of Pseudo-Geto. It also introduces us to Junpei Yoshino, an ordinary high school student who witnessed how Mahito ruthlessly transfigured noisy moviegoers at the theater. But rather than being frightened at the disturbing scene, Junpei followed Mahito out of the theater and befriended him.

Why does Sukuna hate Mahito?

Junpei was often bullied at school which led him to develop extremely negative views of other people and society in general. He feels indifferent towards other people and believes that humans are inherently evil, which may also be the reason why he was unfazed by other people’s deaths. Mahito saw Junpei as a useful tool and altered his brain, turning him into a curse user.

Later on, as Yuji continued to investigate the strange case of transfigured corpses, he met Junpei who was the only possible witness of the theater incident. Junpei, however, covered up for Mahito and lied about what truly happened. Still, the two of them managed to bond as they started talking about movies and realized that both of them have similar tastes in movies.

That night, Junpei’s mom invited Yuji over for dinner and the three of them got along very well. After dinner, Yuji and Junpei had more conversations. Junpei asked if Yuji was prepared to kill someone as a jujutsu sorcerer, and Yuji stood firm in his belief that he will never kill someone because once he crosses that line, the value of human life may be diminished and that’s what he wanted to avoid.

Junpei and Mahito

On that similar night, Mahito placed one of Sukuna’s fingers at Junpei’s house which attracted curses and resulted in Junpei’s mom getting killed. Mahito fed into Junpei’s rage and manipulated him into believing that one of his bullies, Shota, was the one responsible for his mother’s death. Filled with despair and grief, Junpei went to their school and brought chaos to the morning assembly.

Fortunately, Yuji arrived and interfered with Junpei who was slowly torturing Shota. They engage in a fight while Yuji convinces Junpei not to throw his life away. Just when Junpei started to realize what he had done, Mahito appeared and used his Idle Transfiguration on Junpei. Yuji asked for Sukuna’s help to heal Junpei, but the King of Curses simply laughed mockingly and refused to accept his plea. Helpless, Yuji couldn’t do anything but watch as Junpei died and slowly slumped to the ground.

Why does Sukuna hate Mahito?

Enraged by his friend’s death, Yuji swore to kill Mahito, and the two engaged in intense combat. Amidst their fight, Nanami arrived to back up Yuji. Seeing that he was outnumbered, Mahito decided to go beyond his limits and conjured his own Domain Expansion. Mahito only brought Nanami inside, and the grade 1 sorcerer began to accept his defeat after realizing how powerless he was inside Mahito’s Domain Expansion.

However, before anything happened, Yuji managed to enter his Domain from the outside. This forced Mahito to touch Sukuna’s soul which made the King of Curses irritated, attacking Mahito and leaving him gravely injured. Sukuna threatened Mahito and told him that there won’t be a second time. And with that, Mahito’s Domain crumbled and the fight came to an end as Mahito fled from the scene.

Why Does Sukuna Hate Mahito?

Mahito’s technique works by touching a person’s soul through cursed energy and being able to shape it to his desires. In Mahito’s Domain called the Self-Embodiment of Perfection, he automatically touches the soul of anyone who is inside it. So when Yuji entered his Domain, Mahito automatically touched both Yuji and Sukuna’s souls, unknowingly angering the King of Curses. Sukuna is generally disdainful of other cursed spirits which is why he was utterly irritated when Mahito crossed the line and touched his soul albeit unintentionally.