Muichiro Tokito: A Story of Tragedy from Start to Finish

In anime, there is a trope concerning characters. In one episode, they may wound up being the unluckiest person alive. For other characters, the unlucky streak lasts for the entire runtime. Regardless of how long, the unlucky character often becomes the butt of the jokes. But there are exceptions. Some characters are unfortunate enough that it was no laughing matter. In Kimetsu no Yaiba, this bad luck was tragic for one character: Muichiro Tokito.

Don’t get me wrong! The story of each Hashira is heavy without fault. There is not a single one without some kind of dark upbringing. But, in my opinion, the Mist Hashira had drawn the shortest straw. In this article, we will be talking about Muichiro Tokito. His life, achievements, and abilities, we’ll lay them all out. Spoilers ahead!

Who is Muichiro Tokito?

We were first introduced to Muichiro way back in Season 1. He was there when Tanjiro was making his case about Nezuko before the Hashira. They were all asked about their opinions on the matter. As the Mist Hashira, Muichiro was obligated to give his. This gave us our first insight into him. With the way he answered, he was revealed to have an aloof personality. It appeared that he cared little about the world or things don’t register for him.

Who is Muichiro Tokito?

We discover in later arcs that it was neither of these reasons! Muichiro’s personality is so complex, it puts Shrek’s “onion” metaphor to the test. Instead of the aloof person we knew, he was revealed to be a bit selfish. He cared little for the regard of others as long as his needs were met. However, a chance meeting with Tanjiro revealed more! Beneath the Mist Hashira’s cold and savage tongue lay a heart of gold. His kindness was buried in his heart to survive.

After a few conversations with Tanjiro, Muichiro managed to reclaim his previous personality. He once again became kind and caring. His immaturity showed during his attempts at socialization with other demon slayers. What came as the biggest surprise, however, was his sensitivity. He was able to tell Obanai had feelings for Kanroji which surprised Gyomei.

What is Muichiro’s Backstory?

As I’ve mentioned earlier, no Hashira had a simple life. Muichiro was no exception. He was born into a simple family. His father was a woodcutter and his mother was a housewife. Muichiro only had one sibling and it was his twin brother: Yuichiro. They all lived together until the twins were 10 years old. This was when Muichiro’s long streak of bad luck began.

Deaths in the Family

Muichiro’s parents died due to unfortunate circumstances. The mother was claimed by a sickness that has seen her bedridden. The father died in his attempt to get a cure. He fell off a cliff during a storm that left only the twins alive. This event would leave a bad taste in Yuichiro. The latter would stew on these emotions while an oblivious Muichiro lived with him. 

Life didn’t treat the orphans better. Yuichiro had taken the brunt of the work while Muichiro leeched off of him. During their entire life, it was seen that Yuichiro was taking care of his younger twin. The former’s frustrations would boil over after the appearance of Amane Ubuyashiki. Muichiro was going on a tangent about how they could help people by becoming demon hunters.

Deaths in Muichiro's family

His exact words caused a reaction from Yuichiro who finally snapped at his brother. He scolded Muichiro harshly for being a dreamer and a kind person. That Muichiro was too weak to start caring for other people. Since then, Muichiro gave up on the idea. The twins ignored Amane during their visits. Muichiro followed his twin brother to the letter until the next Summer.

The Night Things Changed

It had been the summer period when Muichiro and Yuichiro were irritated. The heat was getting to them and their emotions were boiling over. On one faithful night, Muichiro’s would explode. The twins would be attacked by a demon. Yuichiro tried to protect his younger twin but lost an arm in the process. The demon would gloat over them and their uselessness. That they should die since they had no value. 

Muichiro Tokito

This was Muichiro’s snapping point. From the anger he felt brewing inside of him, he severely mutilated the demon. He used rocks to crush its head. Sharp objects and wood to pin it down. All while standing over it until the sun rose. Unfortunately, the endeavor would take too long. As Muichiro crawled back to his brother, he would hear his dying words. The blood loss was finally getting to him. In his last bits of life, Yuichiro prayed that Muichiro would live.

Pursuing a Dream Locked Behind the Heart

Upon hearing his brother’s final words, a phrase would be etched in his heart. As long as it was for the good of others, Muichiro can tap into an infinite strength. This was the explanation behind Muichiro’s sudden strength and overpowering the demon. However, the experiences and the trauma would seal these memories away. He was a shadow of his previous self once Amane found him.

He would join the Demon Slayer Corps soon after the experience. Directionless and with nothing to do, he put his all into training. Within two months, he quickly rose the ranks and became Hashira. During this time, he had abandoned his kindhearted nature. His previous experience with his brother influenced him. Even if he couldn’t remember, he began mimicking his brother’s attitude.

His anger towards demons would drive him to keep hunting. At one point, he meets Rengoku and then Tetsuido. The latter would express his empathy towards Muichiro and help forge a sword the boy won’t forget.

Tetsuido and Muichiro Tokito

Muichiro Tokito’s Abilities

What is the Mist Breathing Style?

As a Hashira-level demon slayer, Muichiro has achieved the peak of his craft. In this case, he had the Mist Breathing Technique. Kokushibo expressed interest in this style and Muichiro’s proficiency with it. So much so that the Upper Moon 1 Demon was willing to turn him into a demon. According to the former, it would be a waste of Muichiro’s talents if he stayed human.

So, what exactly is the Mist Breathing Style? It is derived from the Sun Breathing Style and Wind Breathing Style. Its concept completely focuses on the mist. It tries to have the user recreate its movements. This includes swift attacks and movements designed to obscure everything around him. In Muichiro’s case, he also wears baggy clothes to make him more obscure. 

Mist Breathing Style Techniques

In the series, Muichiro was seen to be able to use seven Mist Breathing Style Techniques. Out of all the previous users, only Muichiro was successful in developing a new form.

First Form: Low Clouds, Distant Haze (壱ノ型 垂天遠霞 Ichi no kata: Suiten Tougasumi) – This is the most basic technique. Muichiro thrusts forward with his blade and that’s it.

Second Form: Eight-Layered Mist (弐ノ型 八重霞 Ni no kata: Yaekasumi) – Muichiro slashes forward multiple times. These slashes would be carried over by a mist and layered on each other.

Eight Layered Mist

Third Form: Scattering Mist Splash (参ノ型 霞散の飛沫 San no kata: Kasan no Shibuki) – For anyone who plays LoL, this is Samira’s E. Muichiro spins around, releasing a rotating mist to block projectiles.

Fourth Form: Shifting Flow Slash (肆ノ型 移流斬 Shi no kata: Iryuugiri) – Muichiro dashes forward with blinding speed. During this time, he slides and slashes down.

Fifth Form: Sea of Clouds and Haze (伍ノ型 霞雲の海 Go no kata: Kaun no Umi) – Muichiro slashes forward in a flurry while using the mist to obscure his movements.

Sea of Clouds and Haze

Sixth Form: Lunar Dispersing Mist (陸ノ型 月の霞消 Roku no kata: Tsuki no Kashou) – Muichiro backflips into the air. While upside down, he can deliver a lot of slashes. This is a technique most effective against Gyokko’s school of fish.

Seventh Form: Obscuring Clouds (漆ノ型 朧 Shichi no kata: Oboro) – This is the form Muichiro developed. It is a technique meant to disorient and confuse the opponent. Muichiro is covered in mist which greatly obscures his movements. Unfortunately, it isn’t enough to deal with Kokushibo.

Obscuring Clouds

Muichiro’s Physical Attributes

As a Hashira, Muichiro is strong. He possesses an incredible physique. As a child, he was already shown to be capable of overpowering demons. His stamina and endurance are admirable. He can still fight and hold on even when half his body is gone. The man is also extremely fast and able to incorporate this into his swordsmanship. With his sword, he can deflect a barrage of a thousand needles.

Incredible Willpower!

What truly makes Muichiro strong though is his willpower. Even after experiencing near-death experiences, Muichiro will keep fighting. His desire to hunt demons is so strong that he refuses to die. At least, for some time. It was thanks to this that he unlocks his Demon Slayer Mark.

Muichiro’s Demon Slayer Mark

We already had an article about the Demon Slayer Mark, so I won’t go over too much over this. Muichiro gains all the boons a demon slayer can get from this ability. 

Muichiro Tokito abilities

Muichiro Tokito’s Weaknesses

Despite all of Muichiro’s strengths, he does have his weaknesses.

The Strongest Demon Slayer?! Hyperbole, I tell you!

Some people hype up Muichiro as the strongest demon slayer. After all, it only took him two months to become a Hashira. His speed is incredible and so is his breathing. However, this could not be further from the truth.

Despite his incredible strength and speed, Muichiro is still a human. He can die easily as shown when the poison nearly killed him. Kokushibo was also able to best him by being physically superior. As long as the opponent is physically stronger, Tokito’s boons would be ineffective.


Against incredibly observant enemies, Muichiro’s techniques would also be useless. Kokushibo was able to see through his Seventh Form with a few glances. With a single slash, he took off a hand from Muichiro mid-attack. He was being battered about like a training dummy until the others arrived. In comparison, Sanemi and Gyomei put up a better fight. Muichiro’s inexperience due to his talent served as his downfall.

What Happens to Muichiro During Demon Slayer?

So far, Muichiro had the misfortune of losing his memories and his family. He never got close to anyone, so no one understood him. Only Tetsuido, his swordsmith, did and empathized with the boy. Unfortunately, the swordsmith would also die. It is unknown how the latter died, but it was likely of old age. Regardless, the story of Demon Slayer started with Muichiro all alone.

This would continue for the first half of the story. He would be mentioned here and there, but it would be a while before his proper showing!

The Swordsmith Village Arc

This is the arc where Muichiro receives his character development. He had been in the Swordsmith Village in pursuit of a new blade. He also heard about the Yoriichi Type Zero. It was a training dummy used by demon hunters to get stronger. Muichiro wished to test his might against it to improve his skill. We see that the boy was willing to do whatever it takes. He went as far as to physically beat around a child, Kotetsu, to get what he wanted.

The next time we see him, it would be Tanjiro and Muichiro interacting. The latter would be asking Tanjiro if the boy knew where his new swordsmith is. A man by the name of Kanamori Kozo. Despite their earlier argument, Tanjiro was more than willing to help find him. This surprises Muichiro and prompts him to ask why Tanjiro was willing to go so far. In turn, Tanjiro answers in the most protagonist way possible! “Helping others may end up helping myself”. This triggers the lock on Muichiro’s memories to be undone.

Muichiro Tokito and Tanjiro Kamado

Then, everything goes downhill from there. We already have an entire article for this story, so I won’t be going into too much detail. Long story short: Muichiro managed to unlock his memories. This led to awakening his Demon Slayer Mark and slaying Gyokko. Afterward, Muichiro began to re-embrace who he was. Finally becoming the immature boy he was always meant to be.

Hashira Training Arc and Infinity Castle Arc

After the events of Swordsmith Village, Muichiro would be among the forerunners. I can say more here, but we’ve already written what happened. So, I’ll just give a quick summary.

Muichiro helps the Hashira discover and awaken their Demon Slayer Marks. Afterward, they are dragged into a battle against Muzan. This is where Muichiro’s bad luck gets triggered again. Nakime would transport them to random locations. In Muichiro’s case, he had the misfortune of facing off against Kokushibo. The Upper Moon 1 demon also happened to be his ancestor. This reveal did not bode well for the boy. His body was in fear and he could barely muster the will to fight. 

Muichiro as a Demon?!

When Muichiro fought, he was badly beaten. He lost his hand in the fight and was subdued with ease. Thanks to Kokushibo’s “mercy” though, he was given some time to rest. The demon was trying to convince Muichiro to become a demon. He wanted to see his swordsmanship soar above and beyond. An offer that Kokushibo seldom makes and he tried making it as enticing as possible. Before Muichiro could respond, however, Kokushibo would target Genya.

To know more about what happens, check out our article where we discuss Muichiro’s death!