Who Can Beat Gojo? 8 Characters vs JJK’s Strongest Sorcerer

We have written a lot of hypotheticals versus battles involving Gojo. From the fights of his universe to other universes, we see that he isn’t untouchable. Sure, Gege may have written him to be the strongest character there is. But previous bouts made it look like that wasn’t the case. If anything, Gojo is exposed to only possess hack powers that make him “strong”.

In this article, we’ll be talking about how can Gojo be beaten. We will also rank the anime characters who can beat Gojo with varying ease.

Can Gojo Be Beaten?

Against popular belief, Gojo can and will be beaten. He is not as invincible as fans portray him to be. Sure, he is at some point but that only works in his universe. Even then, people have demonstrated many ways in which Gojo can be beaten.

What Are Gojo’s Weaknesses?

Gojo has more than his fair share of weaknesses. We have talked about them in a previous article, so I won’t be going into them for this one. If you want a refresher, click here!

Which Anime Characters Can Beat Gojo?

There are more than a few Anime characters who can beat Gojo. In fact, we have already written some of them before. Makima, Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, Goku, and Saitama are a few who can beat him. Since we’ve already written full-length articles on them, we’ll not include them in this list anymore!

With that said, let’s find some Anime characters who can beat Gojo! I did my best to find some characters who can beat Gojo in a fight. Then, I’ll be ranking them based on the ease with which these characters can dispose of Gojo. Here’s a small note though: these fights will occur under the rules of Verse Equalization. After all, it would be too one-sided when only one character can do everything.

I’ll also avoid going into too much detail for this one. So, let’s get to the list!

8. Reinhard van Astrea (+ Reid) from Re;Zero

Reinhard is the most overpowered character in all of Anime history. He may not possess the most feats like Goku. But his author jacked him up with enough exposition! Reinhard has over one hundred abilities. Many of them make Reinhard untouchable and immortal. As if that isn’t enough, he also possesses a convenient ability. If he so chooses, he can gain Divine Protection against Gojo’s abilities.

Gojo vs Reinhard van Astrea

On top of that, Reinhard also possesses the strength to destroy the world. Then, he can even recreate it with ease. If Reinhard had access to his Dragon Sword, then Gojo would not stand a chance. Gojo would die the moment Reinhard’s sword landed. However, it is because of this that places Reinhard at the bottom. Even though he has the means to beat Gojo, it is the question of if he could access them. The battle would be a stalemate unless the dragon sword is drawn. Kind of lame, yeah?

On the other hand, Reid would have an easier time against Gojo. He could cut concepts, space, and reality. With one well-timed slash, he may very well kill Gojo as easily as Toji did. However, he does not share the same protections as Reinhard. This makes him a little more vulnerable to Gojo and makes the fight longer!

7. Tatsumaki from One Punch Man

There is a lot of debate on who wins between these two. On one hand, we have a sassy child. On the other, we have a sassy adult! The problem for this match-up falls on how Telekinesis works in One Punch Man. If Telekinesis is an energy, then Infinity can potentially block it. Infinity interferes on an atomic level. Any attempts on throwing Gojo around are impossible. The energies will coat the barrier instead of Gojo. Tatsumaki won’t be able to do anything unless she interferes with Gravity.

Gojo vs Tatsumaki

However, Telekinesis should be able to bypass Infinity! Tatsumaki’s brand of TK uses Psychic Waves to interfere with or control. Since these waves do not possess mass, they would be able to bypass Gojo’s filter. By the time the latter realized it, he would already be dead. Tatsumaki is shown to be faster and stronger than Gojo.

However, what makes Tatsumaki more reliable in a fight is her ability to control energy. As seen in the webcomics, Tatsumaki can control “Chi” or “Aura” if she pleased. This energy isn’t special and is present in all living beings. In Verse Equalization, this ability would allow her to control Cursed Energy. She can disable Gojo’s abilities before killing him.

6. Accelerator from the To Aru Series

When I was first reading up on Gojo Satoru’s abilities, I couldn’t help but find them familiar. There was something about his atom manipulation that screamed “rip-off” to me. After a quick research, I realized why. Gojo Satoru is a different version of Accelerator!

Accelerator from the To Aru Series

Before Limitless, there was Accelerator’s Vector Manipulation. As the strongest Level 6 Esper of Academy City, he can control vectors at an atomic level. Through this, he is able to perform feats that essentially make him godlike. Through fine control, he can manipulate energies and attacks that could destroy an entire city. He uses most of this knowledge to form his Vector Field, a superior version of Infinity. With this Field, he could deflect attacks. Even ones that are completely energy based.

If we have these two characters fight with Verse Equalization, then the outcome is one-sided. To Aru’s Accelerator would destroy Gojo before he could even blink. The former is faster in both mind and body. With sub-relativistic speeds, Accelerator can blitz Gojo and then turn him inside out. The concept of “Infinity” would be a cakewalk for Accelerator. He can directly turn it off by manipulating Gojo’s Cursed Energy. Not to mention, Accelerator is stronger in terms of attack output. His Platinum Wing state grants him the strength to shake the entire galaxy.

Who can beat Gojo?

Accelerator can also counter Gojo’s Purple and Unlimited Void. The former possesses feats that allow him to manipulate imaginary concepts like Dark Matter! Gojo’s Purple has similar properties to Dark Matter, making the attack useless. Other than that, he also possesses strong mental resistance. Accelerator was immune to a goddess’ mental attack and a demon’s corruption. It won’t be a stretch to say that he could resist Unlimited Void. It appears that the original is stronger after all!

5. Asta from Black Clover

Asta from Black Clover can give Gojo a run for his money. In this case, quite literally! If operating under the rules of Verse Equalization, Asta can negate Gojo’s attacks. His Demon-Destroyer Sword will protect him from most of the things Gojo would attempt to do. His five-leaf grimoire would also disable Gojo’s Cursed Energy, making him a normal human.

Gojo vs Asta

The only reason why Asta ranks fifth is that he won’t be able to beat Gojo as fast as the ones above him. After all, trying to outperform pseudo-gods is impossible!

4. Momonga/Ainz Ooal Gown from Overlord

Ainz is a different beast on his own. To have Gojo fight him is like throwing a clown into a lion’s den. His defensive capabilities negate everything Gojo has. Since Gojo’s Techniques rely on Cursed Energy, Verse Equalization would turn them into negative energy. Ainz heals off of Negative Energy. A blast of Purple would heal him instead. If that wasn’t the case, then Ainz would likely have a spell in his arsenal to deal with it. Ainz is shown to teleport with ease, so he could likely avoid the attack.

gojo vs momonga

Ainz’s emotional suppression would probably save him from Unlimited Void. He won’t be stunned by the influx of information as it would be suppressed. However, since there are no feats to this, so take this part with a grain of salt.

However, Ainz’s overwhelming magic all the more makes this fight a wash for Ainz. With Reality Slash, he would be able to bypass Infinity. With Grasp Heart, he would be able to instantly kill Gojo. The latter spell does not have mass nor does it travel toward Gojo. All in all, Ainz would be beating Gojo with relative ease. Sasuga, Ainz-sama!

3. Ichigo Kurosaki (+ Ywatch) from Bleach

By following Verse Equalization rules, we’ll say Reiatsu and Cursed Energy are the same. Two words: “Soul Crush”. By existing, Ichigo and Ywatch would destroy Gojo with ease. But let’s not consider this. After all, Ichigo has never demonstrated to use Soul Crush nor would he in a fight. Even without this ability, Ichigo and Ywatch would beat Gojo hands down.

Ichigo Kurosaki

Due to Verse Equalization, Ichigo’s energy would destroy any of Gojo’s techniques. His superior energy gives him enough strength to break reality itself. With a swing of his hand, he was able to destroy a black box that manipulated spacetime. With his spiritual pressure, he destroyed an entire pocket dimension. These feats would mean that Ichigo has more than enough capability to break himself free of Unlimited Void. Purple will also be eclipsed by Ichigo’s easier-to-deploy Getsugatenshou. Since Ywatch is as strong, if not stronger, he would be able to do these and more.

Who can beat Gojo?

Both characters can also bypass Gojo’s infinity. Ywatch can rewrite reality and destroy the concept. Meanwhile, Ichigo can brute force his way through and slice Gojo apart. With these characters also being faster than Gojo, the man would lose the moment the fight began.

2. Anos Voldigoad from Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha

Then, we have the Demon King himself. This is another fight that Gojo should have no business entering. Facing Anos is the equivalent of facing death itself. In this case, none of Gojo’s attacks would be effective against Anos. None of their concepts would matter to him. The man would just laugh and mock him before taking out his sword. With a swing, he would be able to erase everything regardless of the conditions.

If we take the sword out of the equation, Anos can still reach him. Thanks to Anos’ ability called “I Guneas”, he can ignore physical distances. This directly counters Gojo’s Infinity ability, leaving him vulnerable to attacks.

Anos Voldigoad

Then, there is Anos’ superior version of Six Eyes. His Eyes of Destruction can nullify all concepts. This would include Gojo’s techniques. He can blink Purple out of existence and get rid of Gojo’s signature attack. Without another way to beat Anos, Gojo would be left to try and use Unlimited Void. However, even that would not be enough. The Demon King can keep coming back to life like a stubborn cockroach. However, there is one character who can beat Gojo more than Anos.

1. Eucliwood Hellscythe from Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka

Finally, we have who is arguably one of the strongest anime characters of all time. Eucliwood Hellscythe possesses the power to rewrite reality and tamper with Fate. There is no limit to this power. The only consequence is experiencing a headache. Even then, against a human-like Gojo, she wouldn’t need to exert herself. With a single word, she can command Gojo to die. Gojo’s Reverse Cursed Technique would not work on this occasion. Eu’s words are less of a mental compulsion, but more of a determined fate. The moment her words are uttered, Gojo’s body would shut down without an explanation.


Or Eucliwood can do something worse. If she said that Gojo’s abilities are to disappear, then they would disappear. She can leave Gojo as a normal human permanently and let him die by other means. All in all, there is no escaping this cute necromancer!


Gojo is strong, yes, but he’s not invulnerable. His Infinity only serves as a stop-gap against stronger characters from bodying him. Getting rid of Infinity and Gojo would be another fodder for these characters. Gojo has a long way to go if he wants to compete at the top.