How Does Gojo’s Infinity Work? Behind This Badass Power

Infinity is the coolest and the most badass ability that I’ve seen in Jujutsu Kaisen so far. Some of you may disagree with me but I will continue to think the same. Imagine having an invisible barrier that can block physical attacks, spurting blood, and Jujutsu Techniques. Everyone would think it is the best technique. But the question of the fans is, how does Gojo’s Infinity work?

What is Gojo’s Infinity?

Infinity is the concept of having a value greater than any assignable quantity. It is so great that it doesn’t have a known limit. And this Infinity can be brought into reality by Gojo Satoru using Cursed Energy.

The concept behind this is by bending the fabric of space, Gojo can create an infinite distance around himself or anywhere he wishes to be within range. There is an infinite distance between that little space from Gojo’s body to the manifested area. Anything that approaches it slows down but only from the relative point of view of someone outside Infinity.

how does gojo's infinity work

The truth is the thing that approaches Infinity moves at the same speed as it was before the entry into the stretched space. It travels an extremely small distance in the given time it wasn’t even visible and recognizable with the vision and perception of Special Grade Cursed Spirit. From the point of view of someone outside the range of Infinity, it moves so slowly that it looks like it doesn’t move at all.

To better explain it, imagine you are running towards the giant tree at full speed. But one meter before you reach the tree, it doesn’t look like you’re moving at all. The tree is still around the corner but you can’t reach it even though you’re running toward it at full speed the whole time. You continue to run towards it but the distance doesn’t seem like it’s decreasing at all. And from the point of view of someone from the outside, you don’t look like you’re moving at all.

How Does Gojo’s Infinity Work?

How does Gojo's infinity work?

Infinity is the neutral form of Gojo Satoru’s Cursed Technique, Limitless. When manifested with Cursed Energy, Infinity is created around Gojo Satoru that protects him against any hostile objects aimed at him including Jujutsu Techniques. Anything that approaches the Infinity slows down and will never reach Gojo. It can also block unwanted debris such as blood. Gojo can automatically select what the Infinity will block by categorizing them into danger levels by measuring the amount of Cursed Energy imbued unto them.

One year after learning Reverse Cursed Energy, Gojo can freeze dangerous objects like a ballpoint pen and bounce off the objects with the least danger like a rubber eraser. It doesn’t actually freeze but instead, it slows down. So slow that it looks like it freezes from the point of view of someone outside the Infinity.

How Do You Get Through Gojo’s Infinity?

Gojo Satoru’s Infinity is an unbreakable barrier. It protects the user from external forces like physical attacks, Jujutsu Techniques, and anything that the user forbids from entering. But, there are few instances that an attack reached Gojo Satoru.

How to Beat Gojo’s Infinity: Gojo vs Toji

How to Beat Gojo’s Infinity

The first time someone landed an attack on Gojo Satoru was when Toji Fushiguro pierced his chest from the back. That scene is a misconception because, in reality, Toji doesn’t pierce through the Infinity Technique of Gojo. But instead, Gojo turned it off to let his brain recover from fatigue.

Gojo has been on guard for several days of the mission because of the assailants attracted to the bounty on Riko Amanai. When they reached the inside barrier of the school, Gojo deemed that it is safe to not be vigilant anymore since they were so close to finishing their mission not knowing that Toji, who doesn’t have any Cursed Energy, can go inside and out of the barrier meant to block Cursed Users and Spirits.

How to Beat Gojo’s Infinity: Gojo vs Jogo and Hanami

How to Beat Gojo’s Infinity

The second time someone pierced through the Gojo’s Infinity is during Shibuya Incident Arc. Jogo and Hanami learned a technique that can render Gojo’s Infinity useless: Domain Amplification, from pseudo-Geto. If the Domain Expansion is a technique that will drag the opponent inside the barrier that provides a sure-hit characteristic and environmental buff on the caster, Domain Amplification is like surrounding the caster’s body in water.

The chances of an attack missing are increased because it is harder to move but in exchange, every Jujutsu Technique is neutralized, including the caster’s innate technique. As a result, Domain Amplification can neutralize any technique but it can’t be used simultaneously with Jujutsu Technique.

How Long Can Gojo Use Infinity?

The Infinity technique of Gojo Satoru is pretty much a broken technique in the Jujutsu Kaisen World. It can block anything from physical attacks to Jujutsu Techniques. And the only known weakness of it is the Domain Amplification that can negate Jujutsu Techniques and the capacity of Gojo’s brain to maintain the Infinity. The question is for how long can he keep his Infinity active?

Gojo was already using the Infinity back when they were still a second-year student. At that time, Gojo turned it off every time they were inside the campus and only activated it when he deemed it necessary: when in danger, and during fights. The reason is that it required a lot of brain power to maintain the Infinity and set what he wanted to block.

How Long Can Gojo Use Infinity?

Furthermore, he had to continuously supply it with Cursed Energy which required great concentration, another workload for his brain. During the Hidden Inventory Arc, Gojo had to maintain his Infinity for three consecutive days during their entire trip back to Tokyo Jujutsu High. As soon as they reached their destination, Gojo immediately turned it off, creating an opportunity for Toji to assassinate him.

After learning the Reverse Cursed Technique, Gojo can now put the Infinity in automatic. The Infinity is always active and there is another additional function of automatically selecting what he wants to freeze and bounce. He was able to sort the objects automatically into danger levels by the amount of Cursed Energy. He also runs Reverse Cursed Technique on his brain to keep it fresh.