Gojo or Kakashi: Who Will Win? Intense Face-off of 2 Senseis

One of the most popular pastimes of anime and manga fans is devising hypothetical matchups between characters from different popular series. Jujutsu Kaisen is not immune to this, and this fan is not an exception. This article is going to be an imaginary head-to-head battle between two famous teachers.

They both have white hair, cool eyes, and three students. Yup, they’re Satoru Gojo and Kakashi Hatake.

In this blog, let’s try to answer: who would win, Gojo or Kakashi?

Gojo or Kakashi: Who Will Win?

That’s a tough question because despite Gojo and Kakashi being pretty similar, their powers are totally different. And they also come from two different universes with different rules and different power systems. However, if we study both characters, we might actually have the answer. So, let’s get started!

Who is Stronger, Gojo or Kakashi?

We will start with their abilities. Here is some quick information about the abilities of Gojo and Kakashi for you. Firstly, we have…

A Brief (Re)Introduction to the Powers of Jujutsu Kaisen’s Gojo Satoru

Gojo is the strongest sorcerer in the Jujutsu Kaisen world. He comes from the Gojo clan, one of the three big families in the Jujutsu world.

How does Gojo's Infinity Work

The Gojo Family is well-known for their ability to manipulate space, dubbed Limitless, and Gojo is no exception. But the special thing about Gojo is that he can harness the maximum potential of Limitless, a thing that few other members of his clan can do.

The reason is that Gojo owns Six Eyes. Six Eyes of the Gojo clan is something that only one person can have at the same time. That means if member A of Gojo’s clan already has Six Eyes, no one in his clan could have a chance to own these rare eyes in this lifetime.

And the time gap between the latest person who owns Six Eyes to the next person could take hundreds of years. That’s why Gojo’s sight is insane. And when we combine Six Eyes with Limitless, that thing is even more insane.

Six Eyes allows Gojo the ability to never run out of cursed energy, shows him the flow of cursed energy, and gives him a super-computer brain.

Gojo Satoru infinity

When Gojo combines them together, he has one unbeatable barrier called Infinity. Gojo can activate this barrier all the time and freely let the thing he wants to pass the barrier.

The main advantage Infinity gives Gojo is the ability to slow down ANYTHING that attacks him, whether it’s a physical attack, a cursed technique, or something else like a pencil. It’s so absurd!

This is what makes Gojo the strongest character in the series, because no one can bypass his barrier. He also has three main techniques that he developed from Limitless. They are red, blue, and purple.

Blue basically makes a small black hole that will pull things into it. Red makes a red ball and pushes things far away. Purple is a combination of Blue and Red. It will create a ball of destruction and ruin everything on its path.

What episode does Gojo use Purple?

Okay, that’s about Gojo. Now let’s talk about another teacher.

A Short Overview of the Abilities of Naruto’s Kakashi Hatake

Kakashi is the son of White Fang, one of the strongest ninjas that was born in Leaf Village. Kakashi was also seen as a genius while still in the Academy of Ninja, and he is the strongest in his generation.

Kakashi has a deep understanding of Ninjutsu. He can use Ninjutsu from many elements, like fire, water, earth, lightning, winds, etc. But the main element he uses is lightning. He created an A-rank skill named Chidori. He will set chakra on the hand after hand seals to make a lightning ball. It will boost the speed of the user to the limit and strike through almost anything it touches. Kakashi can only use this technique four times per day because he has a medium amount of chakra. After training, he can use it six times per day. But because this technique is too fast, he can’t see or control his movements. So, he needs Sharingan to complete Chidori.

Kakashi Chidori

Obito Uchiha is a friend of Kakashi. At one time in the mission, a big rock crushed half his body. He told Kakashi to take his eye as a birthday gift. From that, Kakashi can complete Chidori with a Sharingan of Obito.

With Sharingan, Kakashi has a nickname called Copy Ninja Kakashi. Sharingan allows Kakashi to boost his vision 30 times, see what his enemies are trying to do, copy their Jutsu, know the flow of chakra, and can use Genjutsu with Sharingan.

Kakashi Sharingan

But that’s nothing with the upgrade version of Sharingan – Mangekyou Sharingan. Kakashi can use the evolution form of his Sharingan and its power.

After killing his friend, Rin, Kakashi is in so much pain and awakens Mangekyou Sharingan. Besides the main power of basic Sharingan, Mangekyou Sharingan allows Kakashi to cast a space-time skill named Kamui.

When activated, the user can open the gate to another dimension and deliver what he wants into that space. This is the only space that only Obito and Kakashi can open using their Mangekyou Sharingan. And with Kamui, the user can teleport to anywhere he wants if he has enough chakra.

Kakashi kamui

Before Obito died, he gifted another Sharingan to Kakashi. With two Mangekyou Sharingan, Kakashi can summon Perfect Susanoo and use Kamui easier and faster.

In this form, he can cast Kamui in shuriken to pull the enemy into his special space.

Okay, that’s all the main skills of our teachers. So, who would win?

Gojo vs Kakashi: The Faceoff

How Gojo Wins Over Kakashi

Hands down, Gojo will have a huge advantage because of his Infinity in this fight. All the Ninjutsu that Kakashi has won’t touch Gojo, even if he uses Chidori and moves with high speed. Everything will be stopped at the Infinity of Gojo.

So, how about Taijutsu? Well, Kakashi has great Taijutsu, but it is useless with Gojo’s barrier. (Kakashi knows how to use Genjutsu too, but unlike Itachi or Shishui, Kakashi is not a master of Genjutsu. That’s why we will not include his Genjutsu in this blog.)

What episode does Gojo use Purple?

And the limited chakra of Kakashi is another disadvantage in his faceoff with Gojo. If Kakashi and Gojo have a long fight, the loser will definitely be Kakashi. The limited chakra follows the limited Ninjutsu that Kakashi can use. While his opponent, Gojo, has cursed energy with no limit. And he can constantly attack with blue, red, or purple anytime.

Even in the Ninja War 4th, Kakashi has improved and can use his Ninjutsu many times in the fight, but that still can’t make Gojo difficult.

2-0 for Gojo at this time. But to be fair, that score does not matter. Here’s why…

How Kakashi Wins Over Gojo

On the other hand, Gojo would have a difficult time killing Kakashi. This is because Gojo will find it hard to hit Kakashi with his attack techniques such as Red or Blue. Kakashi can use Sharingan to dodge these abilities no sweat.

Also, Kakashi has the ability to kill Gojo immediately. That’s right. It’s Kamui. Kamui can transfer objects and parts of the body into another dimension.

And all the thing Kakashi needs to do is open Mangekyou Sharingan and look at the parts he wants to rip in Gojo’s body. Because Kamui does not travel through Infinity to attack Gojo, all it does is transfer Gojo to another space (which includes Infinity with him). Kakashi can let Gojo stay in that space forever or transfer a part of Gojo’s body to rip him out.

Kakashi can use it as a super effective defense skill as Obito did. He transfers a small part or his entire body into Kamui’s space to dodge the attack. If so, Gojo’s Purple might not work.

Essentially, this space cannot be countered unless Obito and Kakashi are present. That’s why Gojo can’t do a thing to escape or counter this skill. The only thing he can do is use his speed to stay out of Kamui’s range.

How about Gojo’s Domain Expansion?

It could work… or not.

We know one important thing to counter Domain Expansion in the latest fight between Maki and Naoya. In Chapter 198, Naoya casts his Domain Expansion, but he can’t identify Maki in his Domain. The reason is that Maki has no cursed energy. That’s why the Domain Expansion of Naoya automatically Maki as the building or a structure. The effects of Domain Expansion and even the “can’t miss attacks” in there also can’t target Maki. Unless Maki wants, no one can force her to be trapped in Domain Expansion.

Gojo's domain expansion

And guess what? Kakashi has no cursed energy!

Gojo opening his Domain Expansion will only kill him because, when in Domain Expansion, Infinity can’t work, and Kakashi can one-shot Gojo in this space.

Who Wins, Gojo or Kakashi?

If Gojo can last long in this fight, he will be the winner because Kakashi has limited chakra and can only use Kamui several times a day. But if not, Kamui and the intelligence of Kakashi will rip Gojo off.

Either could take the other. If Gojo’s techniques and reaction speed are instantaneous, he wins. But all of Kakashi’s Kamui variations could take Gojo out.