What Episode Does Gojo Fight Jogo? Strongest vs Strongest

Satoru Gojo is the strongest Jujutsu sorcerer. Jogo is one of the strongest cursed spirits. We witness them battle it out a couple of times in Jujutsu Kaisen, and their fights have always been amusing, entertaining, and intense. In what episode does Gojo fight Jogo? For those who want to relive these fights, here’s what you need to know.

What Episode Does Gojo Fight Jogo?

Throughout the series, Satoru Gojo and Jogo fought each other twice.

Gojo vs Jogo: First Fight

The first fight between Satoru Gojo and the cursed spirit is in Episode 6 of the anime (Chapter 16 of the manga). After letting Yuji watch movies, Gojo goes out the meet with the principal.

While on the way, he tells his driver to go first and steps out of the car. At that time, a shadow falls down from the sky and attacks Gojo. This is Jogo – one of the disaster-cursed spirits and is also the strongest cursed spirits of the series so far.

Before fighting with Gojo, Jogo had a talk with Kenjaku and other disaster-cursed spirits. It seems Jogo is so excited to have the fight with Gojo and really wants to crush our sensei.

What Happens in Gojo and Jogo’s First Fight?

Have you seen the meme “The Expectation vs. Reality”?

Gojo fights Jogo

This fight is that meme, but anime. In fact, Jogo is super strong. His power is equivalent to eight to nine Sukuna fingers, and he can easily destroy some buildings. His speed, strength, energy, and techniques are proof he is the strongest cursed spirit of the entire series.

With that said, Jogo is so strong, but everything is just useless when he faces Gojo.

In this fight, Gojo truly plays with Jogo. He has time to explain his abilities, teach Jogo a lesson, and tell him who is the strongest sorcerer right now. He even takes Yuji is watching movies at school to the fight in just ten seconds to teach him about Domain Expansion.

What episode does Gojo fight Jogo?

Jogo becomes enraged after being irritated by Gojo and cast his Domain Expansion spell. Once again, Gojo shows Yuji why he is the strongest sorcerer. He opens his domain expansion and “eats” the domain of Jogo. The cursed spirit gets frozen in the domain of Gojo and could not do anything to escape. Finally, Gojo rips Jogo’s entire head off.

What episode does Gojo use Domain Expansion?

Luckily, Jogo is able to survive because of Hanami’s support. They retreat and prepare for a bigger plan, which leads to…

Gojo vs Jogo: Second Fight

This fight has not been made into anime yet. You can find this fight in the Shibuya Arc in Chapter 84.

On October 31 at Shibuya, cursed spirits force Gojo to come by taking all the people at Shibuya hostage. This time Jogo is no longer alone. He comes with Choso and Hanami. This is a 1-to-3 fight with only Gojo versus three strong cursed spirits and all the normal people at Shibuya.

Gojo can’t use his cursed techniques in this fight. And with Domain Amplification, those cursed spirits can get through the Infinity of Gojo. They attack Gojo and hide in the crowd. Actually, their mission is simply to buy time and wait for Kenjaku to come.

Gojo vs Jogo

But with only his physical strength, Gojo kills Hanami easily. When Gojo couldn’t freely attack Choso and Jogo, a train arrives. That train is full of transfigured humans. The door opens, and transfigured humans rush out and kill the people there.

Gojo retains a cool head. He can sacrifice some people to get the best result. However, the death is now too big and more than what he can hold. Gojo bets and opens his Domain Expansion in just 0.2 seconds. With only 0.2 seconds, he transmits the information of six months into the head of everybody there and gets them frozen in their place.

Gojo killing transfigured humans

Gojo uses that time to kill all the transfigured humans. He kills 1000 transfigured humans in just 299 seconds.

What Happens in Gojo and Jogo’s Second Fight?

But at that time, a cube rolls toward him. That cube is Prison Realm. It will seal everything around it for four minutes. Of course, Gojo can escape it quickly, but a man appears and surprises Gojo. That man is Geto, his best friend and also who he killed one year ago.

Gojo in Prison Realm

That time is just long enough to make the Prison Realm active and seal Gojo into it. But Gojo is still safe inside the Prison Realm. Until now, Yuji’s group has been working tirelessly to break the seal on Gojo, despite the risk of being betrayed by the Jujutsu Society.

That’s all about the fight between Gojo and Jogo.