How Old is Mahito? Profiling JJK’s Most Hated Villain

We already know that Mahito is a cursed spirit born from humans’ hatred. But until now, we don’t know anything about his age. How old is Mahito? When is his birthday? Because, to be honest, he looks like a boy.

If we dig a little at the origin of cursed spirits, we will know something interesting.

What are Cursed Spirits?

Cursed spirits are born from the negative emotions of humans. Cursed spirits are something that embodies the “dark corners” of humans.

However, some of them are unlike the others. Some cursed spirits have intelligence and personality. They are disaster-cursed spirits – another kind of cursed spirits.

These disaster-cursed spirits will always exist and appear in the world until humans disappear. Who in this world doesn’t fear natural disasters?

The team of Jogo, Hanami, and Dagon are the cursed spirits born from that fear. On the other hand, Mahito is not totally a disaster-cursed spirit, but he is a special cursed spirit who could be on this list.

When was Mahito Born?

Mahito is a cursed spirit born from hatred between people. And you know, people fear each other even more than natural disasters. People hate each other in the workplace, people hate each other at school, at home, or even just because someone is better than them.

When was Mahito born?

The envy of people is something that will always be born and grow in human society. With that said, Mahito is an entity that could live longer than we can think. He could have been born from the beginning of humans.

Despite that, we don’t know Mahito’s exact age or when he was born, but we can saw that he was just born recently.

Theory 1: We can say Mahito was born recently because of his powers.

When we meet Mahito, his power is still not comprehensively developed. He still spends so much time examining what his power can do. This is just like you having a new phone and wanting to find out all of its features.

He tests to find the limit of his power and what his power can do with the target. For example, in the talk with Junpei, Mahito went public with his “scientific research”: he increased and reduced the size of humans to see the limit of how much they can get big or how small they can.

How old is Mahito?

These is that show Mahito was born not long ago. The first time we meet Mahito is in Chapter 16, and we can guess that Mahito was born before this time a few weeks or months.

After the fight with Mahito, Nanami refers to the cursed spirit as a kid. Mahito wants to have fun.

But this seems to conflict with the opinion above.

If Mahito is a kid and was just born a short time, why could he exist before?

Theory 2: We can say Mahito was reincarnated recently.

The answer is some disaster-cursed spirits or special cursed spirits born between people like Mahito can revive. They have a life circle. If they die, they will slowly reincarnate. As we discussed, cursed spirits are born from humans. As long as humans are still in this world, these cursed spirits will always return over and over again.

This idea was shown in the Shibuya Arc. The Shibuya Incident is truly a point in the series with so many things happening, and many secrets getting opened. Before Sukuna kills Jogo, there is a space with white only. In that space are Hanami and Dagon, cursed spirits who died before.

And this is what Jogo said: “When we’re reborn, we will no longer be the same as before.”

With that said, we know that cursed spirits have their cycle and will turn back after time. But they might forget all the memories of their last life.

That could be the same for Mahito. Mahito was born from negative emotions between people, and he could also live for so many years before. But he was defeated, and once again born in the modern day of Jujutsu Kaisen.

So, How Old is Mahito?

How old is Mahito?

In other words, we don’t actually know Mahito’s age. What we can guess is that he has reincarnated many times before. And every Mahito is a new individual with different memories, but the core of him is still the same no matter how many lives he has. He is pure evil and will always want to harm people.