Gojo vs Sasuke: Who Will Win? JJK Meets Naruto Pt. 2

Gojo vs Sasuke: who will win this battle? What do you think?

Gojo Satoru is the strongest sorcerer in the Jujutsu Kaisen world. Sasuke is the strongest shinobi alongside Naruto. Both Gojo and Sasuke were genius when they were children and got so much attention from the people around them. In this blog, we will find out the answer to this battle.

So, Who is Stronger, Sasuke or Gojo?

Before we dive into the battle of these 2 characters, let’s find out a little about their power. First, we have the strongest sorcerer…

Satoru Gojo

What happened to Gojo in the manga? Gojo laughing
  • His basic technique is Limitless, which allows him to manipulate space.
  • He owns Six Eyes. Six Eyes can help Gojo see the flow of cursed energy, reduce the cursed energy he uses down to nearly 0, and it also gives him a super-brain-computer.
  • He can create a barrier to defend against every attack that targets him. This ability is called Infinity.
  • He has three more attack abilities named Blue, Red, and Purple.
  • He can use the reverse curse technique to heal his wound.
  • He can use Domain Expansion and trap the enemy in his space.

Sasuke Uchiha

  • Sasuke has great Taijutsu, but the most awesome aspect of Sasuke is his speed.
  • The core elements that Sasuke use is Fire and Lighting.
  • Because of is a son of the Uchiha clan, he can use Sharingan and Mangekyou Sharingan.
  • He also awakens Rinnegan in the fight with Madara. And with Rinengan, he can use more powerful skills of Six Paths.

There are only a few abilities of Sasuke in the list above because pretty much skills will do nothing to get through Infinity of Gojo.

Who is Stronger, Sasuke or Gojo?

However, at the end of this hypothetical battle, the winner will be Sasuke. Here’s why.

Why Sasuke Will Win Against Gojo

In this fight, Gojo has these three things to win against Sasuke:

  • His Infinity barrier will neutralize many skills of Sasuke.
  • He has Six Eyes to reduce the cursed energy needed for his cursed techniques.
  • He looks similar to Kakashi to confuse Sasuke.

The main attack techniques of Gojo are Blue, Red, and Purple. Blue can create a black hole to pull things into it. Red is double-damaged with Blue and pushes things far away. Purple will combine Red and Blue to make a ball of destruction to erase everything on its path.

Gojo vs Sasuke

But if we told Gojo to find a way to kill Sasuke, that will be so hard for him. These attacks of Gojo are strong in the Jujutsu Kaisen world, but they can’t touch Sasuke.

With Sharingan, Sasuke can see the next step of his opponent and dodge it with lightning speed.

Gojo has a strong defense technique. But he can’t do much to kill Sasuke. All Gojo can do is last the fight as long as he can and make Sasuke exhausted until he dies.

Sasuke vs Gojo’s Infinity

On the other hand, Sasuke has more ways to defeat Gojo. The first thing he needs to do is bypass the Infinity of Gojo. Infinity is an irritable technique. But if Sasuke can find a way to get through it, he will win immediately.

Throughout the entire series, there is some way we can use to neutralize the infinity of Gojo:

  • bring him into the domain. Gojo’s Infinity will be canceled if he is in a domain expansion.
  • use a special weapon.
  • use a special cursed technique that can stop the Infinity of Gojo.

That’s what we can do to cancel the Infinity of Gojo. But Sasuke can’t do all of them.

Gojo Satoru infinity

So, Sasuke can’t bypass the Infinity of Gojo through those ideas. He needs to find a way with what he has. And the “Genjutsu” will not be in this article because it still has many loopholes.

If we dig into Gojo’s Infinity, we will find a way to get through it. Infinity was based on the “Achilles and the Tortoise” theory.

There is a common misconception that people used to have Gojo’s infinity, which is not an infinity space. It’s an infinite fraction of a single space. Here is what Gojo’s ability divides into an infinitive number to create the distance between himself and the attack.

With that explanation, you will be able to see some ways to bypass the Infinity of Gojo.

It’s Teleport. Yup, the attack must not travel. If not, it will be stuck at the infinity of Gojo. And Teleport will omit the space of Gojo. With that said, Sasuke is the natural enemy of Gojo.

How Sasuke can Teleport?

It’s all because of his Rinnegan. The ability of his Rinnegan is Amenotejikara. It allows him to change the position of objects, a person, or a Jutsu.

This ability is similar to the cursed technique of Todo, but stronger a lot.

With this skill, Sasuke can switch the position of Gojo without needing to break his Infinity and use his katana to stab through the heart of Gojo.

When Sasuke awakened Rinnegan, he did the same thing with Madara. There are so many ways to use this ability, and with that said, Sasuke has many ways to kill Gojo.

For example, he can use Amaterasu on himself, switch positions with Gojo, and let Gojo burn until he dies.

So, how about Gojo’s Domain Expansion?

If Gojo uses Domain Expansion, his death even comes faster. In the latest chapters of Jujutsu Kaisen, we saw the fight between Maki and Naoya.

After Naoya uses Domain Expansion, he can’t identify Maki. It’s because Maki has no cursed energy. Domain Expansion sees Maki as a structure or a building. All the effects of Domain Expansion could not work on Maki even those “can’t miss attacks” or the power of that Domain.

What is Gojo's domain expansion?

With that said, when Gojo opens his Domain, he cancels his Infinity, and everything gets easier for Sasuke to kill him.

In the end, the winner will be Sasuke.