Gojo vs Naruto: Who Would Win? The Battle of the Old and New

Naruto and Jujutsu Kaisen are series that blew up and amassed a huge following. In recent years, Jujutsu Kaisen has been hyped as the next Naruto. When people began drawing parallels between them, it didn’t take too long for fights to happen. With the lack of knowledge people had of Gojo at the time, it was hard to know who was stronger. However, as two years have passed by, we have more of an understanding of how Gojo’s abilities work.

In this article, we will be answering the question: Gojo vs. Naruto, who would win?

Gojo vs Naruto: Who Would Win?

Determining the victory between these two characters is hard. Not to mention, Naruto has too many forms for us to choose from. Choosing any of these forms would either give him victory or defeat. Thus, we need to know what form to give him. Since Gojo in the manga happens to be peak Gojo, we need to choose peak form Naruto as well. Thus, for this article, we will be using Boruto’s Naruto before he lost Kurama.

We will be dividing this article into three main fights. The first will be one without Verse Equalization. The other would be with Verse Equalization. The last one will be a verse equalization fight with prep time. So, to make it simpler for you, here are all the results!

Gojo vs. Naruto without Verse Equalization

If we don’t factor in equalizing the verses, the battle becomes difficult. It ultimately comes down to if Gojo can tag Naruto and if Naruto can bypass Infinity. With Gojo’s personality, he is unlikely to pull out Unlimited Void unless he’s forced to. He is likely to push his limits instead by trying to beat Naruto fair and square. He would be using Purple, Blue, and Red more often while trying to get into close combat.

Unfortunately, since Naruto is leagues faster than Gojo, the man is not catching him. In this case, Gojo’s only win condition is Unlimited Void.

In Naruto’s case, he would be able to sense what Gojo is planning to do. Since Cursed Energy is made from negative emotions, Naruto in his Six Paths Sage Mode would be able to sense it. He will be constantly on guard against Gojo. Most of his attacks would not work on the man. While his Kage Bunshin can dazzle Gojo for a bit, it would not be enough. His Rasengan and other attacks would be halted by Infinity.

Gojo vs Naruto

However, there is an argument to be made here. Infinity works off of math and what Gojo could see. He has to mentally calculate the force and mass of an object to be able to fully stop it. At one point, Naruto’s attacks may prove to be too much for Gojo to stop. I would find it ridiculous if Gojo could stop the force of a Bijuu bomb. Alternatively, Naruto can use Frog Kumite to catch Gojo by surprise. However, the moment he tries the latter to get close, he loses.

In the end, this battle is a never-ending stalemate between the characters until Gojo catches Naruto by surprise. Gojo wins by Unlimited Void.

Gojo vs Naruto with Verse Equalization

With the rules of Verse Equalization, we need to clarify a few things. Chakra and Cursed Energy could interact with each other. This means that Gojo would be able to gain the passive increase in strength that Chakra provides. However, this also means that his Cursed Techniques can be easily nullified. Naruto is leagues stronger than Gojo. With a Truth-Seeking Orb, he will be able to bypass Gojo’s Infinity. After doing so, Naruto can just use another attack to put him down for good.

Gojo would also not be able to react to these orbs. Naruto is singlehandedly faster than Gojo and can blitz him before he could react. Since Truth-Seeking Orbs scale with its user, they would be just as fast if not faster than Naruto. This means that before the fight could even start, Gojo would be dead.


Here is when people can call out Gojo’s Reverse Cursed Technique. If the brain isn’t destroyed, Gojo can still keep on living. Naruto, while dense as a brick, is not dumb. He will be able to see this happen and react accordingly. If all else fails, Naruto still has another win condition. When in his Six Paths Sage Mode, Naruto gains access to Fuinjutsu. This can help him Seal Gojo with ease before the man could fight.

If Gojo proves to be difficult, Naruto can pull out Baryon Mode. However, it would be overkill by that point.

Verse Equalization will end with Naruto taking the win with Gojo unable to react in time.

Gojo vs Naruto with Verse Equalization and Prep Time

If these two are given prep time, they would be able to discern each other’s abilities. Gojo’s abilities are well-known, but so are Naruto’s. Knowing these two, the battle would end during the opening act. It was a matter of which one acts first. 

There are two ways this fight would end. First is Gojo being able to quickly deploy Unlimited Void and dispose of Naruto. The latter underestimated how fast the domain travels and gets killed with a point-blank Purple. The second way it would end is Naruto throwing a Truth-Seeking Ball at Gojo’s head. Meanwhile, his clones would work on sealing him. Since Naruto’s clones are just as fast as him, Gojo would not be able to react.


Since Naruto has more win conditions than Gojo, it is likelier Naruto would win. With prep time, Naruto has more options and resources compared to Gojo. Thus, Naruto wins.

Now, I bet these results got you curious as to how these could happen. So, I compiled Naruto’s strengths below. For Gojo’s simply visit our previous article on why he is overpowered!

Who is Stronger: Gojo or Naruto? The Power of Friendship!

Between these two characters, it is undeniable that Naruto is stronger. Not to mention, he has more energy reserves compared to Gojo. Unlike Cursed Energy, the more Chakra a user has, the more powerful their physical stats are. Naruto only kept getting stronger and Baryon Mode only multiplies that by more. He has more versatility, stamina and durability, power, and speed feats compared to Gojo. In fact, why don’t we go through them one by one?

The Speed of Lightning!

Like every other ninja in Naruto and Boruto, Naruto used to scale to lightningHe was fast enough to react and dodge the Fourth Raikage’s punch. The latter scaled to the speed of a lightning bolt, putting him faster than 354~million km/h. This is Naruto during his younger years. As an adult, he can react and move faster.

The Stamina and Durability of a God… But Not Really!

As explained in The Last movie’s databook, Naruto was categorized as having limitless Stamina. He can fight for days and outlast Gojo during the latter’s younger years. However, Naruto’s stamina all comes down to which form he is using. The more chakra output a form needs, the lesser time Naruto can fight. In his Six Sage Paths Mode with Kurama’s Chakra, he needed to recharge twice a day.


In terms of durability, Naruto also got Gojo’s beat. Unlike Gojo, Naruto can survive planet-busting feats. He was able to tank Toneri’s attack that sliced the moon in half!

However, Baryon Mode negates this strength. At most, Naruto can only use this form for a few minutes. Afterward, he would be completely spent. This is going to be a problem for Naruto when he fights Gojo. If he chooses to use it anyway!

A Versatility Greater than a Yu-Gi-Oh! Deck!

In terms of abilities, Naruto can use, he has Gojo beaten. It would be impossible to condense everything for this article! He has over a hundred documented Jutsu techniques that he either perfected or invented. He focused on the developments of his Wind Style and Fire Style Jutsu, Summoning, Senjutsu, and more. By the end of the series, he has more than enough versatility to take on anyone in his path. 


He even gained the knowledge of the Yin-Yang Release which he can use to heal. With the Truth-Seeking Orbs, he can negate ninjutsu. And this is us talking about his techniques! Other than his skills, he also has the following forms:

  • Sage Mode – A form that allows him to detect and use Senjutsu.
  • Kurama Chakra Mode – A form that he can use on top of sage mode or vice versa. This allows him to sense negative emotions and create chakra arms.
  • Kurama’s Avatar – Encloses Naruto in Kurama’s form. He can use Kurama’s strongest attack in this state.
  • Six Paths Sage Mode –This is Naruto’s go-to transformation since unlocking it. It gives him the ability to use Truth-Seeking Orbs, Yin-Yang Release, and others.
  • Baryon Mode – Naruto’s latest and strongest form yet.

The Strength of More than a Million Shinobi, Planetary!

In terms of sheer power and strength, Naruto outclasses Gojo. Even before factoring in Naruto’s Baryon Mode, he possessed enough strength to be considered planetary. His attacks could devastate the entire planet if he wanted. In his Bijuu Sage Mode as an adult, he was able to knock out Toneri Otsutsuki in one punch. This one punch had enough force to neutralize the latter’s Golden Wheel Reincarnation Explosion Jutsu. This is significant as Toneri’s technique had enough force to cut the moon in half!

Even before this feat, Naruto displayed a strength that could decimate mountains. He was able to deflect and slap away multiple Bijuu Bombs. The explosions caused by these bombs generate a force of at least 10 raised to 28 Joules of force! Talk about explosive strength.

Naruto Bijuu Bombs

Now that Naruto has access to Baryon Mode, he’s only going to be even stronger. As explained by Kurama, the Baryon Mode is the result of him and Naruto using their chakra as kernels. This creates a nuclear fusion where the produced energy powers up Naruto. If we compare this to the energy produced by stars, this would produce 48 billion Joules. This energy is enough to give Naruto godlike strength to beat Isshiki Otsutsuki. And when I say godlike, I do mean godlike. By this point of the series, Isshiki was a step below ascension to godhood!


In these fights, Naruto would take the “W” more than Gojo would. It is only thanks to Gojo’s Infinity and Unlimited Void that he could stand a chance. Without them, he would be defeated embarrassingly quickly by the strongest ninja.