Who Would Win: Gojo or Saitama? The Battle of the Strongest

We have delved into Jujutsu Kaisen in the past month or two. We talked in detail about the main cast’s powers and personalities. Most of our attention, though, went into Gojo, and for a good reason! He is the strongest character in Jujutsu Kaisen after all. However, it is now time to put that to the test. Among Anime fans, there is only one way to test a character’s strength. And that is by pitting them against each other. In this article, we shall determine the victor between Gojo and Saitama.

Major spoilers for both series, you’ve been warned!

Gojo or Saitama: Who Would Win?

A battle between two Anime giants. The unbending will and strength of Saitama versus the balance-breaking power of Gojo Satoru! It is a compelling battle that many would think of. After all, you would think that Gojo would be able to counter everything Saitama throws at him. Physical strength and feats have proven useless to Gojo in his universe. However, it is unfortunate that he didn’t meet anyone like Saitama.

Saitama would prove to be a difficult opponent for Gojo to face. In the end, Gojo will lose to Saitama if he isn’t able to use his Domain Expansion in time. You might be wondering how is this possible. Well then, my dear readers, you better sit back. It’s time for some explanations of why Saitama would win against Gojo.

Who is Stronger: Gojo or Saitama?

We have already written many articles on Gojo’s powers. So, I won’t be talking about them here in detail anymore. If you’d like a refresher, you can visit our previous articles on the topic. On the flip side, we haven’t discussed Saitama.

In this article as well, we won’t be including any verse equalizations, prep time, and all that. After all, both characters won’t benefit from any of these conditions. Nothing will change with their powers or how they will approach the fight.

At first glance, you would think that Gojo is overall stronger than Saitama. After all, all that Saitama has for him are his physical feats. In the manga and anime, Gojo has proven time and again that physical attacks won’t hurt him. He was able to deflect a meteor Jogo threw at him without Infinity. He was able to throw Jogo around like a ragdoll. If you pit these two together, you’d think “okay, yeah, Gojo wins”. However, this could not be further from the truth. Saitama is stronger than Gojo in all ways except Cursed Energy Techniques. The latter techniques are the only advantage Gojo has.

Is Saitama Stronger Than Gojo? Saitama Triumphs in Physical Strength

If we talk about who is stronger between Gojo and Saitama, it should be a no-brainer. Saitama is physically stronger than Gojo. The latter possesses no feats that could compete with Caped Baldy!

With a single punch, Saitama could blow away mountains through pressure alone. In his fight against Garou, he was dishing out attacks that could wipe out planets! The two even had to be relocated to a distant part of the galaxy. The sheer energy and force from their punches wiped out an entire group of stars. If Gojo were to face that attack head-on, the man would be wiped from existence!

Saitama power

Then, there is also Saitama’s infamous “Serious Table Flip”. With one hand, Saitama was able to blow one of Jupiter’s moons inside out.

Can Saitama Beat Gojo’s Infinity?

You might be asking, “But writer! What about Infinity?” And you’d be right about that. When I had these two characters fight against each other, that was my first thought as well. Gojo’s Infinity cancels out any attacks with mass directed his way. Saitama’s fists would not be able to hit or impact Gojo at all. The latter would laugh at him before blasting him away with Purple. That was until the latest chapters of One Punch Man.

In the last arc for One Punch Man, Saitama had to deal with Garou. At that point in the story, Garou had achieved godlike strength. He could play with reality and open up portals. These portals are more or less rips in reality. He was toying with spacetime at an atomic level. It is similar to how Gojo’s Infinity works. You would think that there would be no counterplay at that point. After all, how can you beat a reality-bending ability?

The answer was you just have to be Saitama. When Garou tried to put the latter through a portal, the man kicked it away. Saitama was physically strong enough to defy physics and reality. He can grab and interact with spacetime, a concept that should have no physical form! Later on, Saitama even learned how to manipulate atoms! He learned how to travel back in time and cause a reverse causality phenomenon.

Saitama kick

So, if you ask me, can Saitama beat Gojo’s Infinity? The answer is yes with overwhelming ease. Saitama can physically rip Infinity from Gojo and then punch his insides out.

Purple? Atomic Erasure Blasts? No Problem!

Saitama doesn’t only have strength going with him. Paired with his godlike powers, he is durable. Gojo’s Purple would not be able to do anything to Saitama. The latter can survive atomic-level attacks. The best example here is on the One Punch Man Web Comics. There is a character called Atomic Samurai. He gained his name because he can cut things at an atomic level. When he used the same skill against Garou, it wasn’t able to do anything to the latter. Since Saitama scales exponentially stronger than Garou, it is easy to infer from then on.

To be fair though, webcomics Saitama is different from Manga Saitama. The two have very different scaling. However, manga Saitama is still likely to survive Gojo’s Purple. After all, in his base form, he was able to tank attacks from Garou. This includes the latter’s Nuclear Fission attack. Nuclear Fission is when heavy atoms are split apart. Since this attack would affect at an atomic level, it should have been devastating to Saitama. But the man brushes it off as if nothing happened.

Can Saitama Survive Unlimited Void?

With most of Gojo’s arsenal completely useless to Saitama, there is only one hope left. The use of his Domain Expansion is an almost guaranteed kill to anyone trapped in it. He should be able to use this to his advantage when facing Saitama. After all, when the chips are down, you have to pull your ace. Except, Saitama can probably punch through Unlimited Void.


In a redraw of the One Punch Man manga, Saitama had to deal with something similar. A character called Phoenix Man was able to drag Child Emperor to another dimension. One that was beyond their plane of existence. Yet, Saitama was able to punch through it after knocking. It wasn’t even destroyed on purpose if we were to believe him!

Then, there are also webcomic feats. Saitama in webcomics has been shown to have incredible mental resistance. So much so that Tatsumaki, the strongest Esper of the series, couldn’t do anything against him. For context, Tatsumaki’s strength relies on mental resistance and will. When she tried to throw Saitama around, he didn’t budge. This means that Saitama can resist Unlimited Void at some level.

However, it is unknown if Saitama can actually survive in Unlimited Void. He has no feats regarding mental attacks, leaving this as Gojo’s final mode of attack. That is if he can catch Saitama anyway.

Is Saitama Faster than Gojo? Saitama’s Ridiculous Speed

The biggest problem Gojo has to deal with Saitama is his speed. The man is faster than an explosion the size of Jupiter’s moon. He could blitz Garou who had already long reached God-levels of speed. In a fight between these two, Saitama can blitz Gojo with ease. The latter may not even be able to process or catch Saitama in time to be able to use his abilities!

The Final Nail in the Coffin: Saitama’s True Power

Finally, there’s Saitama’s true power. His infinite potential allows him to grow in strength exponentially to the opponent. He becomes stronger the longer he fights a strong opponent. It is how he was able to beat Garou in the manga. When faced with Gojo, Saitama would get stronger and stronger. It may even come to the point that Gojo’s attacks will never be able to do anything against him. This includes Unlimited Void. Saitama may very well be able to process that information with ease.

Who Would Win in a Fight: Gojo or Saitama?

Now we have all that information out of the way, let’s have them fight. On the red corner, we have Caped Baldy! On the left corner, we have Gojo Satoru, Jujutsu Kaisen’s Strongest Sorcerer. Fight!

Gojo's Domain Expansion

And Gojo loses in a few minutes.

Realistically, both characters would just absorb each other’s attacks. In the case of Saitama, he just doesn’t care. He wants to experience pain because he was too strong at that point. He was looking for a challenge and he was going to see if Gojo would give it to him. For Gojo, he is simply too arrogant. He never used his Domain Expansion in most of his fights. The only times he did this were to impart a lesson and the other was to save people. Even then, Gojo primarily used his Limitless Cursed Techniques. In a real battle between these two, Gojo wouldn’t use Domain Expansion until it was too late.

Gojo would also be taken by surprise by Saitama’s ability to bypass Infinity. Once that happens though, it would be too late for him to react. I wouldn’t be surprised if the fight ended in a second. It would be similar to how Saitama sparred with Genos. He would blitz the man and end up on his face with “death” written all over his fist.

The only reason why the fight would last for so long is Saitama playing along with Gojo. He would like to have a taste of what Gojo’s abilities have. He would stand there to experience Blue, Red, and Purple. In that entire sequence though, he would come out of it healthy. Gojo has no real way to injure Saitama. The moment he tries to use Unlimited Void, he would’ve already lost.


Unfortunately for Gojo, Saitama is too fast, strong, and durable for him to face. His only real win condition is to use Unlimited Void. However, Saitama would prove to be too fast for him before he could use it. In ten fights, Saitama would win 9 out of 10 of them. Even faster if Saitama was in a bloodthirsty state.