Will Nezuko Turn Back to Human? A Heartwarming End

Nezuko Kamado is one of the most famous in the Demon Slayer series. Her backstory, coupled with her adorable nature, made her a fan favorite. In this blog, we will answer the question, will Nezuko turn back to human?

Why Did Nezuko Turn Into a Demon?

Nezuko is the eldest daughter of the Kamado family. One day, when Tanjiro went to town to sell coal, a demon came to her house and massacred the entire family.

She tried to protect everyone, but she couldn’t do anything to stop the demon. Finally, everyone in her family except her brother Tanjiro died. Nezuko, in turn, became a demon.

nezuko attacks tanjiro

In truth, the demon did not intend to kill the Kamado family. In fact, he only meant to turn them into demons. His blood can turn an ordinary human into a demon once they pass the poison. Unfortunately, he failed, and he killed the family using his blood.

Nezuko is the only one who didn’t die, and she turned into a demon instead. After Tanjiro realizes the change in Nezuko, he meets Giyuu and takes shelter at Urokodaki’s house to train himself and find a way to turn Nezuko back into a human.

Nezuko as a Demon

After turning into a demon, Nezuko followed Tanjiro on the path to becoming a Demon Slayer. They are a perfect match and always stay together. This helps Tanjiro protect Nezuko from all the threats coming their way, not just of demons but also of the Demon Slayer Corps.

What makes Nezuko unique is that she can keep her will and human nature even if she has become a demon.

Swordsmith Village arc summary nezuko protects tanjiro from swamp demon

In addition, unlike other demons, Nezuko doesn’t need blood and human meat to live and supply energy to herself. All she needs is sleep. Before completely turning into a demon, Nezuko slept for two years at Urokodaki’s house to regain her power. 

More than that, Nezuko protects humans from other demons. She often saves his brother Tanjiro from danger and fights by his side if needed. Her Blood Demon Art also doesn’t harm ordinary people but only works on demons.

Even though Nezuko is a demon, she gets into the Demon Slayer Corps and become loved by other people. Except for the violent protest of the Hashira team at the beginning, all the people love and adore Nezuko after spending time with her. 

Kanao attacks Nezuko

For example, Giyuu originally wanted to kill Nezuko when he first saw her but changed his mind after seeing the demon protecting Tanjiro. The same happens to other people, like Tengen and Sanemi. After meeting Nezuko, they all change and treat her like their sister.

Will Nezuko Turn Back to Human?

Yes, Nezuko becomes human in Chapter 196 of the Demon Slayer manga. 

How Does Nezuko Become Human?

It’s all thanks to Tamayo. She makes medicine to help Nezuko turn back into a human. If you remember, Tamayo is also an essential factor in the final battle against Muzan.

Before the final battle happens, Tamayo and Shinobu concoct medicine that can turn a demon back into a human. She gives Nezuko one of them. After using that, Nezuko falls asleep and starts having symptoms like high fever and delirium. She perspires and breathes heavily.

nezuko hugs tamayo

There are two driving forces that turn Nezuko back into a human. First, it helps Tanjiro and Nezuko live an everyday life together again. Second, Nezuko is the only demon that can stand the sunlight. If Muzan could eat Nezuko, he would absorb it and become the strongest demon without weakness.

Muzan is the first and strongest demon in the world. He controls other demons. There are two ways to kill a demon: cut its head off or burn it in the daylight. Cutting the head off the strongest demon is practically impossible. The more viable way is to keep him under the sun, so he burns.

To stop Muzan from fulfilling his purpose, saving Nezuko and turning her back into a human is necessary. If not, the Demon Slayer Corps will not be able to defeat the King of Demons ever.

Back to Nezuko, after consuming Tamayo’s medicine, something changes inside her body. She sleeps and manifests a high fever.

While the others are fighting with Muzan, Nezuko is protected far from the fight. This is also where Kiriya Ubuyashiki commands the Demon Slayer Corps. Defending the place are Tengen, Urokodaki, and Shinjuro.

Nezuko sleeping

They know that protecting Nezuko is essential, so they look after the girl carefully. They would even sacrifice their lives to safeguard Nezuko if needed.

The battle between the demons and the Demon Slayer Corps has lasted for many generations, from which many failed to return. So, Shinjuro, Urokodaki, and Tengen understand this battle’s importance. If Muzan is defeated, the pain and loss stop.

A special demon appears, and it becomes an integral part of the final battle. They have to protect Nezuko carefully.

Nezuko wakes up 

She seems to feel that danger is happening to her brother. So, she breaks the door, runs out of the house, and heads for the fight. Now, Nezuko is even faster than Urokodaki. He tried but couldn’t catch up with Nezuko. 

Nezuko tries her best to come to Tanjiro. She sees a mysterious man leading her way. Later, we know that he is the ancestor of Tanjiro and Nezuko. Somehow, he is guiding Nezuko and Tanjiro to the right path.

When Nezuko arrives near the fight, it happens.

Nezuko slowly changes back into a human.

She gets a piece of memory back with each step. Nezuko can remember her family: her younger brothers, her mom, and why Muzan killed her family.

Will Nezuko turn back to human?

She also remembers all the memories of traveling with Tanjiro. She remembers Urokodaki, Zenitsu, Inosuke, the Hashira team – all the happy memories – and the most important person for her, Tanjiro Kamado. He is the one who always protects and takes care of Nezuko all the time.

Parallel to that, all the features of a demon slowly vanish from Nezuko’s body. Her fangs, demon eyes, and nails are also no longer visible on her. Finally, Nezuko officially turns back into a human.

Tears fall from her eyes.

I’m… Nezuko Kamado! My family was killed by the demons.

What Happened After Nezuko Turned Back To Human?

After going back to a human, the first thing she does is run to Tanjiro. The sun is already high, Nezuko is back to being human, and Muzan is finally defeated. But why doesn’t Tanjiro move? Tanjiro has lost an arm and passes away while fighting with Muzan. His hand still holds the katana tightly.

However, before Muzan dies, he manages to give Tanjiro all of his cells, and Tanjiro becomes a demon.

Nezuko can’t hold back her tears and hugs Tanjiro tightly, vowing not to let him harm anyone else. Nezuko expresses her heartfelt desire for Tanjiro to stop. She even gets injured while trying to do that. Finally, with other people’s attempts, Tanjiro finally escapes from Muzan and returns to normal. Tanjiro and Nezuko can once again be happy together.

The Happy Ending of Nezuko’s Life

After the Demon Slayers defeated Muzan, there were no demons anymore. After all, Muzan’s blood is the origin of all demons, and with his death, other demons die too.

So, the world of Demon Slayer now has no demon except Yoshiro, the assistant of Tamayo. That said, humans can live peacefully without any fears when the sun goes down. 

And because the world has no demons, the Demon Slayer Corps also changes its direction. The final meeting between Hashira and Ubuyashiki happens. Only Giyuu and Sanemi are still alive to come to this last meeting. 

Every difficulty between characters is solved at this time. Sanemi doesn’t hate Nezuko. Shinjuro doesn’t grumble with Tanjiro and Kyujuro. Everyone is reunited.

The love between the two couples, Kanao and Tanjiro and Nezuko and Zenitsu, also significantly improves this time. Tanjiro, Nezuko, Zenitsu, and Inosuke return to Tanjiro’s house and live there. 

What happened in Demon Slayer?

After a long time of being a demon, Nezuko can once again live the average life of a human. No more living inside the box; Nezuko can sleep like an average person. No more biting the bamboo all the time, she can eat food like a normal person, and no more care about the deadly demons looking for her.

Finally, Nezuko has a happy family and gives birth to lovely children. However, the author doesn’t show us that life clearly. Still, we could surmise it in Chapter 204. The chapter talks about descendants of our characters, and one of them is a kid who looks precisely like Nezuko. 

So, we can say they did have a great life after all.