Why Can’t Gojo Drink? Gojo’s Alcohol Aversion Explained

Sometimes, a character’s quirk can come as a surprise. For example, CSM’s Denji has the habit of eating anything with nutritional value. This led to an awful consequence later in his group’s drinking session. Although, one thing about these quirks is that they are often explained. In the case of Denji, he ate anything because he was poor. But not all quirks are explained by the author. In the case of Jujutsu Kaisen’s Gojo, we are facing the latter.

In this article, we will be theorizing about why Gojo can’t drink.

Why Can’t Gojo Drink?

It’s not like Gojo can’t drink. He probably could, but he chose not to. Besides, if he didn’t drink, he would die! There are many speculations online on why Gojo doesn’t drink alcohol. The most popular one is that Gojo doesn’t drink because it can affect him. It would lower his ability to use Six Eyes.

Does Gojo Satoru Drink Alcohol? No, Drinking Equals Bad Eyes!

Drinking alcohol a lot can lead to short-term effects such as blurred and double vision. Both would prove to be consequential to Gojo. His Six Eyes allow him to see everything in the world. If he suffered from double vision, he would keel over. After all, he would need to be filtering which is real and which is not!

Does Gojo drink?

However, the long-term effects of alcohol would be the biggest problem for Gojo. It has been studied that consuming alcohol can contribute to age-related macular degeneration. It is an eye disorder that leads to legal blindness for those over the age of 60. Cataracts are also a possible disease Gojo can get from drinking. Sure, Gojo can heal himself and refresh his mind. But he hasn’t shown to be able to combat aging and sickness!

Then, there is also the issue of being drunk. It can impair motor functions and our ability to think well. Gojo’s Infinity requires him to be sharpThis ability, while passive, does require mathematical computations to work. These are what go into Gojo’s mind when he prevents attacks from reaching him. In the case he gets inebriated, it might turn off which would make him vulnerable. This is a chance he couldn’t take. Since he was a kid, he had a bounty on his head. Any opportunity of him being defenseless can lead to death.

Gojo Can’t Hold His Alcohol!

This one is less supported compared to the previous theory. However, it does have one panel in the manga that supports it. In Chapter 155, Hakari invites Yuji to a drink. The latter refuses on which the former comments about it. He calls Yuji a lightweight before saying Gojo can’t drink either. Considering Hakari and Gojo’s history, it is likely the two had gone for drinks before. Something must have happened that led to Gojo banning alcohol from his life. Or that he just went too wild for being a lightweight! Sadly, this is all speculative.

Why can't Gojo drink?

What Does Gojo Like Eating?

Now that we know Gojo avoids alcohol, let’s figure out what he eats. Thankfully, this is easier to know. We have seen him drinking juice or just eating mochi. In some panels, we see him drinking sugar cubes in his hot beverage. This means that Gojo likes eating food with high amounts of sugar in it. Gege Akutami confirmed this when he commented about Gojo’s sugar addiction.

Why Gojo can't drink

So, the question is “why sugar”. Well, it’s less about sugar being addictive. It’s more about staying simulated! Sugar is known to provide glucose to the body. The brain uses this the most for its operations. Gojo staying high on sugar is to help him use Infinity and Limitless Techniques!