Who Killed Tanjiro’s Family? Meet the Mastermind

In this article, we will be talking all about that including who killed Tanjiro’s family. You see, every Shounen protagonist needs dead parents. Okay, maybe not every protagonist, but the trope sure is there! Kimetsu no Yaiba certainly went all in for this trope. It even went one step further by making its first chapter dedicated to their deaths! Spoilers ahead!

How Did Tanjiro’s Family Die?

In the first chapter-slash-episode, we don’t see how they died. All we know is that a demon attacked them when Tanjiro went out. The boy had come back the next day to find his family members dead. He was able to take Nezuko out as she was the only one with a pulse. However, he would soon discover that she had been turned into a demon.

It would be 100+ chapters later before we discover the truth.

Who Killed Tanjiro’s Family?

In Chapter 196, we uncover the events that happened that night. Through Nezuko’s memories, we see a certain demon kill the family. The demon could turn his limb into a whip. Based on the girl’s memories, Nezuko had been told to run away. Her younger siblings did their best to protect their mother but failed. In the end, all of them died. Nezuko had the luck to see her killer’s face before she passed out.

Who Killed Tanjiro's family?

The one responsible for the deaths of Tanjiro’s family is none other than Kibutsuji Muzan. There were no other demons who were with him at that point.

Why Did Muzan Kill Tanjiro’s Family?

You know, you would think that there would be a deeper reasoning behind this. After all, it was Tanjiro’s ancestors’ friend that scarred Muzan! With such a long spicy history, it made sense that Muzan would target the Kamado Family. After all, they are the living relatives that managed to survive the massacre. Perhaps, one day, he would finally find them and put them out once and for all!

Except, that wasn’t the case. Muzan didn’t even mean to kill the family. He wanted to turn them into demons that could potentially survive the sun. Instead, he injected them with too much of his blood that killed them. He never seemed to notice Nezuko had survived and just left. That’s it. Muzan killed Tanjiro’s family by chance and a passing whim. Nothing more, nothing less.

Who killed Tanjiro's family?

Man, talk about disappointing!

Did Tanjiro’s Dad Almost Kill Muzan?

Unfortunately, no one in the family managed to fight back. Tanjiro’s dad had already been dead for some time before the events of Demon Slayer. If any, it was his ancestor’s friend that almost killed Muzan!