Does Tanjiro Become a Demon? All Hail the New Demon King!

In most Shounen, there is a trope that they all share. Whether on purpose or not, the protagonist has some evil entity inside of him. For example, characters like Naruto and Ichigo. Eventually, the protagonist learns to deal with it and control it. TVtropes categorizes this as “Enemy Within”. So, it comes as a surprise that Tanjiro was never turned into a demon from the beginning! Instead, he was able to rediscover his family’s ancestry and inherited Sun Breathing.

It was going all fine and dandy until Muzan happened. In the end, Tanjiro was unable to escape the protagonist’s curse. And so, Demon King Tanjiro became a thing! In this article, we will be talking about that alongside the question, “Does Tanjiro become a demon?” Great spoilers ahead, watch out!

Does Tanjiro Become a Demon?

I mean, I think my introductory statement answered this! Tanjiro does become a demon. However, he wasn’t one at the beginning of the series! Unlike many protagonists before him, Tanjiro was able to stay human. It was his sister who had become a demon instead. Still, his luck would soon run out.

How Does Tanjiro Become a Demon?

The final battle against Muzan turned out to be worse than expected. With a single goal in mind, the “Beat It” singer look-alike wasted no time in getting what he wanted! His assault had left many demon slayers and Hashira beaten, limbless, and broken. However, hope wasn’t about to go out yet. With the aid of generations passed, the demon slayers were able to push back Muzan.

Does Tanjiro become a demon in the final battle with Muzan?

It had been a grueling battle until dawn. They fought Muzan for five long hours since midnight. Eventually, Tamayo’s concoction worked. The collective will and strength of the Demon Slayer Corps bested him. However, it came at a cost. Tanjiro had been swallowed up by Muzan in his last bid to escape. Without oxygen and his grievous wounds, the boy eventually died. Meanwhile, Muzan turned into a huge flesh monster to escape the sun. His attempts would be met with resistance until finally, he burned up.

With Tanjiro’s dead body inside of him, Muzan played his last card.

Muzan Turns Tanjiro into a Demon

Muzan injected Tanjiro with all of his blood and memories. This infected Tanjiro and brought him back to life. The newly revived demon Tanjiro lost his marbles. He attacked all the weakened demon slayers in the vicinity. Combined with his strength as a demon slayer, Tanjiro became unstoppable. At this moment, Tanjiro had become the new Demon King!

Why Did Muzan Turn Tanjiro Into a Demon?

Muzan turned Tanjiro into a demon purely to survive. Muzan’s will to live overwrote everything else. He was a man who was too arrogant to die.

Does Tanjiro become a demon?

Why Does Tanjiro Become a Demon?

Usually, the “Anime Protagonist” Logic would state that Tanjiro resists the transformation. And he did! For a little bit. In the end, Muzan’s blood had been too overwhelming for Tanjiro. The boy’s transformation wasn’t something he could’ve prevented. He was already dead when Muzan laid his hands on him. In the end, Tanjiro became a demon because he was Muzan’s only way out!

What Happens After Tanjiro Becomes a Demon?

Tanjiro’s retinue as the new demon lord had been short-lived. Despite Muzan’s best efforts, Tanjiro was able to fight back his influence. Kanao still carried a medicine that can turn a demon into a human. With one last gambit, she went in and applied the medicine to Tanjiro. As a result, Tanjiro was able to resist even further. Muzan’s attempts were all fruitless in the face of Tanjiro’s optimism. The boy was able to return to life as a human! This was the end of demons and a fresh start for humanity.

What happens to Tanjiro after becomes a demon?

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tanjiro Still a Demon?

Tanjiro's Demon Slayer Mark

As we see in the last chapter, Tanjiro has fully overcome becoming a demon. He successfully stayed human and Muzan never showed up again.

What Chapter Does Tanjiro Become a Demon

What Chapter Does Tanjiro Become a Demon

Tanjiro became a demon in Chapter 201. However, he only lasted in that form for two whole chapters after. His last time of being a demon is in Chapter 203.

How Strong is Demon King Tanjiro?

How Strong is Demon King Tanjiro?

It should be stressed that Tanjiro as a demon would have been very strong. As Yushiro explained, Tanjiro would’ve been stronger than Muzan. By the final arc of the series, Tanjiro was easily one of the strongest Demon Slayers. The only reason why I don’t call him the strongest demon slayer is because he just lacked the feats! Even then, that wouldn’t matter. None of the Hashira at their peak would be able to stand up to him.

Kamado Tanjiro’s Demon Form

Tanjiro’s demon form is reminiscent of Muzan’s. As the inheritor of the latter’s will, Tanjiro has access to the latter’s many powers. His true form would’ve been similar to what Muzan’s would look like. He has no access to this form in the original series. This form is only possible assuming that Tanjiro stayed a demon.

By context clues, we can discover how much Tanjiro would have changed. By the surface, we could see that his right eye and left arm regenerated. Since he had lost them in the previous fight, they were turned demonic. The only reason why they looked normal is that Tanjiro was a demon at that point. Once he was turned human, the regenerated limb and eye became useless.

Tanjiro Demon King limbs manga

Since Tanjiro just inherited Muzan’s powers, he still had the physiology of a human. There were no mentions in the manga that he had grown extra organs. He suffered no internal damage as well, nor any rotting organs. He hadn’t undergone any signs of surgery to remove them either. It is safe to say that, for the moment, Tanjiro was just a normal demon.

However, given the time, Tanjiro would become like Muzan. He would develop seven hearts and five brains, perhaps even more.

Demon King Kamado Tanjiro Powers

Since Muzan injected all of his blood and memories into Tanjiro, the latter inherits all of it. As the new demon king, he would’ve had access to all of Muzan’s powers and more! Let’s go through them one by one.

Tanjiro’s Would Have Been Demonic Powers

As the new progenitor of demons, Tanjiro would have Muzan’s abilities.

Body Horror/Biological Absorption

If you have played the game called Carrion, then that is all you need to know. Tanjiro would have had the ability to assimilate and dissolve any object. With any organic matter he absorbed, he could inherit their memories and abilities. We see this in action when Muzan was trying to convince Tanjiro to stay a demon.

Biological Manipulation

Like many demons, Tanjiro would be able to modify and flay his flesh. Through this ability, he regained his missing eye and limb. On top of that, he could cause his bones to protrude from his back. Like Muzan, he sharpened them and used them like whips.

Tanjiro demon king biological manipulation

Since Tanjiro was a fast learner, he would be able to learn Muzan’s other tricks later on. He could’ve been able to create mouths with sharp fangs across his body.

Blood for the Blood Go- I mean Blood for Demonification!

Muzan’s blood would have bonded with Tanjiro’s. As a result, the boy’s blood would carry special properties that could create stronger demons. This was implied by Yushiro who was grateful that it was Nezuko who had been bit first. On top of making demons, Tanjiro would’ve been able to use it to cause cellular destruction. He would’ve been able to control other demons by using his blood, curse them, access their memories, and more.

As Muzan learned to do, Tanjiro’s blood would eventually gain cell-destructive properties.

“Ears Like a Cat and Eyes Like a Rodent!” Better Senses

Tanjiro already had an incredible sense of smell. He was able to “smell” attacks from coming and sense demons with them. Now that he was a demon himself, this trait would have been magnified. Nothing would escape Tanjiro’s presence.

Everything that a Demon Has but Stronger!

You already know the drill at this point for every overpowered character. Tanjiro would have immense strength, speed, stamina, and reflexes. Paired with regeneration due to his nature, our new king would have been invincible.

By that point, Tanjiro would have cheated death. Muzan’s immunity to decapitation would be inherited by Tanjiro. This limits the options there was to kill him. On top of that, he became immune to the sun after a few seconds of exposure. This, in turn, made him resist Nichirin Swords that were once capable of killing Muzan. As stated by Giyu, there was no way of killing Tanjiro.

Tanjiro demon king immunity

On top of that, he would also be able to make shockwaves with his body. With his mouth, he can cause a small explosion.

Muzan’s Blood Demon Art

There is no name for Muzan’s Blood Demon Art, but he demonstrated it multiple times. Tanjiro would inherit this and bring his biological manipulation to a new level. He would be able to turn his flesh and modify it instantly with no repercussions. He would be able to manipulate his appearance and even develop other organs.

Tanjiro’s Experience as a Demon Slayer

As demonstrated by Kokushibo, demons could still use Breathing Styles. In this case, Tanjiro would have access to all his techniques as a demon slayer. This was what ultimately made Tanjiro a formidable demon. His access to not one but two styles would put many demon slayers on the back foot. However, it is his Sun Breathing that would be the most dangerous.

Tanjiro as a Demon Slayer

His better technique and control as a fighter would overpower his enemies. If Tanjiro were to continue honing his abilities, he would be undefeated.

Tanjiro’s Demon Slayer Mark

The Demon Slayer Mark would stay with Tanjiro as it did for Kokushibo. This mark would further increase his already ridiculous strength.

Conclusion: Demon King Kamado Tanjiro at Full Power Stomps!

It should come as no surprise that Tanjiro would have solo’d the entire Demon Slayer universe. The mark already put Tanjiro at a level footing against an aged Muzan. Making him a demon on top of that, and not even Yoriichi would’ve been able to defeat him.

All Hail Demon King Tanjiro!

To be honest, Tanjiro turning back into a human was just a series of luck and plot armor. A character in the series blatantly pointed this out. As Yushiro spoke to Tanjiro, he stressed the fact that Nezuko and Shinobu’s drug saved him. Had it not been for very specific circumstances, Tanjiro would’ve stayed a demon!

In an alternate universe, Tanjiro would’ve killed everyone. Not even Nezuko’s pleading would stop him. He was able to harm Nezuko in his mindless state. Knowing his sister, the girl would cling to him until she bled out. The latter is unable to become a demon because her body had developed antibodies. With the absence of Tamayo and Shinobu, there would be no drugs that could beat Tanjiro. A new era of terror is at hand with him as its dictator. All hail the new Demon King!