Who is Denji’s Girlfriend? Chainsaw Man’s Bad Luck in Love

At some point, you can call Chainsaw Man a romantic comedy. There are a few romantic elements woven into the story that contrasts its grittiness. For example, Denji’s doglike obedience and love for Makima are joked about by fans. Some even go as far as mimicking his behavior with posts of “barking” for Makima.

However, as comedic as these are, it shouldn’t be denied that Denji is unlucky. All women he’s been romantically involved with have tried or would have tried to kill him. He’s inherited Emiya Shirou’s E-Rank Luck, but not even Shirou was this unlucky! In this article, we will be talking about the women in his life and answering your burning questions.

Does Chainsaw Man Have Romance?

While it may not be obvious, Chainsaw Man does have romance as part of its story. This genre has taken the forefront in the Bomb Devil Arc. Denji was falling in love with Reze due to her natural charm. Even when the two had fought and Reze turned out to be a villain, Denji still wanted to run away with her. Kind of like that one Power Rangers anime where the Red Ranger is in love with the villain!

Who Does Denji Love?

While we may speculate on who can be the best pair for Denji, we should never ignore his feelings. On numerous occasions in the manga, he was shown to be in the arms of various women. Makima, Reze, and Power are the three main girls in his life that made him question his love. Yet, despite the latter two’s efforts, it was Makima whom he loved. Sadly, Stockholm Syndrome was too strong!

Who is Denji Dating? Let’s talk Shipping!

While we do have a definitive answer to who Denji loved, we do not have one for who Denji’s girlfriend is. This is where “shipping” comes to play. Shipping is when you pair two characters together in hopes they become involved.

Is Power Denji’s Girlfriend?

Who is denji's girlfriend?

For this ship, the answer is a definite no. Denji and Power are not dating in any sense. Denji himself had admitted that he did not feel anything for Power. Despite their intimate moments, he did not see her in any romantic or perverted light. If any, he saw her as a normal person and that was it. However, I cannot say the same for Power. It is possible that Power had feelings for Denji, but hadn’t acted on any impulses.

Nevertheless, the relationship between these two was more like siblings or best friends. They cared for each other’s safety and health. Denji was there for Power when she was experiencing PTSD from the Darkness Devil. In return, the latter saved Denji from Makima’s control.

Is Reze Denji’s Girlfriend?

Is Reze Denji's girlfriend?

Canonically, the answer is no. These two characters sadly didn’t become official due to Makima’s intervention. However, Reze will always be Denji’s ultimate “what-if” story. During the Bomb Devil Arc, Reze had also grown to develop feelings for the boy. She was more than willing to throw away her mission, so she could run away with Denji.

The love these two characters felt for each other was real. It was consensual. Given time, Denji might have forgotten about Makima. Unfortunately, we never got to see this possibility.

Is Makima Denji’s Girlfriend?

Is Denji dating Makima?

By all accounts, all that needs to be an official couple is for two to have feelings for each other. They must agree to start dating and spend time together. This isn’t the case for Denji and Makima. While Denji and Makima may have pretty much confessed they liked each other, Makima was lying. It is hard to call a couple to be dating each other when the other half is lying about it.

Who is Makima in Love With?

While Makima expressed her type to be the “Denji” type, in the beginning, it was a ploy. She wanted to have Denji fall in love with her so she could manipulate her better. She wasn’t in love with anyone or anything. She could barely feel the emotion as she wasn’t looking for romantic companionship.

If anything, she was looking for someone she could see as an equal. This is what led to her obsession with the Chainsaw Devil.

In the end, who is Denji’s Girlfriend?

You may have figured it out by now, but Denji sadly does not have a girlfriend. Not even in Part 2 has he discovered any luck to find one. However, this may change in the future. Currently, the series has a new protagonist in the form of Mitaka Asa. She is introduced to Denji in Yoshida’s attempt to set him up for a girlfriend. While their first interaction failed, it did not mean that they will not develop feelings in the future.