What Color Are Nanami Kento’s Eyes? Plus 13 Wild Facts!

As some of you may know, Nanami Kento often wears his signature sunglasses especially when he is working. As such, you can barely see the color of his eyes, which leaves some people wondering about it. In this article, we will give you a definite answer to the question “What color are Nanami Kento’s eyes?” plus 13 other interesting facts about the Ratio Sorcerer.

What Color are Nanami Kento’s Eyes?

Based on the anime and the cover of volume 11, Nanami’s eye color is in the shade of brown and black. However, most fanarts illustrate Nanami with blue or green eyes.

Why Does Nanami Cover his Eyes?

Why does Nanami Kento cover his eyes?

As a sorcerer, Nanami usually wears sunglasses in order to observe curses discreetly. Curses tend to be aggressive when they know they’re being watched; hence, some sorcerers wear sunglasses to cover their gaze.

Did You Know?

  • In Japanese, the name “Nanami” sounds like a combination of “seven” (七 nana) and “three” (三 mi) which is a reference to his 7:3 ratio technique.
  • According to the Official Fanbook, Nanami does want to get married—but not when he was still working as a sorcerer.
  • Nanami’s favorite hobby is drinking alcohol and cooking for himself. He loves bread and dishes fried in garlic oil, while his least favorite food is ribbon pasta.
  • He ranked 5th in the first and second official popularity polls published in Shonen Jump.
What color are Kento Nanami's eyes?

  • He is 184 cm tall, making him one of the tallest characters in the series.
  • After leaving work for the day, Nanami usually spends the rest of his night eating, drinking, and reading at home.
  • Nanami is the only sorcerer in his family.
  • He is the second heaviest drinker among the characters in the series, with Shoko Ieiri being the first.
Who killed Nanami Kento?

  • According to the author, Nanami’s character was created as a symbol of “someone quitting his job as a salaryman”. Interestingly, the author wanted him to become an enemy at first.
  • Nanami’s maternal grandfather is Danish. It makes him part Japanese and part Danish.
  • Nanami cannot bring himself to blame Geto when he became a curse user.
  • During the Night Parade of a Hundred Demons, Nanami used Black Flash four consecutive times against several grade 1 cursed spirits.
  • The author likes Nanami as a character since he is easy to work on.