Who Killed Sukuna? A Brief Look at the 1000-Year-Old Mystery

Fans have a bunch of theories and explanations about who killed Sukuna. In this article, let’s discuss everything that we know so far about the lingering mystery that still awaits Gege Akutami’s confirmation.

A Brief Background on Sukuna

Sukuna is one of the strongest characters in the Jujutsu Kaisen world. But somehow, he was sealed 1,000 years ago. His power was divided into his 20 fingers. These fingers drifted everywhere in Japan.

Right in Chapter 1, at the beginning of the story, the main character Yuji Itadori was in danger. He decided to swallow one of Sukuna’s fingers to have a chance to get out of that situation.

With that, Sukuna awakens and steals Yuji’s body.

Sukuna’s Powers and Techniques

A thousand years ago, at the golden time of the jujutsu world, there was a sorcerer. A sorcerer who was on the top of the world. He used to be the strongest sorcerer at that time. He was so knowledgeable about cursed energy and was given a nickname called “King of Curses”. That sorcerer is Ryomen Sukuna.

Sukuna is one of the persons that have the highest cursed energy in the Jujutsu World.

As we have discussed in a previous article, the main jujutsu technique of Sukuna allows him to “cut” everything. Sukuna has two types of this technique. The first one is Dismantle. The target of Dismantle is anything inanimate. On the other hand, his second technique, Cleave targets anything with cursed energy. Sukuna could switch flexibly between Dismantle and Cleave to attack his enemy.

Sukuna's techniques

Besides that, Sukuna also has one more jujutsu technique called “Open”. He curbs his energy to create a flame arrow. This flame arrow has a huge destructibility and will destroy a large area in its attack range.

Sukuna also could use the reversed curse to heal or save a dead person.

The final technique of Sukuna is Domain Expansion: Malevolent Shrine. He can expand his Domain to 200m. And everything inside this range will be shredded by his slashing technique.

Sukuna also has incredible physical strength and speed, far away from what a normal sorcerer could do.

With that said, let’s try to answer the big question:

Who Killed Sukuna?

Who in the Jujutsu Kaisen world could do that incredible thing?

Who killed Sukuna?

In Chapter 3, Gojo mentioned how Sukuna has defeated. With the deadly nature and savagery of Sukuna. He quickly becomes the target of the jujutsu world. Many other sorcerers assembled to defeat him. They sharpened their skills and finally defeated him. But they couldn’t kill Sukuna entirely. The energy of Sukuna is too strong so other sorcerers couldn’t destroy his corpse.

In order to suppress Sukuna, the other sorcerers had to mutilate all of his fingers to seal his Cursed Energy. If this hadn’t been done, he would have been resurrected as a pure Cursed Spirit.

What Really Happened 1,000 Years Ago

In Chapter 118, when Sukuna fights with Mahoraga (the shikigami that Megumi has summoned), Mahoraga attacks the King of Curses with a blade on his right hand. And here is what Sukuna says:

“If I was a cursed spirit, I’d be a goner.”


Sukuna just claimed that he is not a cursed spirit. We know that Sukuna was a sorcerer in the past and was killed by other sorcerers. But here is another detail to show that Sukuna was not killed by those sorcerers.

Who killed Sukuna?

In Chapter 33, we know that a sorcerer needs to be killed by the opponent using cursed energy. If not that sorcerer will become a curse after death. If Sukuna was really killed by another sorcerer, he might be eliminated. But somehow, Sukuna is still alive after 1000 years, even though not in his own body.


There are some theories about Sukuna’s Death:

  • Sukuna was not killed by another sorcerer and his death is absolutely natural (because as you can see, nobody could defeat him).
  • Sukuna never died and he just got sealed in 20 fingers.
  • Sukuna was willing to get sealed.

But a theory is a theory; everything about Sukuna is still mysterious. But we all know that Sukuna was not taken down by another sorcerer. If so, he would have been erased from the Jujutsu Kaisen world.

Right now, the only thing we can do to find out more about the King of Curses is to keep watching Jujutsu Kaisen.