Is Kokushibo Alive? Fate of the 2nd Strongest Demon

Kokushibo is one of the strongest demons under Muzan Kibutsuji, so it is normal for fans to be curious: is Kokushibo alive after the epic events in Demon Slayer? In this blog, we will walk you through what happens to the former Demon Slayer turned demon.

Who is Kokushibo?

Kokushibo is Upper Moon One and is the strongest demon under Muzan. He used to be a human so many years ago. He was the brother of legendary swordsman and Demon Slayer Yoriichi

His name when he was a human was Michikatsu Tsugikuni, a name he gave up upon becoming a demon. His case was the same with Akaza because many demons refuse to remember who they used to be.

Who is Kokushibo?

Kokushibo was born at the same time as Yoriichi. However, from a young age, Yoriichi was a genius who had everything he wanted: power, glory, and recognition. Kokushibo was so jealous of his younger twin.

After being saved by Yoriichi, he became a demon slayer like Yoriichi. He thought that if he did the same thing as his brother, Kokushibo would be strong and get everything he wanted.

But what happened was the opposite. Despite how much effort Kokushibo put in, he still couldn’t reach the level of Yoriichi, even after he activated the demon slayer mark. So, one day, he sat on the roof to think. He just could live for a short time before dying because of the curse of the Demon Slayer mark. 

At that time, Muzan invited Kokushibo to become a demon with a seductive promise. He could be immortal and erase the curse of the Demon Slayer mark. He would get stronger and stronger in the future. One day, he could defeat Yoriichi as he wished. Kokushibo believed it and became a demon, serving under Muzan.

Does Kokushibo Die?

He died in Infinity Castle while fighting with the Demon Slayer Corps. After Nakime teleports the Demon Slayers into the Infinity Castle, everybody gets separated into smaller groups. Kokushibo’s opponents are Gyoumei, Sanemi, Muichiro, and Genya.

Kokushibo vs. Muichiro

In Chapter 164, Nakime controlled Infinity Castle to take Mist Hashira Muichiro to Kokushibo. They started with a question about Kokushibo, and we learn that Muichiro is a descendant of the demon.

Is Kokushibo alive?

The first attack is on Muichiro. Despite his fear, he swings his sword to attack Kokushibo. But the demon dodges easily and cuts the hand of Muichiro. Next, Kokushibo uses the katana to pin Muichiro to the wall, just like a piece of paper.

Realizing the potential of his descendant, Kokushibo invites Muichiro to become a demon. Even though the boy is just 12, his skill and spirit are strong. Of course, Muichiro refuses the invitation.

Kokushibo vs. Genya, Himejima and Sanemi

At that time, Genya stands behind the pillar, trying to shoot Kokushibo, but Kokushibo is so fast. He immediately cut Genya’s two hands. Before he manages to kill Genya, Wind Hashira Sanemi and Stone Hashira Himejima come for Kokushibo. They have an epic fight together.

Himejima is genuinely the strongest Hashira. He breaks the blade of Kokushibo into two pieces. In the fight, Kokushibo invites Himejima to become a demon. He realizes that Himejima has unlocked his Demon Slayer Mark and knows its curse.

Manga Himejima fight Kokushibo

This time, Himejima is already 27 years old. And the curse of Demon Slayer Mark is to take the user’s life when they reach 25 years old. So that means after this night, Himejima would be dead.

And one more time, Kokushibo got another refusal. Sanemi is able to unlock his own Demon Slayer Mark, too, after recovery. He returns to the fight and combines with Himejima to kill Kokushibo.

However, Kokushibo is so strong for them to take down. Kokushibo alters his blade and makes it longer, with smaller blades rising from the sword’s body like a tree. He injures Himejima and Sanemi with it. Sanemi loses two fingers because of that attack.

Kokushibo constantly uses Moon Breathing to attack Himejima and Sanemi. Because Kokushibo used to be a swordsman, he is so skillful. With his power and speed, Himejima and Sanemi’s efforts seemed futile.

All they can do is dodge the attack, and they must put their life into it. Kokushibo’s attacks are like a storm coming in their way. Sanemi gets attacked and falls.

Kokushibo vs. the Demon Slayer Corps

But luckily, Muichiro saves him before the attack of Kokushibo lands.

At that moment, the Demon Slayers find a way to hurt Kokushibo. Himejima enters the Transparent World and changes the blood flow to disturb Kokushibo. 

Just with that tiny moment, the right chest of Kokushibo gets completely destroyed. Muichiro takes the opportunity and stabs Kokushibo with his blade. From outside, Genya shoots Kokushibu with his gun.

How did Kokushibo die?

From the wound, trees grow to block Kokushibo tightly. Hamejima and Sanemi see the chance. They attack Kokushibo together. But Kokushibo makes many blades rise from his body and shoot everyone. Only Muichiro, his descendant, could stand the difficulty.

The blade of Muichiro turns red and ignites Kokushibo from the inside. That’s the chance they get by trading the life of Muichiro. Once more, Himejima and Sanemi attack Kokushibo, and they are successful this time.

The Death of Kokushibo

The head of Kokushibo, Upper Moon One, finally falls to the ground.

Despite this, Kokushibo still thrashes around for his life. Finally, his head changes to a new form – a monster. But Kokushibo sees his recent form by the reflection on the blade. Kokushibo is shocked by his new look and freezes for a moment.

Sanemi and Hamejima use that moment to attack Kokushibo. His body slowly turns to dust, and the strongest demon under Muzan is gone.

Did Kokushibo die?

Is Kokushibo Alive?

The answer is no. Demons are known for their great vitality, but even Kokushibo couldn’t live after that epic fight. Moreover, after escaping from the Infinity Castle, the Demon Slayer Corps use all they have to fight Muzan until he dies because of sunlight. Even if Kokushibo could survive after the fight, he would have been killed because of Muzan.

After Muzan dies, all the demons would die because of their connection to him. So with that said, Kokushibo is truly dead in Demon Slayer. One and forever.