How Strong is Megumi? The Promising Sorcerer’s Powers

Despite being only a first-year student, Megumi Fushiguro has already earned acknowledgement from the strongest jujutsu sorcerer himself. According to Gojo Satoru, Megumi has more skill and potential than Yuji. In fact, he could even become as strong as him in the future.

What is it about Megumi that even Sukuna, the King of Curses, became so interested in him? How strong is Megumi Fushiguro?

Is Megumi Fushiguro Powerful?

Is Megumi Fushiguro Powerful?

By sorcerer standards, Megumi Fushiguro is indeed powerful as he was able to single-handedly defeat a Finger Bearer using his incomplete Domain Expansion. Take note that it was his first time going beyond his limits and activating Chimera Shadow Garden, and yet he was able to successfully defeat the strong opponent. Apart from that, Megumi’s mastery of his techniques is one of the things that make him such a powerful sorcerer.

How Strong is Megumi? Fushiguro’s Skills Explained

According to Gojo Satoru, Megumi possesses a lot of skills. Let us look at them one by one.

Cursed Shadow Technique

As a descendant of the Zenin Clan, Megumi inherited the Ten Shadows Technique which allows its user to summon ten different shikigami using shadows as an intermediary. Megumi can summon shikigami from the shadows that serve him by using specific hand gestures. As the name suggests, the user may summon and manipulate up to ten shikigami, each of which has its own special abilities.

So far, Megumi can summon Divine Dogs, Nue, Great Serpent, Toad, Max Elephant, Rabbit Escape, and Mahoraga.

How strong is Megumi Fushiguro?

One of the interesting aspects of the Ten Shadows Technique is the fact that even when a shikigami is destroyed and is no longer able to be summoned, its cursed energy is passed on to the other Shikigami. When Megumi’s white Divine Dog was destroyed by a special grade curse, its cursed energy was absorbed by Megumi’s black Divine Dog, resulting in the creation of Divine Dog: Totality, an entirely enhanced hybrid of both. Divine Dog: Totality has proved to be strong enough to combat even special grade cursed spirits.

Domain Expansion

How strong is Megumi domain expansion?

Megumi has the ability to expand his cursed energy into an impenetrable dimension by combining his shikigami with his Domain Expansion called Chimera Shadow Garden. In Chimera Shadow Garden, the space becomes filled with fluid-like shadows. Megumi can summon several Shikigami at once, and inside his domain, he can even make a duplicate of himself. However, Megumi’s Domain Expansion is still incomplete so all his attacks will not be a sure hit. Still, activating Chimera shadow Garden will definitely give him an upper hand in battle.

Summoning Mahoraga

Mahoraga Megumi

In Chapter 117, Megumi successfully summoned Mahoraga—an enormous, hulking humanoid with four wings sticking out from its eye sockets and a tail-like appendage emerging from the rear of its skull. A large eight-handled wheel that is hovering directly above this revolves as Mahoraga reacts to various stimuli. Throughout the history of the Ten Shadows Technique, no sorcerer has been able to exorcise this uncontrollable shikigami.

Tactical Intellect

How strong is Megumi?

What makes Megumi such a powerful sorcerer is that aside from his exceptional cursed techniques, he also has an innate tactical intellect that allows him to win against many stronger opponents. He does not aimlessly attack his opponents; instead, he thinks of the best way and best timing to launch his attacks. Megumi evaluates all aspects of his surroundings before thinking of a way to outwit his opponent especially if he knows that they are stronger than him.

Megumi’s Notable Fights

Aside from his exceptional abilities, Megumi has also proven his prowess on different occasions.

Megumi vs. Hanami

Megumi vs Hanami

When Hanami’s unexpected attack brought chaos to Tokyo Jujutsu High, the students worked together to defeat the special grade cursed spirit. Megumi summoning Divine Dog: Totality was one of the key factors that made it happen. By doing so, he was able to weaken Hanami’s defense. Since it was already in poor condition, Hanami was forced to retreat.

Megumi vs. The student Noritoshi Kamo

Megumi vs Noritoshi Kamo

During the Goodwill Event, Megumi was able to summon a new shikigami from his Ten Shadows Technique—the Max Elephant. It requires a great amount of cursed energy to summon Max Elephant which says a lot about Megumi’s prowess. Just as Kamo was getting ready to launch an attack, he was pushed outside by the flood of water that Max Elephant unleashed.

Megumi vs. Finger Bearer

Megumi vs Finger Bearer

When Megumi momentarily lost consciousness during his fight with the Finger Bearer, he recalled his training with Gojo Satoru. When he regained consciousness, Megumi decided to envision a stronger version of himself and activate his Domain Expansion. He was aware that it was still incomplete, but he is certain that it was still sufficient to defeat the Finger Bearer—and Megumi was not mistaken. He utilized the shadows in Chimera Shadow Garden to create a fake shadow substitute in order to deceive the Finger Bearer. As soon as it was off-guard, Megumi attacked the Finger Bearer from behind, leading to its defeat.

Megumi vs. Ryomen Sukuna

Megumi vs Ryomen Sukuna

Despite being a shikigami user, Megumi was bold enough to engage in close combat with Sukuna. As such, Sukuna was impressed by Megumi. They trade blows a few times, but Sukuna deflects all of Megumi’s attacks and hits him in return. Even though Megumi’s power was obviously inferior to Sukuna, he was persistent and did not back down against the King of Curses. As observed from this fight, Megumi’s determination is one of the reasons why he has a huge potential to become even stronger in the future.

Is Megumi Fushiguro Stronger Than Gojo Satoru?

Is Megumi stronger than Gojo?

As of now, Megumi still has a long way to go before he could become stronger than Gojo Satoru. However, we cannot deny that he has the potential to become even stronger in the future considering his current mastery of his techniques. It’s already impressive enough that he can already create a Domain Expansion at a young age. Even though it is yet to be completed, Megumi’s Domain Expansion has proved to be effective enough to defeat a Finger Bearer all by himself. Most importantly, we can see a consistent growth in his abilities as a jujutsu sorcerer.

Is Yuji Itadori Stronger Than Megumi Fushiguro?

Yuji was initially not a sorcerer, until he ate one of Ryomen Sukuna’s fingers making him his vessel. Many fans might be thinking that Yuji is stronger than Megumi because he became Sukuna’s vessel and his body did not shatter into pieces the moment Sukuna became a part of him.

Is Megumi stronger than Yuji?

But if we are going to compare who is stronger between Yuji and Megumi, we can say that Megumi, as of writing, has a bit of an upper hand than Yuji because of his mastery over his technique. He is also most likely to be the youngest character in the series to develop a Domain Expansion, giving him an edge over Yuji if we are talking purely about skills. Yuji also does not have a cursed technique as of the Culling Game Arc, so it’s possible that Megumi is stronger than him at least for now.

However, the series is not yet over and for sure Megumi will continue to become even stronger in future arcs. Let us all look forward to seeing how strong Megumi will get in the future chapters of Jujutsu Kaisen.