Who Does Denji End Up With? A Little Bit of Happy Ending

The story for Chainsaw Man’s Part 1 ended way back on the 13th of December 2020. It has been nearly two years since then. Part 2 was released back in July, but with little traces of Denji. He does show up in a few chapters, but the story is predominantly led by the new protagonist. At the time of this writing, Asa Mitaka continues to be the main protagonist and has been in most chapters of Part 2.

Still, the events of Part 1 are fresh in the fans’ minds. It was a bittersweet ending for Denji after all where only a few people were left with him. Thus, this begs the question: just who are these people, and why are they going to be important in Part 2? As part of our ongoing dive in Chainsaw Man, we will be talking about who Denji ends up with.

Who Does Denji End Up With? Meet the Cast.

First, I must clarify that the term “end up with” here is being used in a non-romantic sense. There’s a different article for Denji’s love life. This article will talk about the people who are left in Denji’s life and the people he ended up in close contact with.

Nayuta (Makima’s Reincarnation)

Who does Denji end up with?

Ironically, it appears that the story between Denji and the Control Devil will never end. While Denji had managed to take out Makima, it did not mean he could do so forever. The boy never inherited Pochita’s ability to eat and erase Devils. At one point, the Control Devil was able to reincarnate as Nayuta. It was only thanks to Kishibe’s efforts that he found her and then brought her under Denji’s care.

At the time of this writing, Nayuta has yet to show up in the manga. However, it can be at least confirmed that she is being greatly looked after by Denji. The latter is very serious after all when it comes to fulfilling wishes. At the end of Part 1, Pochita had Denji promise to help fulfill the Control Devil’s dream. This meant giving her lots of hugs and love that her previous life had been starved of.
Her character will be important in the future as she is the reincarnation of the Control Devil. It will be Denji’s job to make sure she doesn’t end up the same as Makima.


Who does Denji end up with?

While his mentor is not a constant factor in his life, the man does look after Denji. Kishibe admitted back in Chapter 32 that he had grown a soft spot for Denji and Power. He wanted what was best for them and even helped the boy escape the public eye in Chapter 92. It is implied that he would grieve the boy’s death if he ever died.

His relationship with Denji can be described as odd. But he ultimately serves as a paternal figure in the boy’s life. While Kishibe hasn’t shown up again in the manga, he is likely to in the future.

Hirofumi Yoshida and Higashiyama Kobeni

Who does Denji end up with?

These two are humans that Denji knew from Part 1. They are the few that survived the events of Makima’s manipulations.

While Kobeni’s whereabouts are unknown right now, she has a good chance of showing up in future chapters. After all, she is one of the fandom’s beloved characters and serves as a form of dark comedic relief in the story.

In Yoshida’s case, he came in close contact with Denji in Part 2. As of this writing, the boy is acting as Denji’s bodyguard.