How Did Makima Kill the Gun Devil? A Catastrophic Twist

Following the release of Chapter 75, the terrifying debut of the Gun Devil instantly became a big fuss among the readers of Chainsaw Man. Everyone was awestruck by the manga panel revealing the Gun Devil’s design for the first time together with a long list of the people it killed. Being the embodiment of gun terror and capable of killing millions in a span of seconds, the Gun Devil is considered one of the strongest devils in the series.

One might ask, is it even possible to defeat this monstrosity? What happened to the Gun Devil? Who defeated the Gun Devil? Read more to find out the answers to these questions.

What Chapter is Gun Devil Arc?

The Gun Devil first appeared in Chapter 75 when it was summoned by the US President to eliminate the greatest threat to humanity and world peace, that is, none other than the Control Devil. Using 20% of the fragment owned by the US, the Gun Devil materialized in the city of Nikaho on September 12, 1997. Its ability to fire bullets was immediately activated as soon as it appeared, killing millions of people, young and old.

What Chapter is Gun Devil Arc?

Nobody was safe from its bullets—well, except those who were born in April, July, and October. One of the Gun Devil’s abilities is to fire a bullet through the heart of every living thing born in the months of January, February, March, May, June, August, September, November, and December within one kilometer of distance. Interestingly, those who were born in the 4th, 7th, and 10th months of the year were spared. Why? It can be attributed to another of Tatsuki Fujimoto’s brilliant puns. When combining the Japanese words for numbers 4, 7, and 10 (shi, nana, juu), it sounds like “shina nai juu”, which translates to “won’t die by the gun”. Clever, isn’t it?

Going back to the Gun Devil’s rampage, it finally found its target after obliterating every city it passed through. As soon as it spotted Makima, the Gun Devil immediately launched the first strike.

How Did Makima Kill the Gun Devil?

After passing through cities and annihilating everyone in the vicinity, the Gun devil finally reached Makima and fired a bullet straight into her forehead. But, thanks to her contract with the Prime Minister, the bullet was nothing but a scratch for Makima. What came out of it was an unusual halo that floated above her head, making her look like a harbinger of death.

How did Makima kill the Gun Devil?

Sure enough, using the abilities of six devil hunters that were chained and controlled by her, Makima summoned a gruesome creature wielding various blades. It emerged from a portal above the Gun Devil, and even though it was not explicitly shown, it was implied that the creature led to the Gun Devil’s defeat.

How Did Makima Survive the Gunshot?

Makima is basically invincible and can survive any kind of attack due to her contract with the Prime Minister of Japan. According to their contract, any fatal damage inflicted on Makima will be immediately transferred to a random Japanese citizen in the form of an illness. This allows her to regenerate quickly on the battlefield, making her almost immortal.

Who Defeated the Gun Devil?

Even though Makima summoned a gruesome, demonic creature to finish off the Gun Devil, apparently, it was not enough. Although she was able to inflict a great deal of damage, Makima failed to completely defeat the Gun Devil as it eventually took over Aki’s corpse which turned him into a Gun Fiend.

Who Defeated the Gun Devil?

What Chapter Does Denji Kill the Gun Devil?

In Chapter 79, Aki—who is now a Gun Fiend—went straight to Denji and attacked him as soon as he opened the door. The combat caused so much damage to the neighborhood, killing innocent residents in the process. Eventually, after seeing the disaster they have caused and hearing the pleas of the victims, Denji dealt the final blow that ultimately killed the Gun Fiend.

The Snowball Fight

Who knew that a snowball fight can be so depressing? This specific chapter was tragic and unforgettable for many reasons. It is where we witnessed the agonizing fight between Denji and Aki who have been fighting alongside each other since day one. What makes it so painful is the poignant and creative storytelling of this chapter. The entire battle was chronicled in an alternating perspective between Aki’s imagination and Denji’s reality. To Aki, the whole fight appeared to be an innocent snowball fight between him and Denji.

Aki and Denji's Snowball Fight

However, in reality, it was a bloody and destructive battle that affected a huge part of the neighborhood and killed many innocent people. Every time Aki throws snowballs at Denji, little did he know that in reality, he fires bullets and kills innocent bystanders. In his mind, Aki was having fun for the first time in his life. His utter obliviousness to the violent reality is what makes his death so unforgettable to the readers.

Does Denji Kill the Gun Devil?

We don’t know for sure, but there’s a possibility that Denji didn’t completely kill the Gun Devil since the one that appeared in Chapter 75 was only summoned from 20% of the fragments owned by the US. The remaining 80% of the Gun Devil fragments are still scattered around the world, but so far, the Gun Devil hasn’t made an appearance since Denji defeated the Gun Fiend.

Why Did Aki Become the Gun Devil?

How did Aki become the Gun Devil?

Aki did not become the Gun Devil itself, but only a Gun FIEND. When a devil is in a critical state, it takes over a human corpse in order to survive, turning them into a fiend. It’s possible that Aki died during Makima’s fight with the Gun Devil, and he was probably the most capable devil hunter available so that’s why the Gun Devil chose to take over his body. Even though it was not explicitly shown in the manga, most fans assume that Makima has something to do with the reason why Aki turned into a Gun Fiend.

Who Can Defeat the Gun Devil?

The Gun Devil is no doubt one of the strongest devils in Chainsaw Man. The more something is feared, the stronger its devil becomes. Since most people are afraid of guns and the danger it entails, the Gun Devil is an extremely powerful and fearsome devil that can be difficult to eliminate. As we have witnessed in Chapter 75, the Gun Devil was capable of obliterating millions of people and their surroundings even with only 20% of its power. Hence, many readers have wondered about who could possibly defeat this powerful antagonist.

Chainsaw Devil

When we talk about powerful devils, the first one on the list is obviously the Chainsaw Devil. He’s definitely one of the strongest ones out there, especially since it is mentioned that the last sound that the devils hear before they are killed in hell is the sound of a chainsaw. This means that the Chainsaw Devil has overpowered and killed many other devils while in hell.

Chainsaw Devil

Apart from that, we have seen how superior his abilities are when Denji transforms into the Chainsaw Devil. He can fly, cut through his opponents with immense speed, and regenerate quickly, making him seem immortal. Most importantly, the Chainsaw Devil can erase the existence of any devil that he eats. These are the reasons why many readers believe that the Chainsaw Devil can defeat the Gun Devil. Even though it may not be an easy fight, the Chainsaw Devil is surely on par with the Gun Devil.

Darkness Devil

The Darkness Devil

Known as one of the Primal Fears or devils that embody fundamental human fears, the Darkness Devil is so far the strongest devil introduced in the series. Even the Control Devil and Chainsaw Devil barely escaped from it. In fact, one of Quanxi’s girls mentioned that the Primal Fears are far more dangerous than the Gun Devil. With its unbelievable speed and strength, the Darkness Devil can no doubt defeat the Gun Devil.