The Mystery Rain Song: What Does Reze Say in Russian?

What’s hotter than a gorgeous, independent young woman who has a weird fixation on you? A mysterious, attractive, independent young woman with a passion for you, who’s also a spy! Reze is the main enemy in Chainsaw Man’s Bomb Devil arc: café attendant in the morning, a cold-hearted killer at night.

Frankly, I was more surprised by how it got revealed to us that she was a Russian spy because I had already formulated her being in league with Makima and her plans. Who would have thought the series that incorporated devils also had some significant political plot points similar to spy thrillers we see in movies, very reminiscent of the Cold War?

Seeing someone so sweet in the last chapter murder someone in cold blood, emotionlessly reciting a children’s poem and looking bored doing it in the rain, like it was just another day in the office. Pretty intense stuff, I would say.

What Language Does Reze Speak in Chainsaw Man?

What Language Does Reze Speak in Chainsaw Man?

Reze is a sleeper agent from the Soviet Union. Although she speaks fluent Japanese, as seen in her conversations with Denji, she was born and raised in the Soviet Union and trained to be a spy, which makes Russian her native tongue. These are the only two languages we know about, but she may know quite a few more. We never got her backstory properly, so Denji might not even be her first-ever mission.

What Does Reze Say in Russian?

In the incident on the school rooftop, we saw Reze recite a Russian kid’s poem, a possible homage to some of the movies and spy thrillers that Tatsuki Fujimoto may have used as a reference.

Fujimoto-san never gave the poem’s origin; thus, nobody knew what the poem was about, only that it resembles a Russian trigger phrase, much like what happened to Bucky in the Winter Soldier movie. The verses were sung by Reze, giving them a more psychotic appeal that tenses the scene even more.

It reads:

Сегодня свидание с Джейн, все готово.

Мы идем в церковь, рано утром.

И мы будем пить кофе и омлеты в кафе.

После этого прогуляемся по парку.

Затем мы пойдем в океанариум.

Там мы увидим дельфинов и пингвинов.

Джейн очень любит.

Отдохнем после обеда, чем занимались утром.

Мы будем вспоминать и говорить, но скоро не вспомним

Мы не вспомним, когда ночевали в церкви.

What Did Reze Say in Russian?

Which then translates as:

Today is my date with Jane, and everything is ready.

We are going to the church early in the morning.

And we’ll have coffee and omelets in the cafe.

After that, we’ll take a walk through the park.

We will then be going to the aquarium.

There we will see dolphins and penguins.

Jane loves it so much.

We will rest in the afternoon, so what did we do in the morning?

We will reminisce and talk, but soon we won’t remember.

We will not remember when we spent the night in church.

This parallels what the chapter was all about: how Reze meticulously planned the date to ensure the capture of Denji once he let his guard down and how the assassin being there is ruining her perfectly laid-out plans. Ultimately, she improvised and carried out her goal without any hold-ups.


What Does Reze Say in Russian?
  1. Tatsuki Fujimoto is a big fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
  2. Reze was able to put a sleeper hold on the assassin before snapping his neck, which means she is proficient with Russian Sambo, a Russian martial art form.
  3. Mathilda, Natalie Portman’s character in “Leon: The Professional” influenced the overall design for Reze.