What Does Pochita Mean? Let’s Decode the Horrifying Name

In the manga/anime Chainsaw Man, a Devil’s name exists to incite fear. And no representation has started fear in hell more than the hell-born hero, Chainsaw Devil. So, what does Pochita mean?

Having a name is commonplace in modern society. It distinguishes you from this tiny blue planet’s almost 8 billion souls. Not to mention the multitude of things we have and own. So, knowing a name separates all of us as individuals… plus it’s somewhat rude to point with your finger.

In Theology, the name of a demon could hold sway over their existence, and whoever knows their proper name will hold power over them. There are many known powerful demons and their names: Asmodeus, Beelzebub, and Lucifer, to name a few. Some often have specific meanings, while others have broad overarching philosophical essences.

How Did Pochita Get His Name?

In Chapter 1, we follow Denji, killing a rogue devil outside a house with an orange dog-like animal he used as a weapon. He called him Pochita, a partner he trusted his life to every time they went to work. We later knew that Pochita wasn’t his actual name and that he was known by a more sinister moniker, Chainsaw Devil, the hell-born hero. Pochita’s form results from a grueling battle he had in the past. After almost being defeated and using up most of his power, he came to earth. How he managed to do it is still a mystery.

How Did Pochita Get His Name?

Denji never explained how he came up with his name, and so far, the manga hasn’t fully delved into its backstory. It may be possible that it was just Denji recognizing that Pochita looks, moves, and sounds like a dog.

What Does Pochita Mean in Japanese?

What Does Pochita Mean in Japanese?

You can break down Pochita into two main words. “Pochi” or possibly “Pooche” is a commonly used name for a dog, or “love of small things.” “Ta” is a gender indicator widely associated with young male kids. So “Pochita” may mean “My cute little dog.”

On the other hand, we also know that it’s possibly derived from the brand of a Japanese chainsaw company called Makita. “Pochi” means dog, and “Ita” is a derivative of the company name. Fans widely accept this theory due to the overwhelming similarities between Pochita and Makita’s small handheld chainsaws, to the point that the front cap looks like Pochita’s eyes.


1. Pochita’s design is heavily derived from a Makita MUC355DGFR Two-Handed Rechargeable Chain Saw

What Does Pochita Mean in Japanese?

2. Pochita doesn’t have ears but can hear through the handle where his ears should be.

3. Pochita’s Chainsaw Man form is greatly inspired by Gauna, from the manga “Abara” by Tsutomu Nihei.

Pochita and Gauna

4. Devils in Chainsaw Man usually have quirks or desires: Makima longs for a bond, Reze looks for true love, and the Katana Man wants vengeance. Based on all this, I can say that Pochita/Chainsaw Man’s genuine desire is to have dreams, which is why he wants to help Denji accomplish his. Besides, doing so will also benefit him.

Denji and Pochita

5. Pochita’s tail cord was moved from his back to his head in Chapter 95, which was different from Chapter 1.